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Little More Training [Training/Private]

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Another hot day in Heliphapt and Zadi continued his training as if he hadn't already trained a few other techniques using his new blend of styles altogether known NOW as the Crustacean Style of fighting. Strange name for a strange person, relatively speaking. In comparison to each other, the name and the creator are perfectly normal. Anyway, Zadi felt he needed to continue his training and so he sat on a rock, shirtless, meditating. The shirtlessness helped him feel the heat of the day while also giving him a grand tan beyond what he could get anywhere else. The tan would be so perfect that he may very well end up looking like a crab of lobster when his training is said and done. In all seriousness, being shirtless did help Zadi concentrate on the more important aspects of his training. If he wanted to wear his regular attire, aka his black kimono, he would get distracted by every fold and wrinkle. Can't have that happening during such important training so Zadi decided to go shirtless. His baggy long pants would be enough to at least shield his legs from the harsh rays of the Heliohaptan sun.

Onto important matters, Zadi felt he needed a strong yet versatile offensive technique in place within his arsenal of ever expansive situational techniques. Probably the best Crustacean Style technique that Zadi could think of was pinching his opponent but what kind of offense would that provide? Simply put; none whatsoever. Zadi needed something that ACTUALLY dealt damage and perhaps even supplementary, towards Zadi obviously. However, Zadi did not stray too far in thinking of a well rounded technique when he thought of "pinching" his opponent. In fact, Zadi's mind was now racing around trying to find a way to pinch so well that it may severe a limb! Though taking into account Zadi's legitimate strength, it wouldn't be likely that he'd be able to pull off such a devastating technique, especially when he didn't have pincers or claws to begin with. Fortunately, Zadi did possess a single sword.

With his Rukh Slayer, which still have a nice sounding ring to it, Zadi felt he didn't need another weapon to actually "pinch" his opponent. Just slashing and hitting a vital tendon would be enough to do more than slow his opponent in a tough battle. It would almost completely incapacitate the affected limb from functioning! Tendons are vital after all and severing just one, such as a leg tendon, aka the Achilles Heel, could prove to stop an opponent's onslaught unless said opponent could use a single leg to fight. Such a technique could prove dangerous to use against an opponent that is used to fighting with just one of a pair of limbs, but to most opponents within this world, severing a single tendon would be devastating.

Alright, it is decided! I shall practice severing a tendon in order to master my technique! Now I just need a test dummy...

Which would prove to be more difficult than actually learning a new technique. You see, one can't just go around slashing at random strangers and expect to get away with it so Zadi would need to create his own dummy out of something "tendon like". maybe a string dummy? Too unstable. Something simpler like a dummy made out of wood? Too strong and not "tendon like" in accordance to Zadi's definition. Maybe even MUCH simpler...straw? Hay? Yes and yes! Not as weak as a dummy made of strings and not as strong as a dummy made from wood. Hay even made a great dummy for tendon practice due to its "strandiness" as Zadi described it. Made-up word or not, straw would be a great practice tool for precision in general. It would even give a little leeway like a normal person would when being struck. Not like someone would land INTO a hit from a sword. Such a thing could be quite counter-productive to one's lifestyle.

665/1,500 ~ Crustacean Style - Crab Pinch Claw Thing Who's Name I Can't Remember



Zadi's training was going quite well. He'd thought up a whole technique and even in such a way that he could practice it using a straw and hay dummy. Now all he had to do was obtain some straw and hay in order to make his dummy-dream a reality! Zadi put his kimono back and went back towards the capitol, forgetfully leaving all of his other stuff aside from his sword behind. First time for everything, especially for Zadi in this case. He'd never completely forgotten anything when it came to his possessions for they were the only things that he could call his own, more or less. All the same, Zadi was so busy being focused that he left his things behind while he went back towards the capitol of Heliohapt in order to procure some dummy material. Though he forgot his things, he didn't forget the way, thankfully.

Zadi eventually made it and eventually got himself some straw and headed back towards his training spot. Nothing special happened, to Zadi himself at least. His stuff, on the other hand, was in the process of being stolen when Zadi showed up! Zadi dropped all the straw and string, for binding, and chased after the thief! The thief was quick but at top physical condition, Zadi was faster! That being said, Zadi was only going partly as fast as he could due to his excessive training. He never took into account that his stuff would be stolen much less that he'd forget it altogether. Again, first time for everything.

Zadi tried to chase after the quicker thief but Zadi didn't have the natural strength that he needed in order to catch up so he decided to exert himself a little using his Flash Steps technique. Zadi made full strides at 20 m/s using his Flash Steps but it didn't look to be enough to catch up to the thief, at least not to grab him using just Zadi's arm length. However, it seemed to be enough to slash at him using Rukh Slayer and therefore Zadi would do just that once he caught up! Better than a dummy, the thief would be great practice at precision striking at his heel tendons. A rather unlucky circumstance has just turned into a stroke of genius, as long as your definition of "genius" means forgetting your items so that a quick thief could steal them and you then get to practice on a live test subject. All the same, both lucky and unlucky for if Zadi succeeded, then the thief would be unable to use one of his leg tendons. If unsuccessful, then the thief would simply slip away from Zadi. Quite a gamble, but that is all that Zadi could do in his current state.

So then, using his final Flash Step in order to get just close enough for Rukh Slayer to strike, as Zadi had predicted, Zadi gripped onto Rukh Slayer and swung at 25 m/s at the heels of the thief, hopefully hitting one of them in the process. In that very moment, everything seemed to slow down for Zadi. The thief looked like he was stride-walking, Zadi's sword looked teasingly slow, and Zadi's nerves were aching. Thoughts flooded his brain as he knew the consequences of letting this thief get away. Not only would his shield and wand be gone, his metal vessel would probably disappear off the face of this world! However, with confidence in his rattled heart, Zadi continued his swing and slowly saw the thief's left foot's tendon being sliced in half! Rather gross to be honest, but it made Zadi somewhat happy, too. His technique was a success on not only a live subject, but one that was running away, too.

The slow looking movements stopped and the thief yelled in pain as he stumbled under the weight of his own muscles. His tendon was unable to move the rest of his body anymore and all he could do now was crawl away from Zadi. Zadi stopped and picked up all his items again, happy to have gotten them all back. Now, there was just one last thing to take care of;

Zadi set his bundled items onto the ground and walked back towards the crawling thief, looking down, "So, thought you could steal from me, uh? Do you regret trying to steal from me?"

The thief tried to get up using his remaining leg but Zadi just stepped on his back, "I asked you a question, so please answer it."

The thief struggled under the power of Zadi's leg for Zadi was using the power of the Savage Ruby in full force. The thief's back started to make some popping sounds and the thief in turn started to scream and beg for forgiveness from Zadi. Zadi just looked at him and said, "So you regret stealing from me only now that I'm hurting you? Shame. I thought I could hear something other than begging. Oh well, no harm done, hahaha! Now get up and leave."

Zadi's stopped crushing the thief underneath his right leg, watching him now get up in pain on only one leg. It was a sorry sight for a sorry person. Stealing was one thing but not regretting it later was another. After getting up, the thief hobbled off as best he could leaving Zadi with his things and a new technique! And here you thought Zadi would kill him. Funny stuff indeed.

1,500+/1,500 ~ Crustacean Style - Sneaky Crab Pinch Trained


Name: Flash Steps
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user takes 8 steps, each up to 1.8 meters in length, at 20 m/s. Each step can be in any direction on the ground.


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