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Some More Training [Training/Private]

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The successful creation of a legitimate technique has inspired Zadi to do AGAIN! However, he wouldn't have a completely blank canvas to work with this time. He instead had at least a corner painted with some sketch lines here and there. In short, Zadi had some idea of what to do next. Dodging, defense, and finally offense! According to the list within his head, Zadi's next technique would involve a defense of sorts. For that, Zadi went back to the arena in order to scout out some paint brushes. He had a rough idea of what would be implemented within this defensive technique, Knight's Defender the shield, but Zadi didn't know exactly what kind of technique he should come up with. A shield parry? A shield slap like his already know and ambiguous technique? Or simply a block? There were advantages and disadvantages to all of these skills and abilities so Zadi needed some inspiration from other battlers.

Arriving at the small arena, Zadi sat down and watched match after match all day long, looking specifically for people using a shield as a means of defense. There were a few here and there but none that caught Zadi's eye until one opponent faced a shielded opponent. However, Zadi's interest shifted abruptly towards the barehanded brawler and his "fist of fury" as Zadi would call barehanded Magoi Manipulation seeing as this would be the first time that Zadi ever truly noticed someone using Magoi Manipulation, much less with their bare hands against a solid, metal shield! Looking ever so closely, Zadi noticed the strong flutter of rukh throughout and outside the body of the brawler building up towards his fists as they repeatedly launched towards the shielded combatant. The shield was being smashed in the specific regions that were being touched by the fists of fury. Zadi tried to keep note of how Magoi Manipulation was achieved using one's body as a means to do so. Little did Zadi realize, at the moment at least, that it was just another way to use the rukh to convert raw energy into power only without a medium. Though thankfully for Zadi, this was just a metaphor to easily understand Magoi Manipulation. What Zadi was interpreting the "fists of fury" as was just another method of strength building that involved the rukh in some way. Zadi's at least on the proper path towards increasing his aptitude in rukh wielding.

After the intense brawl between the "fists of fury" and the shielded combatant, who wasn't all too shielded after the battle, Zadi left the arena and went towards the more rocky and less sandy outskirts of Heliohapt's capitol in hopes of using Magoi Manipulation in some form. Zadi did know that he needed to be more defensive in his tactics, but seeing the "fists of fury" made him want to add yet another attack to his arsenal of already relatively strong techniques. Granted, his strong "techniques" were all spells. However! That wouldn't stop Zadi from trying to learn some new technique, whether it be defensive or offensive!

Alright, the fists of fury seemed to manipulate the flow of rukh within the body in such a way that you strike with greater intensity whether it be greater speed of greater strength. Honestly, I can't think of a way to make this defensive. Maybe I could be so strong that I am defensive? Ah! My head hurts. I'll just practice having the rukh flow throughout my body in concentrated amounts.

And so Zadi just had the rukh flow throughout his body in an unnatural way such that he could feel the flow. The shirtless Zadi with his muscles of steel and blubber moved the rukh throughout his arms, legs, chest, and that's about it. Zadi didn't want to risk hurting himself by concentrating the rukh within his head. Granted, Zadi's head is relatively empty and therefor unlikely to explode from an increased amount of rukh, but who knows? Maybe Zadi isn't giving himself enough credit. After some time passed, what felt like days, Zadi finally grasped the concept of Magoi Manipulation, though still refereed to it as the "fists of fury" for what better name could such an ability have? Magoi Manipulation? Ha! Don't make Zadi laugh!

Phew, good workout on top of the practice. Now to implement this ability into a technique for defensive purposes. After all, I need to balance out my skill set with more defensive techniques. So, maybe I could spread- nah. I don't have enough magoi to pull something like THAT off. Maybe I could just concentrate it into a item. My shield perhaps? Perfect! Alight, I just need to grasp my shield and put a surge of magoi into the shield and intensify something about it. The hardness perhaps? Alright, sounds good to me!

And so Zadi took hold of his Knight's Defender and attempted to flow his magoi into it and harden the shield in an attempt to make it stronger and a LOT more durable, perhaps even durable enough to withstand a Magoi Manipulation technique from a opponent! However, what Zadi did not expect was the ease at which this technique came to him. It was as if he'd made his magoi flow through an object beforehand...duh! As mentioned earlier, Zadi only NOW realizes that this technique is similar to using magic spells with a wand. Having finally found this out, Zadi gave himself a solid hand to the face and repeated the technique over and over again until he decided the name to this technique would be "Crustacean Style - Deep Pressure Shell". Again, not the most cleaver of names...or was it? A crustacean is able to easily survive the deep pressures of the ocean using its tough shell and so it is only natural that the shield is the shell and that hardening it would make it a "deep pressure" style of "shell". Rather cleaver name if Zadi did say so himself. In fact, Zadi was elated at the name he gave his wonderful now defensive technique!

1,000+/1,000 ~ Crustacean Style - Deep Pressure Shell Trained


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