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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant

The "S" Files 91EnO4

Name: “Lilithia” Sapphira Galavant [Nickname: Phira]
Country Affiliation: Imuchakk
Race: Imuchakk
Tier: B-Tier
Specialization: Body Manipulation
Age + Birthdate: 24 (December 25th)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Phira is a pure S, a full-fledged sadist who is ruthless to someone she deems as a weak one. She also is capable to kill innocent people to get what she wanted and also putting her enemy through a great pain, mostly in psychical pain. Despite her twisted personality, Phira is in fact, a kind and caring woman who likes to smile a lot both to someone she put her liking or even to the stranger she interested on. She likes to treat people well; especially to someone she put her trust on and can be a very trustworthy and loyal comrade.

Phira is a proud Imuchakk female warrior and confidence woman that has a clear vision to do what she believes and will do anything to achieve her goal even if it means that she has to kill or even take over the world. Her father’s harsh teaching has made her into a kind of ambitious woman who will always hungry to be a powerful one or respected one. Towards a person she doesn’t like, she will try to hold herself first to not show it out but will make sure the person she dislike to see how she despise him/her when it is the right time. She is also can be a flirtatious woman towards opposite sex and also cute girls, being dominant excites her and makes her feel strong, but sometimes she can be a shy one.

Strong people ~ Phira loves strong people and can quickly give respect to those she saw as a powerful one even though sometimes she will try to challenge them so she can measure her current power.

Fighting ~ The blue haired woman also loves to fight as she could find some excitement during the fight and makes her life more interesting. This way, she could measure her own strength and will try to be stronger. Her liking of doing fight is also because of her attempt to show her rebellion sides to her father.

Sea ~ Blue sky, smells of the sea. Phirra likes it a lot even though she never saw sand before since she lives in a tundra area. She is only able to smell the sea and also see the blue sky while surrounded by icebergs, but she still love the sea and has a dream to see an actual beach looks like.

Weakness ~ This terms applies in both physically and mentally, Phira doesn’t like to see weak person who doesn’t even want to try to be stronger, she also has lacks of empathy towards this kind of people and considers that this type of people should be removed.

NATO {No Action, Talk Only}~ She doesn’t like this kind of action which only consist of saying great things that she/he would do but didn’t do anything to actually do it. She said this kind of person as a lazy hypocrite who only sits around and waiting to get what they want.

She aims to be as free as she can and has a dream to become a pirate so she can enjoy the smell of the sea as well as discovers new places. Another one was to find a reliable strong husband, even though she swings in both ways, but she still feels the need to find a husband that can accept all of her, including her sadistic side. The most hidden aspiration is too make her father proud of her, it become her goal ever since she was a little child because she never heard any appreciation word from her father and felt that she might be not strong enough.

Thaasophobia ~ Phira doesn’t like to feel bored and she fears to be bored at some point, she will be bored. The cause of this fear was because of her adventurous side and excitement to engage in a new thing and place, another reason is because she had not seen any interesting things happened. The last interesting event she remembered was just when the new Imuchakk chief rose to lead the tribe, after that, nothing pique her interest. This is exactly why Phira dreamed to leave Imuchakk so she can travel into some new places and engage in some interesting event, like being a pirate for example.

Looking weak ~ Phira is a proud Imuchakk warrior and consider her race as a very strong one, being weak was not an option for her. “The Strong Survive, The Weak Die”, that was the words that her father always told her every time and it was already carved into her mind completely. Because if this, she is trying her hard to be stronger and considers looking weak as a death sentence for her since she will start to rampage.

Her father ~ She blames her father for everything, her loneliness, her stress and also what she have become because of her father’s harsh teaching to her. Her father was known as a very cold person to herself, as he never shows her any fatherly love and treated her like his own daughter. She lived in fear since a child because of her father.

Face-Claim: Esdeath [Akame ga Kill]
Hair Color: Baby blue
Eye Color: Sapphire
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Appearance: Phira is a true beautiful Imuchakk young adult who has a well-built and voluptuous body, she had a long blue hair that matched well with her sapphire orbs and long eye lashes. She usually wears a long-sleeved white uniform that shows a little bit portions of her breast and black colored tattoo on her chest.
Phira also wears a white colored knee-high boots and blue neck chocker made from leather. The blue haired girl really uses her fine body as her assets, it shown by the way she walks in an elegance and feminine way. Smile is always shown and plastered on her face to shows her kind side, but it will quickly change into a sinister smirk and darkened eyes towards someone she dislike.  

Rukh Alignment:Black
Special Traits:N/A

Sapphira Galavant was born in Imuchakk, she is the daughter of a former strong an proud Imuchakk warrior called Hinanawi Galavant who is well known as “The Mighty Barbarian of Imuchakk” and beautiful Kokonoe. Phira, in fact, never saw her mother and never got this “motherly love” at all since Kokonoe died right after Phira was born and pushed Hinanawi to be devastated and loss in grief. Her father, decided to move on after leaving his daughter in his close friend’s care, then trying to raise his daughter in a harsh way without showing any love or even mercy to his own child which made Phira hated her father because of lack of love she got. Training, Sparring, Hunting, then repeat again, those activities are the only activities she did in her childhood when the other kids were playing happily in the Tundra. Phira learned many things from her father though, about surviving and fighting skills or even some beliefs which she always kept in her mind even until now. As she grew up, her father was becoming more distant to her, to the point he wouldn’t look at her in the eye just because it will reminded him of his deceased beloved wife since Sapphira has a lot of resemblance to her deceased mother as she continues to grow.

14 years old, that was her age when she actually understood why her father always catch their prey without hurting it and will skin it alive. It was for his own way to deal with his own grief and pain. The more the girl sees it, the more she wants to try to do it and finally in a one cold day, she caught her prey and brought it in front of her father. With a smile on her face and a small wish inside her heart for her father to actually praise her, Phira skinned the animal alive. She looked up to her father but the response was unexpected for her, Hinanawi showed a surprised gaze but then only stayed quiet and left her. This was her first attempt to make her father proud, but after countless effort to make her father praise her, it was futile.

When she was 15 years old, she participated in the Coming-of-Age Ritual where she needed to take on the Rampaging Unicorn by herself. Using all the result of her training, Sapphira successfully passed the test and gained her name, Lilithia. This also, put Sapphira who was now known as Lilithia in a great broken heart when her father, once again for countless time, didn’t even show her a love or even a small gesture of appraisal. She came into realization that her father will never love her and she shall never show her love too. Depressed because she felt rejected and invaluable in her father's eyes, she began to curse her fate to being born in Galavant family. "If only I was born in other family... I would be able to feel parental love..." She always thinking like that for almost her entire life, her father lacks of approval towards her and her mother absent only made it worsened. Her breakdown led her to implement the deviant way of thinking, thus making her into a sadist who can just easily kill someone without showing any empathy. Luckily, she could save some of her sanity to cover her other side with her smile.

Her desire to show her father that she can be stronger than him failed as her father was suddenly went through a coma, but it was not a normal coma. One day, Hinanawi was missing for around 2 weeks and was found in an abnormal way, he was trapped inside an ice that couldn’t be broken or melted by anything. Lilithia didn’t know how to react and left the scene with a frown showing from her face, but then she chuckled as now she finally free and can pursue her dream that always being rejected by her father, to go out from the village and be a pirate.

Role-Play Sample:
The blue haired woman sighed as she finally arrived to a certain area near the Imuchakk village, she took several steps ahead and stopped, her sapphire orbs gazed at the figure tapped inside the ice as glint of sadness could be seen on her eyes. “So this is what you did to me…” Lilithia gritted her teeth and gripped her hand tight, showing out her anger, “You never give me love… and now you left me and trapped inside this stupid ice?! You are weak!” The woman punched the ice as hard as she could, but it was not even cracking at all. She then chuckles with tears falling down from her eyes, “The Strong Survive, The Weak Die! This is what you’ve planted inside my mind! Your current state is showing how weak you are… I will be stronger than you… I will survive…! I’ll show you…” After sending a quick icy cold glare directed to her father’s body, the woman turned her back and headed back to the village, feeling the anger and desperation swelling inside her mind and heart. Surprised

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3The "S" Files Empty Specializations and Professions 20/06/15, 11:38 am

Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant


  • Primary - Body Manipulation
  • Secondary - N/A
  • Tertiary - N/A


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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant


D-tier Abilities:

C-tier Abilities:

B-tier Abilities:

A-tier Abilities:

Omega-tier Abilities:

Beast Abilities:

Djinn Related Abilities:

Social Abilities:

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant



Elven Jewel:

Executioner's Axe:

Crystal of The Wind Domain:


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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant


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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant

Shards of Solomon

The "S" Files HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1

The "S" Files HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.

1 from the shardfall



The "S" Files MzH8gu

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