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Accidents and Learning [Plot/Private]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ari gave a happy sigh as she slipped up the mountain trail. While she appreciated Yoshiro allowing her to stay at the Palace, she much preferred the quiet serenity of the surrounding mountains. She often made her way into the wilderness to practice new spell possibilities, wanting to minimize her impact on those around her. She had been traveling by horse for nearly three days, enjoying the crisp mountain air as the horse continued a steady but cautious pace. The trails were littered with rocks and debris, a normal occurrence in mountainous terrain, so it had to pick each step with care. Tugging gently on the reins, Ari directed the horse off the path, ducking between two massive trees.

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It did not take long for her to lose sight of the trail, but she was not worried. The horse carefully stepped through the trees and bushes until finally, it broke through to a clearing. The lush green forest opened up and before her sat a massive plain. The trees seemed to end in a line, curving around to meet the mountains on either side. On the far end of the plain, Ari could see a massive lake hugging the edge of the mountains. Off to one side, a small village could barely be spotted, but the plain was large enough for Ari to practice her magic in peace.

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Ari slipped from her horse, gently removing the harness from the mare’s head and allowing it to roam. The horse had proven itself to be well-trained, never straying far from its rider, even overnight. As the horse wandered, Ari began setting up camp, wanting to make sure she would be prepared for nightfall by beginning a small fire and setting up a tent, knowing from her last trip to the mountains that the temperature dropped and dew soaked everything. Once her camp had been set up, she lay back in the grass and stared up at the blue sky, watching as fluffy white clouds skittered across the pale canvas of blue.

She worked to find her inner calm, meditating to clear her mind and draw focus to her inner self. Once she felt ready, she picked up her staff, listening to the tinkle of the rukh as she turned her focus towards the mountains running along the eastern edge of the plain, opposite of where the village was positioned. She knew one day, she would need to raise a dungeon and wanted to practice trying to draw up large structures of earth before she attempted it, lest she make an error and ruin the process. She focused her energy and attention to a point at the very edge of her magical reach, just at the base of the mountain and began murmuring to the rukh, focusing on trying to shift the earth into a mountain shape.

Slowly, she felt the earth grumble and rumble before a large chunk of earth tore out of the ground and flew straight into the air. With a loud curse, Ari struggled to carefully bring the chunk back down without harming anything. Her horse had darted for the woods when it felt the earth moving but peeked its head out into the clearing as Ari carefully used gravity magic to lower the granite back into the hole she had ripped it from. Frowning, she realized simply moving earth around was not enough to make a mountain. Sure, she could pile rocks on top of each other all day, but that was just a pile of rocks, not a mountain. She decided to rest for the evening, hoping the answer might come to her in her sleep.

The next morning, the dew was still clinging to the grass when she ate her breakfast, snacking on fruit and nuts for her morning meal. She would worry about fishing up some meat later for her dinner. After she ate, she whistled to bring the mare over, brushing out the horse and making sure to get any sticker weeds out of the speckled coat. As she brushed, she thought more about her conundrum. What could she due to force the rocks to fuse together? Gravity only went so far, gathering and pushing the stones against each other, but it did not usually do much to make several rocks become a larger rock. Sure, she could simply use strength magic to simply make the small rocks larger, but that was not what she was trying to do, either. She was wanting to be able to draw a structure from the ground that was whole.

With a sudden jolt of understanding, she knew what was missing. Heat! She could use heat magic to melt the rocks as she pulled them before letting the heat cool, to leave a nice little mountain-type structure. Determination filled her and she returned to her spot from the day before. She focused her attention on the rukh, framing the commands in her mind before murmuring them to the flutters of light. In the distance, the earth seemed to groan as a part of it began to lift. Ari focused on the lifting portion, feeding the red rukh commands to heat the rock as the strength magic lifted it.

She struggled with the commands, still not entirely comfortable with commanding two types of magic at once, especially in this context. Trying to keep everything wrapped tightly together, she pulled the earth higher and higher, forming what looked like a chimney. With a soft curse, she found the commands beginning to unravel before she had attained her goal, wanting to make a mini-mountain, not just a pillar. But she had forgotten one very important thing, her environment. She had not accounted for what such a massive movement might do to the area. She had been prepared for things like a landslide or a sinkhole. What she had not expected was for the chunk of earth she was moving to have a deeper connection in the earth with such an explosive reaction.

The earth she had been pulling up, unbeknownst to her, sat atop a small pocket of lava deep in the earth. When she began reforming the structure of the earth, it had disturbed the normally dormant flow. Suddenly, the earth gave a massive sputter and groan before an explosion seemed to happen. Ari scrambled backwards, moving away even further. From the top of the chimney of stone she had created, the rocks tore apart, molten earth pouring down the side. A few moments later, another explosion was triggered and more lava began flowing, creeping across the tranquil plains, catching the grass on fire and making the wildlife flee for safety. Smoke and ash rolled from the chimney in waves, making Ari cough as the wind blew it towards her. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the earth stopped vomiting its glowing, fiery load and the sounds of the explosion died away. Ari scanned the field, finding her horse had fled along with the other animals, making her curse under her breath.

The fires had died out quickly, luckily the land had not been dry, or Ari would surely have been forced to keep the fire from spreading into the village. As a wind whipped through the plain, it helped to clear some of the smoke and ash. The chimney Ari had formed was still oozing out lava very slowly, but the size was much larger than anything Ari had formed. The explosion from the lava had created the mountain structure she had been aiming for, though it had not been from any effort on her part. Rather, nature had taken control after her blunder to form what appeared to be a volcano.

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“Well… shit…”


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