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Just Some Training [Training/Private]

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After his successful mental and physical training, Zadi felt it would be a good idea to actually learn a few legitimate techniques revolving around his new Crustacean Style of fighting. Now, the only trouble was to actually think of a technique. It is more difficult to paint on a blank canvas than to edit over an existing image. Too true unfortunately. Blankness is the ultimate test of imagination and creativity. For Zadi some things came easier than others, such as Strength Magic over all other magic types or the use of swordsmanship over all other martial arts. All the same though, Zadi needed to think of something that a crustacean would do such as a crab pinching or a lobster...also pinching but harder.

Giving more thought onto the miniscule dilemma, Zadi finally thought of a good way to implement his new fighting style; Zadi would think of a technique that fit all too perfectly into survival! Simple really, just dodge and you survive longer. Now what kind of dodging technique should Zadi come up with? Fast and complex? Slow and- there's really only. Alright so now Zadi needed to make up his mind on the complexity of the dodge. Seeing as his style revolves around water-bugs like crabs- that's it! A crab walk! Unfortunately, moving like a crab may not be within Zadi's grasp just yet. Though thankfully Zadi at least thought of something. Again, blank is bad and something is good, more or less like that.

Zadi felt like he needed to build upon his current thought process by going to Heliohapt's ports. Obviously this would be about visiting the shady place and asking for help. Not just yet anyway. Zadi wished to observe the crabs. He probably wouldn't find anything new like a crab suddenly using kung-fu, but it could be worth a shot. Making his way there, Zadi saw a few crabs every now and again. They were probably scavenging for food as they were too small to hunt in the ocean just yet. The bigger crabs and lobsters would probably make a meal out of them...if crustaceans were cannibalistic. Zadi wasn't all too sure. Anyway, Zadi eventually made it to the ports and started to just walk around, making sure to stay out of the way. Sure he wanted to destroy and rebuild this world, but getting in the way of sailors and the like isn't a good idea on one's own.

Eventually Zadi found a crab knocked upside down. Zadi went to help it up and made a realization in the process. Even though being upside down wouldn't be a good thing for a crab, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad for a human doing the same thing, to a degree. Zadi went back to the inn and attempted this to see if it felt like a viable solution to his technique problem and sure enough, it was! A viable dodging technique has been created and was based on the upside down crab. A person in such a position would seem defenseless but with the proper muscle strength and speed, Zadi was able to both lift himself back up and do a back-flip, with repeated tries obviously. All Zadi had to do was arch backwards, hands on the ground, and then recover!

500+/500 Crustacean Style - Upside Down Crab Trained


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