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underwater shrooms man [lagi/solo]

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The next herb in general that Lagi wanted to take a gander of was something called a Bynark Shroom. It was as an item that looked like a shroom that was in some weird shape of a jelly fish, It oozed a light blue liquid when it was cut into, much like the  color of the open sea itself. “Hm…” Lagi sat at the hut and looked through a few books, there were no sort of pictures with color of the experience of the herbalist that wrote the book mentioning the  ingredient, but Lagi and his own suspicions as to what it can do and his adventurous nature prompted to set him off in order to find out where he could  find it. “   Elder Gemrock said it was easy. “IF you could hold your breath long enough, why don’t you go  on ahead and  jump into that rather huge lake of where all the koy fish swim at. They won’t disturb you or anything, there are plenty of children who would play around in there from time to time and they would just swim up stream for a while. “  That’s how the conversation went, Lagi took the advice of the Village elder and went on to the lake. “It’s been a while since ie done something like this, not since that treasure incident with the sea monster.  Well, orie..suit me up.” Orie  plopped out slightly and then started  to form around Lagi’s head to create an air bubble. “ Alright,  and just in case my swimming is a little off…..” Lagi also used this in combination to bulk up speed, which dictates the sped of the limbs  that could be moved at 20 m/s  since he was omega tier and could have great control to up to four limbs, having that kind of speed  on his arms and legs could possibly help him swim faster .

It’s actually been a good while under water for the time being, Lagi already passed the human limitations of breath holding  because he wasn’t holding his breath. He was practically scuba diving and using his pet beast as an oxygen tank as he went on to look for the bynark shroom. “ Where the heck is this thing? Lagi continued to search the ocean floor, there was a few school of koy fish that passed by him every now and again.  Orie was a bit temped to attack them because they were entering Lagi’s personal space but his heart rate and calmness suggested that the host body wasn’t in any immediate danger, so she didn’t feel that it was necessary to do so at the moment. “Riee!”   Lagi smiled  and rubbed the side of his head that so happened to be covered in Orie’s makeshift oxygen tank. “Yu are doing great girl,, just keep calm and focused, we are going to find those shrooms eventually. “ Lagi still had a bit more time; he knew that Ori would give him a forewarning. Even if Orie reached her limit, Lagi can always use his regular breathing from then on.  He was swimming kind of fast at 20 m/s due to his gained movement speed from  bulk up speed, it shouldn’t take too long.

Finally, Lagi managed to come across  few shroom like things in the underwater sea floor that seems to resemble the shape and structure of the herb that lagi was looking for “I kind of wonder why this thing  is so hard to find anyway, but we managed to make some progress Orie. Lagi happily swam over and quickly started to  pick some of the shrooms one by one at lightning speed. “Afterwards, he started to head his way to the top and began his journey to swim back to shore. After arriving on shore, Orie released her grip  in the form of an air bubble from Lagi’s face and he breathed out. ”Hue! That was a pretty nice swim.” Lagi took out  small knife and cut into the smallest Bynark shroom that he had on hand. It started to  leak out the blue liquid and lagi smelled for a brief moment. “Yep….. “  Lagi also stuck his tounge on the liquid and tasted it for a brief second before cringing. “That’s kind of odd, gave me goosebumps and I’m not even cold. Well,  got what I came for, time to see what I can do with this thing. “If the book is right about the contents, then the next potion making process will be a little exciting.


abilities used
Name: Air Bubble [Half-Cost]
Tier: C
Cost:10 Stamina
Role: Support
Range: 20 Meters
Cool-Down:  3 Posts
Description:- Orie could form around Lagi's head and create a filtered air bubble. The air bubble can provide Lagi with oxygen, as well as filter out any kind of water or toxins. The  air bubble is the same size of Lagi's head, but it could be as big as one meter in size.

Name: Bulk Up- Speed
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina/ 15 Sustained
Weapon Type: Legs, Arms
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Limbs: Legs/ Arms
Description: Lagi increases the muscle mass of both legs and arms to move as fast as 20 m/s. Lagi can sustain this for a longer duration if he chooses to.

Herbalism: the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially as a form to discover other herbs and study them. Ever since the El nagi clan started using special herbs for the beasts , such as the herbs with the scent to ward off animals, Lagi’s knowledge of herbalism increased as he started to look more into it with professional value. This gives Lagi the ability to identify specific herbs and plants, as well as the common uses and properties. With this knowledge, he is also able to locate their natural areas of their growth for collection.

emerald of ashanti- 50% word count reduction to missions at omega tier



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