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Do You Hear...? [Profession - Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Assignment Details:
Assignment Name: Getting to Know the Underground I
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Magnostadt
Assignment Rewards: 50 XP + 3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Adrastos Thanatos
Assignment Overview: Rumors have been spreading within the shadows of Magnostadt about an unknown event that frequently takes place during the nights. Find out any information regarding the event. Adrastos will also be paid to keep his mouth silent and not reveal what he has found out.

If you listen closely within the walls of the magic city, Magnostadt, then you will be able to hear its more sinister side. You could hear about those who have dared to slither their way through the kodors, about crooked teachers who favor certain students, about how some magicians detest the goi so much that they could be considered inhuman, or even about a certain unknown event, where magicians and even goi can gather. It was the possibility of such dark secrets that prompted a certain magician, a man with long, silver hair and piercing silver eyes, to prowl around the blackened alleys of Magnostadt in search of answers.

Already, the young magician had attempted to speak with a few shady characters, but none were loose-lipped enough to spill the already hushed rumors that hung in the air. He walked for hours, his feet now numb from the chilly stones. There had to be someone, anyone, to tell him something interesting about the dark side of magic world. Anything would do, so long as it wasn't stupid. However, after asking a few more people, he finally got a clue. He was told to venture to the east side of the city and search for a man with long white hair, clad in an armored robe who normally roamed through the shadows, unnoticed. The magician, not wanting to miss this opportunity, hurried to the location, keeping his eyes down and his hood over his face.

Upon arriving, all was silent, much like the rest of the city. This felt like a wild goose chase, one that would never end, but before the man could turn back, he was pulled roughly from behind and slammed against the wall. "You must have no brain to be sticking your nose in someone else's affair, boy," whispered a masculine voice in his ear. "Who are you and what do you want with our Underground Battle Arena?" The silver-haired man smirked. "Underground Battle Arena, huh? I'm already intrigued. My name is Neo Mortem, and I've been seeking a challenge. I've been listening to the closely guarded secrets in this city, and yours caught my attention." The hand let Adrastos, the man who had revealed himself as Neo, go, allowing him to turn and face the mysterious assailant.

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Adrastos realized that the description he was given was very lax regarding details. Sure enough he had long white hair and an armored robe, but people failed to mention that the armor was made of bones. His skin was chalk, causing him to practically glow in the night. He held a staff, one similar to the former master of Adrastos, Chou Zhi, except this glowed green and a mist curled into the air from the orb placed at the top.

“Yes, an underground battle arena where people fight. Sometimes it’s to the death, other times it’s not. Only those who have the strength to win live on to fight another day.” His hand went inside his robe as if searching for something. Then, he gave Adrastos money. “Keep this information to yourself. It’s not often an outsider gets this far. Now leave.” The man walked off, fading into the shadows, leaving Adrastos alone.

Ever since killing his own master and having a strange dream about slaughtering a tribe in the Plains, Adrastos hungered for blood. He needed to fight. This may be his only chance to get it. Adrastos stuffed the money in his own pocket and walked off. Tomorrow night, he’d get more information.
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Do You Hear...? [Profession - Solo] 7kZv0Du
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