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Stupid Moody Carpet [Job;Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name: A Flying Carpet Stole Your Necklace?
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Plains
Job REWARDS: 50 exp. 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:-
Job Overview: As you are traveling towards Magnostadt, you stumble upon a cloaked man who asks you for help. He appears to have lost a prized necklace to a bizarre flying carpet that has escaped the capital Magnostadt! Can you help this man get his necklace back?

Asha laid back and admired the sunset as she finished drawing in her journal. The crisp, slightly cool air brushed her face and instilled a slight chill in her spine as she leaned forward again, looking out to everything in the distance. She was supposed to meet a merchant out here to discuss procuring an 'item' from him, but hadn't seen any person or thing at all to do business with.

"Sure is beautiful out here...definitely could use this to draw in my journal that's for sure," She said to herself, rubbing her legs and beginning to stand up and walk back to Magnostadt to retire for the night. As she was walking back, she could hear someone walking behind her. It was faint, but she could sense a person walking behind her--following her. She turned around abruptly, and waved her staff out in front to reveal a weirdly proportioned and tiny man shuffling behind her. He jumped back, yelped, and undid his hood to show that he was more portly than tiny, and a bit on the piggish side in terms of looks.

"Heh heh. Hello, young lady, I see you are a magician of Magnostadt, yes? I--I have a favor to ask of you if you don't mind?" He mumbled, in between audible, heavy breathing and little snorts, "I was, huff, trying to catch up with you but you are quite the lithe woman! Anyways, I am a...peddler of goods...if you will, and I seemed to have lost a particularly...troublesome...item that I would like help in...reacquiring...could you help me? Please?" Finally, the 'merchant' Asha was looking for was finally here. She decided that she would help the tiny, pig man find his "troublesome item," even though he had made her wait longer than intended. The man led her to his "carriage," or to accurately describe it, an oversized wagon no tiny pig man is capable of carrying and a bunch of goods, ready to be stolen sitting there. Asha's eyes gazed around the peddler's wares--if only she could get her hands on something and quietly pocket it away, that would be grand! When the peddler's eyes drifted off, Asha's hand struck so deep into the wagon to reveal...that her hand bounced off the wagon and she wasn't able to touch anything at all. Her hand felt like she had just smacked it against a very rough piece of stone, and she rubbed her hand in pain as the peddler finally began to speak again.

"There! Miss! There! In the sky! There it is!" He oinked, pointing to what looked like something out of her mother's stories, but a flying, magical, carpet that was hovering around the wagon, almost jeering and laughing at the pig merchant, waving around a very gaudy necklace in front of Asha and the pig man.

"You want me to...what? I thought I was grabbing the CARPET," Asha asked, entirely confused by what the peddler meant by reacquiring the 'troublesome' item, "I'm supposed to get that? I thought you meant I had to help you look for it on the ground or something!" The peddler sighed and just motioned for Asha to 'get it,' whatever that meant. Asha couldn't really understand how it was possible to grab the carpet, and it seemed pretty content doing absolutely nothing besides hover too far above her for her to grab it.

Asha found a nearby rock that was close to the carpet, and with the added height decided if she couldn't grab her with her hands then she'd try magic spells to subdue to the...'beast.' She focused, and with one valiant stroke brought her staff from above her head down to her feet--

"Alsif Krmah!" She shouted, revealing a vine that swung down, smacking the carpet to the earth. Asha leaped from the rock and over to the carpet as fast as she could, until the carpet rose into the air, pointed itself very menacingly at Asha, and bee-lined right for her. Without any time to react and cast another spell, Asha's borg activated, leaving the carpet to bounce off and appear dazed. Taking this opportunity, Asha, in the motion of a tomahawk, brought down her staff as if she was hammering the carpet into the ground, smacking it to the ground until it hit the earth. Backing away, Asha took one more moment to secure the carpet on the ground...

"Gdhur Mlzmah!" She shouted, revealing two large vines erupt from the ground an bear-hug the carpet to the ground, keeping it downtrodden and easy for capture.

"Excellent! Bravo! What skill! You're a natural!" The peddler cheered. It seemed insincere, and it probably was, but Asha appreciated the compliments. He walked over to the carpet, and stared over it, looking at it angrily, "Stupid moody carpet! Never steal from me again you ungrateful little piece of cashmere!" He spat, rolling the carpet up, much to the carpet's chagrin, and keeping it secure in his hands until he placed it gently into the wagon, where it unrolled itself completely, and stayed absolutely still.

"Well, uh, are welcome sir. around?" Asha said, unsure of how to break the silence or what to say at this point in the night.

"Oh you are quite welcome! Thank you so much for your help! Adios!" And with that, the peddler rode off into the night, never to be seen again.


Abilities Used:

Name: Alsif Krmah
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 5 meters
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
A 10 cm vine, 5 meters in length, emerges from Asha's staff at 10 m/s to coil around or strike an opponent for D-Tier damage.

Name: Gdhur Mlzmah
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Life
Class: Supplementary
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustained+1
Casting the spell at the ground, the magoi moves at 15 m/s to a predetermined location. The earth muddies and two vines reach up from the soil at 15 m/s, going up to .5 meters above the ground to wrap around an opponent's limb, immobilizing it for 2 posts or for 3 posts if both grab the same person. The vines are 10 cm in thickness.

WC: 859/500
Magoi: 120/150

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