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Susanoo Tsuna__s_new_power_by_yuyoyuyo-d30sx0s
Name:Susanoo Otsutsuki
Country Affiliation:Wanderer
Age + Birthdate:19, December 21

Sages' Intellect: Susanoo grew up in a Sages Temple, the men there were from his clan. Philosophers and great scholars. Susanoo has the intelligence that isn't seen often, he speaks with great vocabulary and takes great joy in solving problems and reading.

Lionsheart: Susanoo is courageous he does what he wants to do and acts with great courage. Susanoo speaks boldly, and act even bolder.

Sages Greed: Susanoo is greedy but not the kind that you seen in most people. He seeks peace and will do anything to give him that goal.

Yin:Unlike most people Susanoo's father has recognized that he has a dark side. In an unfavorable situation it awakes.

Yang:Most people see Susanoo as a saint, and most of the time his actions compare him to being a saint.

Hand-To-Hand:Susanoo growing up in a sages temple admires the martial arts and especially unarmed martial arts.

Running: Speed without it Susanoo wouldn’t be living the ability to move faster than his opponents has kept him alive all this time.

Uchiha Clan The constant feud between the two clans has caused for Susanoo to hate them.

Sasuke His older brother. Sasuke pushed Susanoo to become stronger, but in a violent way. Susanoo is traumatized by what his brother did and hates him with a passion.
Traveling SageSusanoo wishes to become a traveling sage, so that when he returns back to his village and temple he can tell his younger siblings of great stories and people he's met.

Defeating His Brother Susanoo seeks revenge for the pain Sasuke has caused. The killings of random Uchiha children. The slaughtering of his fellow clansmen brought Susanoo to his knees. He then realised that he couldn’t become a sage he till he  ended Sasuke’s destructive path.

Becoming Sage: In a sage clan becoming a sage is the highest honor. Susanoo seeks that honor. Ever since he could fight he was deemed a prodigy by his clan, he had an uncanny ability to defeat an opponent twice the size of him.
Mastering the Six Paths:The hardest challenge deemed to man, mastering the six paths. Susanoo’s grandfather Madara had mastered them and now Susanoo is aiming to master them.

Atychiphobia- Susanoo was always praised for being a prodigy and having uncanny abilities, over time it’s caused for him to fear letting down his father and his people. He doesn’t blame them for the development of his fear, but he doesn’t seek constant praise.

Achluophobia- Living his life in light Susanoo has a gained a fear of darkness. How vast it is and how it has the ability to pierce through the sun/

Hair Color:Yellow
Eye Color:Blue
Village Attire
Susanoo wears a green vest with chest pockets. Under his green vest Susanoo wears a blue long sleeved shirt. The shirt is bound in two places with bands. Susanoo wears a long sleeved white jacket, the jacket covers from his neck two his feet. Susanoo's shoes are typical sage shoe's that keep his toes open, but are hard-soled. Susanoo has light pigmentation skin, and yellow hair color.
Casual AttireOn normal days where Susanoo isn't doing anything important Susanoo wears a orange and white hood. With complementarity green pants.   
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits:
History:Susanoo grew up in the Otsutsuki Sage Temple. Susanoo is the son of Nagato Otsutsuki. Susanoo is the child of 8, he grew up the youngest of the children. Susanoo's mother died to the hands of his eldest brother; Sasuke. Susanoo at the time was 6 he couldn't really contemplate what had happened. When Susanoo grew older he trained hard and fought against the Uchih clan. Rumors had spread that his eldest brother had joined the clan. Susanoo was a prodigy in his village, after beating a highly skilled Uchiha ninja at the age of 12 he was noted to be a war hero. Later when the Uchiha came to claim the body they said that the man Susanoo had killed was the Uchiha Dokage's son;Kurama. Susanoo then at that moment vowed to end the war so that no one else would have to cry. For the next 5 years Suanoo trained under the only sage at the time Gamachki Lee. Lee was a clan outsider who had resigned from the military after 20 years of service. Lee taught Susanoo about magoi, but at the time Lee refered to it as Chackra. Susanoo learned about nature and wanted to preserve it. Susanoo was just ending his training till Uchiha ninja came for Lee. Becoming a sage takes years of training, and to past the test means that you have to have the will to survive. Susanoo's father the Dokage sent a team to pursue Lee and bring him back to the temple, but the Uchiha's Dokage intervened himself stopping the team and killing 4 out of the 8 people there. Nagato the Dokage took this as a direct threat. He sent his speacial ops team the Fades to infiltrate the village and kill the Dokage. The mission was successful, but it through the to villages into war. A war that still continues today.
Role-Play Sample:Spirit was utterly surprised he had just woken up from his nap, today was his "off day" even though he didn't really have an official occupation yet. He had just gone downstairs to check the mail basket and inside was a letter from the esteemed Howard Academy of Politics and Philosophy. Spirit thought to himself "Did they receive my application, have I been accepted. Is this my chance to formally study philosophy?" With his hear racing Spirit sat down at the table having before pulled out his letter opener from one of the cabinets in the kitchen. As the blade cut through the seal all the sounds in the world came to Spirit he was truly in his moment. The letter said "Citizen of Reim, your application has been accepted, but you have an in-formal acceptance test. You have been chosen out if a lottery to be Ms. Rias Howard's guest to Lord Xander's political ball. Please pick Ms. Howard up 1 hour before the ball starts. She lives on the east wing if the Hiward residence. Bring the tear so you can be brought through the gate. Spirit's yell coukd be heard all through his estate "Yessssssss!!!" Lana being the diligent wife she is came rushing down the stairs saying "What's the cause for the commotion my dear?" Attempting to not make a big deal all over his acceptance to the prestigious school Spirit responded with "Nothing just a little buzzed, that's all. My dear would you like to go shopping?" Spirit truly let his happiness show, his expression was that of a child who just received a new toy. Lana not quite sure as to what he was so excited about said "Sure I'll get my list" Spirit waited patiently as the woman prepared her list staring at the letter. It was nothing but a quick run and back but Spirit had a feeling that tonight he would have to show the most highest descent and subtle dignity. Unlike the man he met Sutekh, he seemed to think he was royalty and that Spirit was annoying. Spirit continued to speak to spite the man, if they were to meet again Spirit would stain the streets with his Heliophatan blood. Upon arriving home Spirit hoped into the tub to soak up for tonight.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
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