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Wicked Waters [Job / Solo]

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Job Name: Woman at the Well I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Ala'ara, a woman known for her contribution to the local community, has been getting harassed by some outsiders from another city. An admirer pays you to see to the woman after a recent event, wanting to make sure she's unharmed. Bring the man news of the woman's health after pushing the vagrants away.

Minerva was certainly stunned to say the least. While she'd grown up with Reiman citizens living in some rather unsavory conditions, but the squalor of the poor areas of Heliohapt was far too much for her to sit by and idly take. She'd spent some of the money she had brought along with her to feed some of the more impoverished children, making sure they at least had enough food for the day, never more than that. She was particularly careful to avoid giving them trouble.

She had been moving this way for two days, helping who she could here and there when a brawl seemed to break out near the well, shouting and punches being thrown until suddenly the gleam of steal was heard, followed by a stinging cry that seemed to swallow all semblance of noise. The crowd cleared as a man, frayed hair hidden partly beneath a covering that extended down over his mouth, waved his sword towards the people. "This here well is mine until I say it is, and I'm gonna make an example of the woman here." The man bluntly points to a short, tanned woman who's appearance was hidden mostly by the billows of her red dress.

Minerva felt a tug on her cloak. "Miss...Please, I know you've done much for us as it is, but I ask you, help us here." Minerva looks down at the old man, his weathered features belaying his honest intent. "Ala'ara is a woman many of the children here hold as a mother." Without any further provocation, Minerva steps forward, the end of her staff crackling with a sudden coursing of her magic.

"I suggest you step away from the woman now. I've no patience for creatures lower than scum. If you've yet to learn how to share what excess you have with those around you, you're no better off than the filth that extorts you." Her gaze is sharp, almost physically harmful as the dangerous man backs away. "Next time girl, you won't be as lucky! There will be more of us! We will overwhelm you!" And with that, the man flees into the distance, sheathing his sword as his footsteps disappear.

Minerva crouched next to the woman, removing her cowl and quickly taking a knife from one of the surrounding people. It took some time, but she washed clean the gash on Ala'ara's arm and bound it with the fabric from her cowl. She helped the woman push through the pain she felt as another man brought her a medley of herbs to dull the pain she felt.

The man was outside as Minerva left at sundown, a grim look on his face. "Is she well?"

"She will be fine, but she won't be able to use that arm for quite some time, and she needs to see a proper healer. Wounds like that are long to recover from." She shook her head as the man took her hands. "Please. I don't need your recompense. I would have intervened even if you had not asked."

The old man shook his head. "Minerva, was it? I am not as poor as you believe." He presses a piece of silver into her palm. "Consider it an advance, in case the deviants return to the well." Minerva nods, her fingers tightening around her staff. "They'll come back. I'm sure of it."

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