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A Building Hatred, Pt II [job/solo]

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1A Building Hatred, Pt II [job/solo] Empty A Building Hatred, Pt II [job/solo] on 12/05/15, 09:55 am


Job Overview: Dropping by the one of the tribes again, the familiar Chieftain smiles at your return. Glad to see you, he informs you there are more underground slavers that they found out about, but this time it’s a trafficker that's moving slaves to Kou. He has found their "caravan's" course, but he has found it difficult to send men out to get them. He requests you take care of this job.

Enemy Name: Trafficker
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The Trafficker may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Trafficker's Caravan is guarded by 3 Guards at all times.
The Trafficker has a mace, which delivers C tier blunt damage when struck.
Baleful Impact - Bringing his mace down with full force, the Trafficker slams the mace into his opponent and deals C tier damage.
Condescending Parry - The Trafficker casually parries away an ability or attack that would deal D tier damage.

Enemy Name: Guards (x3)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

When Lexi and Onyx returned to the village with the freed slaves, the Elder greeted them with a smile, other villagers approaching to help the weak and injured slaves from Leo’s back. The slaves being tended to, the Elder turned back to Lexi and Onyx, her head cocked to the side.

“You did well, young ones. Thank you for your efforts.”

“We were happy to assist, Elder. We have a bit of experience with the slave trade.”

The Elder looked them up and down, her wrinkled face softening in understanding. It was not uncommon for those on the Plains to have brushed against the slave trade here and there. While the larger tribes had a bit less to worry about, able to spare the people to have a constant guard, the smaller tribes simply did not have the extra people to keep a sharp watch, all of the villagers needed to pitch in and help with the farming and gathering. While the two siblings had been out hunting down the slaves, a trader had come through the village and given them a heads up of passing a caravan of slavers.

“If you have the time and desire, young ones, we have more information. There is a caravan of slave traders travelling through the area.”

Lexi’s eyes burned slightly at the knowledge of more slavers, eager to destroy every last one. She gave the elderly woman a grim look, her expression showing her determination.

“We would very much like to assist you, Great Elder.”

She ignored the worried look Onyx gave her, listening intently as the Elder filled her in on the location of the caravan, sharing any information they had managed to obtain. The Elder could tell the young siblings were more than capable of handling their own against the heartless slavers.

Knowing it was important to rest, Lexi and Onyx retired for the afternoon, intending to head out in the middle of the night to make it easier to ambush the caravan. As she curled between Onyx and Leo, Lexi slipped into a fitful sleep full of vivid nightmares of the day her family had first been taken from her. Onyx held her as she cried out in her slumber, trying to reassure her unconscious mind that he was here and safe, even if they had lost their parents. When she finally settled down, he pressed a kiss to her forehead before following her into slumber.

When the moon was high in the night sky, Onyx nudged Lexi awake, the feline female startling to consciousness before she recalled why she was being awoken in the middle of the night. They prepared in silence, Lexi making sure her bow was in perfect condition and her quiver was filled as Onyx simply meditated, his dagger already polished and ready for the evening. Leo gave a massive stretch, loosening his muscles as he sensed that their mission for the evening would not be simply lounging about. Once everyone was ready, they headed out, the caravan would be about an hour’s walk, assuming the trader’s information was correct.

Lexi let her mind drift as they walked, choosing to conserve energy, though Leo would occasionally run forward and scout before returning to Lexi’s side, nuzzling against her hand to calm the unsteady nerves he could feel in his mistress. She gave the tiger a gentle smile, skritching behind his ears before he was off to scout again. The walk was more tiring than usual and Onyx shot his sister a worried look when she was nearly panting by the time they spotted the camped caravan in the distance. Insisting she rest for a few moments, he forced her to sit down and drink from the water skin. Not wanting to argue and feeling more tired than usual, Lexi gratefully took a few moments to catch her breath and hydrate.

Brushing off her brother’s worry, Lexi pushed back to her feet and they moved into the tree line beside the road. As they approached the camp, Lexi spotted several guards and, near the wagon, the man she assumed to be responsible for the slaves. From the back of the wagon, she could hear soft sounds of crying and whimpering, it was obvious there were fresh slaves in the back, still too new to know crying would do no good.

Knocking two arrows into her bow, Lexi pulled the string back, using Rapid Shot to take out two of the guards before another one spotted her and made a run for her. As he sprinted forward, his speed was no match for the speed of her arrows as she pulled her bow back once more, a Straight Shot crippling the man. The commotion from the first attack woke the Trafficker, who immediately began moving. Lexi gave Onyx a look to circle around to the wagon to work on freeing the slaves while she sought out the Trafficker.

A sharp flare from the fire blinded her for a moment and she didn’t catch the Trafficker leaping through the flames and then bringing his mace down. His Baleful Impact slammed down into Leo’s side, the tiger twisting to protect his mistress. His cry of pain made her reach out but she froze when she saw him slash with his claws at the Trafficker, the leader using Condescending Parry to try and knock Leo’s claws to the side. Lexi wasted no time, not wanting her precious tiger to become hurt anymore and raised her bow, Multi-Shot releasing from the string, each of the four arrows striking the man in the back as he twisted to deal with Leo. The man had not seen the attack coming and each arrow drove into his skin, making him whirl around in anger. His eyes widened to find Lexi no more than 15 meters away, the string on her bow pulled taut as she released a basic arrow, the sharp projectile striking into his eye and deeper, lodging in his brain and forcing him to fall to the ground.

Once certain the man was down, she rushed forward to check on Leo, the tiger nuzzling against her. The mace had struck his side and he would be sore for a few days, but he was otherwise unharmed. Her worry eased, Lexi slumped to the ground, feeling even more exhausted. When Onyx circled back around, the slaves following him like ducklings after their mother, he sped over to kneel next to Lexi, checking her over for injury.

“Just tired, brother. Not hurt.”

Though he was relieved she had not been injured, she was tired enough her eyes were drifting shut. Hefting her slight weight into his arms, he nodded at Leo to begin leading them back to the village, not know where else to take the slaves. Hopefully the Elder would have some idea of how to return these people to their appropriate tribes.

[Stamina 190/250]
[Basic Ammo 14/15]

Abilities Used:
Name: Straight Shot
Tier: D
Cost: 10|5 stamina
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain+1
Description: Lexi fires an arrow at 15 m/s to an opponent within 20 meters, inflicting D-tier damage.

Name: Rapid Shot
Tier: C
Cost: 20|10 stamina
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: Lexiara rapidly launches 2 arrows at up to 2 opponents at 20m/s up to 30 meters away, dealing D-tier damage with each arrow.

Name: Multi-Shot
Tier: B
Cost: 30|15 stamina
Weapon Type: Bow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Lexiara shoots 4 arrows at 25m/s at up to four separate targets up to 40 meters away, dealing D-tier damage with each arrow.


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