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Finding Way back to Reim

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1Finding Way back to Reim Empty Finding Way back to Reim on 10/05/15, 02:31 pm

Kara Satel Bane

Kara Satel Bane
After finding herself dancing in the desert running down an unknown path luckily finding herself traveling from water hole to water hole, using the wildlife of the night for food Bianca had unknowlly started running back in the direction of Reim dancing on and of the entire way. The Journey would take a long time several months in fact and once out of the desert she would find herself traveling via boat followed by more running. She had even tried running on water but this simply ended in her getting soaked bringing her comedic emotions flowing throughout her body. She would meet several people along the way most being connected to the Kou Empire in some way or the other due to the fine line of territory she had traversed on her ways. [Bianca] " Hey summer mind scouting ahead all this travelling is getting somewhat tiring I would like to actually find a city for a decent meal or something to drink".

Summer would fly up high and get a good look of the surroundings before flying forward to scout for more areas similar to a full civilisations and what a surprised in all the time travel she had actually somehow taken the road back to Reim which would not only surprise summer so much that she would lose her awareness of flight falling down to be caught by Bianca. Bianca figured this was some sort of sign of destiny the first place she had considered home had literally found her and at this moment she had Decided to join the country in a lot more of an official manner joining a fanalis corps or something similar really putting her life on the line for the country and its people if needed. The revolution in her mind and her goals of becoming very powerful had faded out and became just elements of the side the wind of fate had changed her dreams to freedom feeling the earth with her feet, wind in her hair and even the waves with her body. She did gain a weird goal from all this feelings of freedom she wanted to learn to stand on the waves, run on the waves and even reach the depths of the ocean exploring all of the earth.

Summer and Bianca had finally reached the capital of reim and were heading for the palace to sign up for the corps though fate decided to dangle a yoyo infront of her as Knight-Face Ryan was waiting at the entrance she would be traveling through though she would walk in with pride "Morning".



Finding Way back to Reim JRbMRoE

Finding Way back to Reim Bianca_Sheet

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