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The Challenger [JOB/SOLO]

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Job Details:
Job Name: The Duel Ring
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Duel Ring, a bustling center for sparring and fighting in Reim, has put up an invitation for local fighters. They offer a fair reward for anyone that is able to defeat one of their duelers in a fair match within the allotted time given. Accept and clear this challenge to obtain your reward.

Enemy Name: Dueler
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The dueler runs at a speed of 10 m/s
The dueler's sword deals C-Tier damage

Quick Jab: The dueler jabs their front fist forward dealing D-Tier damage.

Splitter: The dueler slices down vertically to deal C-Tier damage.

Once again the Sangju man found himself outside the unimpressive doors of the duel ring he had visited not too long ago. With a quick scan of his eyes, the young man could see that the owners of the ring had done nothing to spruce up the appearance of the enormous building. Upon closer observation, the exterior of the building appeared to be in an even shabbier shape than he had remembered. How was this possible? The door itself had evident marks that suggested rough treatment. The faded dent marks that he had seen earlier in his last visit were now undeniably visible. A sweat drop drooped down from his head as he tilted his head. "Guess they really don't take care of this place ever huh?"

He gripped the paper that had led him back to this duel ring once again in his right hand tightly as he pushed the door open with his left hand. Once again, the sudden gush of training odor and rush of noise blasted into Yushin's skull like a bucket fallen on top of his head. This time, compared to the last time, the young man was not in as much of a shock as he had expected no less than this type of environment. He made a straight approach towards the counter, this time knowing what he was supposed to do.

The woman behind the counter looked up briefly to notice the white haired man walk towards her. "Hey kid, welcome welcome to the Duel Ring. This here is your-" The woman similarly to the previous time attempted to explain the conditions and rules behind the establishment but this time Yushin waved her off. He noticed that she wasn't as grumpy and dismissive as the last time he encountered her and made a quick note of that. Maybe it was a bad day...

Yushin took note of the slip of paper that was handed to him at the counter, understanding that his match would take place on the first floor. Earlier that very week, Yushin came upon an advertisement at the local square that challenged passerby's to challenge any one of their duelers. The prize would be fair and the experience worth the while.

"Are you men from the Duel Ring?" He had asked once he approached the bulky men. With loud and proud nods and laughs the men admitted to be advertising for the very place. Yes yes! You seem to be a warrior of interesting value! I'd say....I'd seen you somewhere before?" The man who had spoken took a hold of his chin and stared off into the distance. The boy DID ring a bell for him inside his head, he just couldn't put a finger to him. With a bright smile, Yushin merely took one of the flyers from the man and shrugged. He left the two larger men to contemplate their memories, which they would have to rummage for a while Yushin had thought. "Not the brightest around...but they were nice."

The flyer itself even mentioned that his bout would take place on the first floor, and frankly the Sangju prince was slightly disappointed. By revelation of this fact, Yushin would not be able to climb the stairs and take the trial to pass through. He was confident in his growth and now, he would be able to slice clean through the black stone cubes that would have been presented to him. He waved the disappointment aside. Oh well, he took a step up to the ring as he heard the familiar bell, I got here didn't I?

Surprisingly, the overseer of the fight skipped right past the star ranking and introductions of the fight, and merely went over the rules and conducts for the match. It was another shame. The last time Yushin had been here, he was labled unanimously as the underdog who stood no chance. I was a one star combatant, he chuckled at the thought. The young man, yes as young as he was, was not an enemy to take lightly, especially in this particular ring.

The opponent before him possessed tanned, desert skin, and the hair Yushin notced was as white as his. "Interesting!" He called out in a friendly gesture towards his opponent and smiled. "It's rare to see someone with your complexion here in these parts. Where are you from?" His opponent grunted at the young man's over friendliness and shrugged off the question.

Hmm...why does this happen every time? Internally, Yushin scratched his head. Was it his friendliness that turned the opponents off? "I remember you kid." The man's voice was gruff and raspy as if he was used to yelling. Yushin tilted his head innocently and pointed at himself, as he did so me mouthed words 'me' with blatant curiosity. The older man sneered at his younger opponent as he placed his hand on his hip. "Yeah. You're that twerp that held his own against that one fanalis woman." At the mention of that bout, Yushin sprang up with a smile on his face and humbly bowed. "I'm flattered that you remember sir." The man sneered even more by this comment. "How could I forget such a fight? You got yer stump handed to ya! HAH!"

Well... Yushin chuckled at the memory. He's not wrong. With a sudden shift in character, Yushin's eyes lit on fire as he stared down the man before him. Allow me to warn you sir," The bell rang, prompting Yushin to rush forward at mock speed, "I've leveled up since the last time I was here." The challenger landed a clean uppercut to the older man's jaw before the dueler could do anything about it. Yushin was serious now, he would teach the this dueler to understand humility.

The dueler tried to rally back with a quick jab of his own but the younger man was too fast. Right before the fist touched his jaw, Yushin twisted his neck slightly to avoid the blow and then immediately sidestepped to find the upper position against the dueler. With a snap of his leg, Yushin landed yet another clean hit with a kick to the man's liver.

The older man was clearly shocked as he reeled from the blow. "You little-" It was too late, the white haired challenger rushed in once more, and the two of the combatants were once again in battering range. Quickly the dueler unsheathed his sword and rose it above his head to swing down a splitter at the challenger. To his surprise, the boy had also unsheathed his blade and precisely parried his downward swing. Who....who is this kid?

The crowd was cheering as the fellow warrior spectators watched the match with great interest. Paying no mind this time to the onlookers, Yushin pushed off his opponent with the blade of his geom and swung with it. Counter! I can counter!" The dueler recklessly dove in fully to counter the challenger's slash but to his complete and utter shock, the boy shifted his body. Crap! A feint!" Once again, the revelation was too late as Yushin feinted and delivered a slash from his hwando. The man cried out as he reeled away for the second time.

"I told you," the challenger rushed in swiftly once more and sent a quick diagonal slash at the man, "I leveled up." The words were proclaimed confidently as Yushin watched his opponent fall to the ground completely defeated.

With the ring of the bell, the match was over, and the deafening roar of the crowd bashed through into Yushin's skull for the second time that day. The overseer walked towards the challenger to declare him the winner only to be stopped by an unexpected smile. "That was a great experience. Thank you for having me again." And with that, Yushin walked off the ring and headed towards the counter to claim his prize.

WC: 1324/100

Stamina: 170/200

Abilities Used:
Name: Little Brother
  Tier: D-Tier
  Cost: 10/5 sustained
  Weapon Type: Sword
  Class: Offensive
  Range: Close
  Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain+1
  Description: The user lifts their right arm and sends a slash with their geom (sword) while hiding their hwando (short sword) behind them. At the last moment, the user feints and delivers a slash from their hwando at 10 m/s dealing D-Tier damage, surprising the enemy.

  Name: Saggam
  Tier: D-Tier
  Cost: 10/5 Sustained
  Weapon Type: Blade
  Class: Offensive
  Range: Close
  Cool-Down: 2 or Sustain+1
  Description: A simple yet effectivel diagonal slash that moves at 10 m/s and deals D-Tier damage.

  Name: Dolrya Chagi
  Tier: D-Tier
  Cost: 10/5 Sustained
  Weapon Type: Legs
  Class: Offensive
  Range: Close
  Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain+1
  Description: The user delivers a roundhouse snap kick that moves at 10 m/s and delivers D-Tier damage.

  Name: Neomgi
  Tier: D-Tier
  Cost: 10/5 Sustain
  Weapon Type: Blade
  Class: Defensive
  Range: Close
  Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain+1
  Description: The user plants their feet into an ox stance and raises their weapon quickly at 10 m/s to parriy oncoming attacks. This technique is capable of fending off 2 D-tier attacks and up or 1 C-Tier attack.


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