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How To: Make an Ability

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

How To: Make an Ability

Abilities are used to enhance your combat capabilities, allowing you to stretch the rules of physics a bit to become more powerful. Creating an ability can be a bit confusing, but hopefully this guide will help.

When creating an ability, the first thing you should do is read through the Specialization System for your Specialization to make sure you fully understand the limitations and bonuses your given Specialization has. The next thing you should look through is the Ability Guidelines. This page will break down the rules for each type of ability and the effects at different tiers. It is highly recommended to keep this page open as you are creating your ability.

In the Ability Templates page, you will find the template for each specialization. Choose the appropriate template for your given specialization.

Name: What is the name of your ability?

Tier: What tier will this ability be? This will determine the amount of damage, the extent of an effect, or how much can be defended against

Cost: How much magoi is required for the initial use and also the sustain cost?

Weapon Type: This applies to Strength, Dexterity, and Stealth abilities. Is it a sword, a dagger, a bow, your body, etc?

Beast Type: This applies to Dominance only. What role is the beast utilizing for this ability?

Limbs: This applies only to Body Manipulation. Which limbs are used for this ability?

Element: This applies only to Intelligence. Which magic type(s) will be used for this ability?

Class: This can be either Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive, Offensive/Supplementary, or Defensive/Supplementary.

Range: How far can the ability travel? For Strength, this will almost always be listed as “Close”, unless you are throwing your weapon for some reason.

Cool-Down: How long does this ability need to be on Cool-Down. Keep in mind that in addition to the base Cool-Down listed in the Ability Guidelines, you must include “or Sustain+1” to account for if you choose to sustain an ability. The Cool-Down of an ability must ALWAYS be longer than how long you have used it and will not begin until your last use of the ability. If you sustain a D-tier ability for 3 posts, the Cool-Down must be at least 4 posts.

Description: This is where you explain what the ability does, how you do it, along with several other details. The description should not include flavor text of any type, it should be a concise explanation of the ability and must include the following information:

  • Speed: How fast does the ability move or how fast do you move to complete the ability?
  • Scale: How much room does the ability move around in? Based on the Ability Guidelines, no one side of the ability may extend beyond the scale.
  • Range: How far can the ability move away from you? In some instances, this may be equal to the scale.
  • Amount: This should be included if there is more than one “piece” of your ability. For example, if you shoot off more than one arrow at a time or perform more than a single cut with your blade.
  • Damage: For offensive abilities, you must include how much damage it is capable of inflicting. It is important to remember that this would be divided by the amount for each piece of the ability. For example, if you have a B-tier ability with 4 parts, each part would deal D-tier damage. If it only had 2 parts, each part would deal C-tier damage.
  • Number of Posts: If this ability has a status effect of some type, how long does it last?

Once you have completed the ability template, post it in the Abilities section. Staff will make sure it is correct before approving it for training.

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