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Helping Out [Job/Solo]

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With the purple haired woman being of no help to Zadi's cause, Zadi decided to continue to explore the library. Making his way there, Zadi kept wishing for nothing to go wrong such as a fight with an animal or a tussle with a fellow student. Things usually went crazy on days like this; nice and sunny with perfect cloud coverage. However, today would not be one of those days. Instead, it would end up being perfect for Zadi's cause!

Zadi strode into the library and noticed that there were stacks and piles of unsorted books with little to no librarians present to sort them. This would be a great opportunity to read what has not been read and figure out if Magnostadt had more to offer than Zadi thought. With the library being short staffed, Zadi ended up being asked, as hoped, to help sort out all the books that were in the specified piles and stacks. Zadi happily agreed and started by attempting to sort each book by what she had already read and what she needed to read. In this case, Zadi had already looked through a fourth of all the unsorted books. However, most of the unread books were not very helpful in terms of black rukh. Therefore, Zadi further sorted the books by what needed to be read and what didn't need to be read. The pile got half as large, excluding the already read books.

From there, Zadi legitimately sorted out all the unnecessary books back unto their respective shelves. It was a rather tough task as Zadi originally thought it would be easier to fly up and down using Gravity Lift over and over again, but with hundreds of books to sort out over 30 stories of shelves Zadi ended up getting a change in heart. Not a good or bad kind of change. Just a change that made Zadi regret partaking in this tedious task. It took a very long time for this task to be completed and even then, she had only sort out the books that she had not read yet! Not only that, but she had to actually read the books, too! T'was going to be a VERY long day indeed.

after the sorting out of all the unnecessary books, Zadi flew down towards the books he had not already read. At this point, Zadi wished that he had a Clairvoyance spell in order to speed through all the reading, but she had to do all the reading herself without help form any magic spells or tools. Zadi had to come back daily in order to read through and sort out all the unsorted books that needed reading. It felt like weeks passed by, but in truth Zadi came back and forth from the library for three full days, not even a full week. However, the mental stress and loads of information that Zadi came out with this experience was more than enough to help Zadi understand a little more about magic as a whole rather than by types. Not that Zadi learned about another magic type or spell, but he just understood how better to approach learning new techniques. Anyway, Zadi was given his reward for helping out the library and that was the end of that.

500+/500 words

260 Magoi/Stamina

Name: Gravity Lift, Stage 2
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Gravity
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Cool-Down: 4 posts or Sustain+1
Description: A magician lowers the influence of gravity around their body. This gives them the ability to lift off, hover, and soar through the sky at a maximum speed of 10m/s. They can control the force of gravity around their body at any given moment, able to slow down, speed up, or stop flying completely.


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