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Herding Problems [C/Chain/Solo]

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Job Name: Herding problems
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Job Overview: The boufer cows are needed more than ever, but there are some rabid coyotes that have been attacking the farms as of late. The farmer requests help since he can't handle them on his own.

Enemy Name: Rabid Coyotes (x3)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: 15 M/s Burrowing Speed
Rabid Bite- The Coyote bites at 20 m/s, does C-Tier damage, fractures the bones and bites through muscle. The rabid venom causes stinging pains and sore muscles for 4 posts, reducing ability speeds by half and doubling reaction times.
Puntra Pounce- The Coyote can make a pouncing motion towards its target at 15 m/s
Swift Claw- The coyote swipes at 15 m/s with their claw, tearing through muscle, causing C-Tier damage.

Ayero sighed softly as she leaned against the farmer’s porch, staring down into the cup of steaming tea the man’s wife had given her. In the process of attempting to grow large amounts of crops to feed all of the displaced families, farmers across the country were doing their best to produce as much food as possible. The Boufer Cows introduced by Lagi had become indispensable in crop production, allowing soil to become very fertile and increase the amount of crop grown. Unfortuantely, some of the farmers on the outskirts of Remano were having trouble with their stock of Boufer Cows. Maybe it was nature, or maybe the chaos Reim had recently been in had upset things, but Rabid Coyotes were preying on the Boufer Cows.

The area farmers had tried to take care of them on their own, but the beasts were no ordinary coyotes. Fences proved to be useless as the creatures had the ability to burrow underground, and the tended not to scatter when confronted by people, or so she had been told. The farmer Ayero had agreed to help had sustained a rather nasty bite from one of the coyotes. The man had been alright in the end but spent a few days recovering from the venomous bite to his leg, citing it as rather unpleasant.

Ayero had fought numerous wild creatures before and had learned to be cautious around them until she learned the extent of their abilities, something she had learned through making numerous painful mistakes. Luckily the farmer seemed to know a fair bit about the Rabid Coyotes, relaying what he could remember to the woman before she left to patrol his fields. The farmer’s wife had worried over the girl, not wanting anyone else to be hurt by those awful night creatures. Even though Ayero had assured them that she would be able to handle the problem, the matronly woman had given her a blanket and a cup of tea as the Fanalis rested on their porch.

Setting the now empty cup down, Ayero shivered and pulled the blanket taut around her shoulders as a chill breezed through the air. She was grateful for their kindness, finding that she needed it after experiencing such chaos and turmoil from the war. She tried to relax for a few days after the final battle but found herself restless and dissatisfied. Throwing herself into rebuilding efforts seemed to help ease her anxiety, the long days of odd jobs giving her some time to think about where she should go from here.

Removing the blanket from her body, Ayero folded it neatly and left it on the porch next to the cup before standing and stretching. She was no stranger to this situation, recalling the time in Heliohapt where she had done a similar service to a farmer who was having trouble with pesky desert beasts. Hopefully she would encounter these creatures on the first night and take them out with ease, but she had to keep in mind that things weren’t always so simple.





The sound of the earth rumbling in the distanced caused her head to turn, eyes narrowing when she figured that something was up. That was quick… Sprinting off towards the source of the noise, Ayero grabbed her blade from its scabbard and prepared for a clash, eyes wide as she scanned the darkened fields for her opponents. She made a beeline for the perimeter of the farm that was surrounded by fence, recalling how the farmer had shown her the holes in the ground where the Rabid Coyotoes had burrowed into the farm. The man had since filled the holes in but warned her to keep an eye on this areas as it was close to the Boufer Cow’s pen.

A canine head popped up from the ground several meters from her, followed by a body as the dog struggled briefly to the surface. Two more of the beasts appeared from the earth, growing through their teeth when they caught sight of the woman nearby with the dangerous posture. Ayero had placed herself between the Rabid Coyotoes and the cow’s pen, determined to slay these creatures as quickly as possible before more had the chance to show up. Snarling, the coyote closest to her Puntra Pounced at her, raising his paw and bringing it down in preparation to deal a Swift Claw upon the woman. Ayero batted away the beast’s claw with a Parry from her blade.

The two other coyotes had both Puntra Pounced at Ayero a few moments after the first coyotes had, one of them aiming for her right leg with a Rabid Bite, the other aiming for her left leg with a Swift Claw. Ayero kicked away the coyote who attempted to deal damage with his claw, the creature yelping as the force of her foot set him several meters away. The other dog had managed to sink his teeth into her leg, tearing through the muscle and injecting a painful venom into her blood. Thankfully, the Alchemist Charm Ayero kept hidden in her armor began to glow dully and nullify the effects of the poison, leaving the woman with an injured leg but otherwise unaffected. Raising her sword arm, Ayero brought the blade down viciously across the Rabid Coyote’s neck. The coyote’s grip on her leg loosened as his head was removed and Ayero turned her attention to the last remaining opponent.

The coyote that had first attacked her was the only one left standing after being pushed back a few meters by Ayero’s parry but was otherwise uninjured. Still snarling at the woman who now posed a dangerous threat, the Rabid Coyote performed another Puntra Pounce, this time snapping his jaws in preparation to deliver a Rabid Bite to Ayero’s throat. Thinking quickly, Ayero ducked under the coyote as he began his descent and delivered a High Kick to the beasts stomach, launching him upwards with a sharp yelp.

After the skirmish was over, Ayero surveyed the area before treating her wound in silence. It seemed that she had taken care of the beasts for now, and she hoped that these were the only ones terrorizing the farmer’s livestock. The damage she had sustained was minor, and she made a note to try and avoid the animal’s powerful jaws in the future should she have contact with them again. Thankfully the rest of the night passed by without incident, the Boufer Cows remaining safe and unharmed.

[Stamina: 240/290]

Name: Parry
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina|10 Sustained
Weapon Type: Talwar
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: The user is able to block an opponent’s attack with their blade and push the opponent and/or their weapon away at 15 m/s. Can defend against 1 B-tier, 2 C-tier or 4 D-tier attacks before breaking.

Name: High Kick (Way of Old)
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Raising one of her legs, Ayero performs a sweeping kick at 20 m/s which deals B-Tier damage.

The Alchemist: Allows the person to be unaffected from abilities like poisons, freezes, or paralysis that are caused by abilities or items of their rank or lower, can only negate one ability per thread. This ability can only be used once per thread.


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