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Incoming Ports [D/Chain/Solo]

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Job Name: Incoming ports
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: King Lagi has sent for ships to unload additional supplies in order to aid with the rebuilding of Reim. Give a hand to these old sailors by helping to unload the supplies.

After turning in what she found at the Western Front, the guards informed her that another request for assistance had been issued. The King had asked for any able-bodied persons to assist in the unloading of supply ships that had recently docked in port. Ayero readily agreed, knowing that her natural strength would be well suited to the task. She left the next day for the appointed port town, bringing her sword along with her in case she ran into any trouble along the way.

If they need people to help unload supplies, then this must be a good sign. Usually the sailors and dockhands take care of that, so there must be more than they can reasonable handle. I wonder where the supplies were sent from… The woman was lost in her thoughts as she made the journey, wondering if the goods were from a less war-torn part of Reim or sent in aid by another country. Or perhaps it was simply normal trade?

Regardless, Ayero wasn’t worried over where the supplies had come from. When she finally arrived at the port she was greeted with the sight of the sailors hard at work, accompanied by others who had taken up the task issued by the King. She was able to pick a few other heads of red hair out in the crowd before one of the sailors had waved her over, directing her to where some of the heavier cargo was on the ship. The man seemed tired from the day’s work of unloading heavy boxes but was in good spirits, seemingly pleased with the turnout for the help. After chatting with the man briefly, Ayero followed a few others into the cargo hold and began grabbing boxes.

The Fanalis woman grunted as she lifted several crates piled high, the noise earning her a few glances from some of the burly men who were handling boxes of their own. Though she was stronger than them, she was slimmer and found the boxes bulky and cumbersome to deal with. Ayero didn’t want to overexert herself by carrying too much at once, settling for a balance between the heavy crates and keeping herself steady. The Fanalis woman proceeded to follow the sailors out of the ship and unload the goods onto the pier, silently following them back into the cargo hold to retrieve more boxes.

The men chatted with eachother but Ayero remained silent, not intentionally being standoffish but was rather lost in her thoughts again. The manual labor didn’t require her to think hard and she found herself thinking of Vin and hoping that he was safe and happy. Though she trusted Ariella and Adius with him, she still worried and hoped that the child was thoroughly distracted and not homesick or upset. She’d been informed that Ariella had returned to Magnostadt for a bit and hoped that the woman would hurry back, eager to catch up with her magician friend and be reunited with her younger brother.

Night began to set in as the day came to a close and all of the supplies had been unloaded with some of them already being transported to the capital. Feeling a bit troubled by her thoughts, Ayero joined the sailors for a mug of ale when they’d offered to share drinks with the hired help as thanks for their involvement.



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