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Umbra's Winery

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Umbra's Winery R6zf2o
Name: Umbra Walker
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Human
Tier: D
Specialization: Stealth
Age + Birthdate: 23+ Feb. 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Often quiet yet always inquisitive, Umbra is like a typical male in his young years. He yearns to explore and seek out things, while also hiding away the fact he can be ruthless and frightening. He hides his second nature with a friendly smile that he gives to everyone while actually watching their movements and actions to determine their character as best as he can. While natural to him and not just apart of constantly hiding himself, Umbra enjoys a good laugh now and again. He often will tell a joke or two just to get some sort of smile or reaction from many.

Raised by a nobleman, Umbra also has some skills in speaking. He often will casually make remarks that may persuade someone to join his cause or even provoke his enemy.

When the day is passed and he finds himself alone, Umbra thinks of nothing or no one. He finds himself gazing up towards the stars, letting his mind melt away. While in combat though, he stands at guard. His posture is almost goading for someone to strike as he leaves his arms down and his legs spread wide. It's only a feint; as soon as his opponent tries to strike at him, he tries to attack with quick precision. He would rather keep the fight very short instead of prolonging it out; he would find himself bored.


  • Having spent most of his time training at a winery, Umbra had grown fond of wine. The different taste that he would always create not only amused him, but amused others as well whenever they would come to taste his concoctions. Some people beg him to become a wine maker himself, but he insists that will come only when time calls for him.

  • While not just enjoying the splendors of wine, Umbra finds himself enjoying the sounds of music. Be it a simple hum or the use of instruments, he will find himself putting most of his attention towards the sound. He often will close his eyes and remove himself from his surroundings; taking in only the music to fully enjoy it.


  • While he may be arrogant at times, Umbra finds those who are too arrogant put a sour taste into his mouth. He would like to quickly press their head into whatever flat surface he could, but instead tries to hold himself as the higher person and walk away.

  • Umbra detests those who are forceful. Having spent time being bullied when he was younger, he wants to help those in need of help in any way. If he ever catches someone trying to coerce someone into any action or forcing themselves onto another, he is quick to act; punching first and talking later.

Aspirations: Being left with the little training he received, Umbra's determination to continue on the legacy his Master had left him is what drives him every day. He hopes to make connections with those in similar skills as his and learning what they could teach him. Along with practicing the books he was left with, Umbra wonders what the future may also hold for him. Not only does he wish to gain skills to continue on the legacy of his Master, he also wishes to obtain someone that he can leave his skills with an apprentice. While he works, he hopes that he may possibly find someone that would be willing to learn the same he has and continue the tradition of the Student becoming the Teacher.

Along with the wish of finding an apprentice, he also wishes to get revenge against Agape. Still holding the fire in his heart when he wished for his revenge against her, he hopes that one day soon, he can watch the life escape from her eyes.

Phobias/fears: The thought of not finding a successor does hold fear in Umbra's soul, but is not what he truly fears. What he truly does fear is not bettering himself as he was sure that is what his Master and parents would love for him to do. He wants to strive to be better for not only them, but for himself. While being a man of the shadows, he also holds a small fear from it as well. Since the night his parents perished and his home attacked, he still retained the fear of being left alone in the dark. He instinctively places his hand against a wall or even on a person when they are in dense darkness; a coping mechanism that often rarely works.

Face-Claim: Arno Victor Dorian - Assassin's Creed
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7" | 1.70m
Weight: 150 lbs | 68 kg
Appearance: Having a well-framed face of an young gentleman with a light stubble that can be seen whenever the light shines against his jawline, Umbra is a very handsome man. His brown eyes often catch the light of the sun which enhances his rich looks. Despite his training in the sun, Umbra still holds the white skin that come from his Reim heritage. He keeps his soft black hair tied into a ponytail and is rarely seen as he is almost always wearing a hooded cloak or coat.

Umbra often wears a dark blue hooded coat that hides away his eyes with the shadow it casts, a white waistcoat, and black breeches with leather gaiters that stop just under his knees. He keeps his hands covered in leather gloves to protect them while he often climbs or runs across the top of buildings. A loose belt hangs from his hips, acting as a sheath for his weapons. He also carries two smaller pouches which he uses for his money and whatever else he may have to carry with him.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: A scar runs from the bridge of his nose to his cheek from an event that happened during his childhood days.
History:Before even being born, Umbra was doomed to suffer from a difficult life. His mother Nyxia was once a servant to a rich nobleman by the name of Laios. She hid away her pregnancy as best she could until Laios' wife, Agape, noticed the growing bump on her belly. Enraged, she attacked the pregnant woman in the hopes of killing the child. Laios managed to catch her just as Agape was about to strike at Nyxia's stomach and helped her escape. Casting away his once proud nobility and rich life, he decided to instead remake himself as a new man with his child and eventually, new wife.

Months after the two were married, Umbra was born and raised by the two. Living off of the land of a nobleman Laios was acquainted with, he raised the boy without worry. He taught him skills he could possibly need in life; how to handle himself when trading and secrets to persuading a person. He also taught Umbra what little he knew of combat should he ever need to defend himself. His mother taught him what little she could; treating wounds and taking care of himself once he would leave home as she dreamed. All was well with the three of them; nothing could ever possibly tear them apart.

Unfortunately, all would be lost to him on the night of his twelfth birthday. As they three slept in their comfortable hut, Umbra was stirred awake by the sound of a light crackling sound. He was forced wide awake once smoke clogged his throat and shouts for his father were made to come outside. He jumped from his bed and quickly ran to his parents room, waking them both awake. Caught by surprise by the sudden flame and hearing the shouts of Laios being demanded outside, Nyxia begged for him not to go. He turned his back to them with a grim look, demanding that they leave from the back door. Umbra and Nyxia both pleaded for him to leave with them, but their words fell upon deaf ears.

Grabbing only a simple stick as he left from the home, he glared at his old love; Agape. She could be heard shouting how she searched for years to find them and now that she finally had..they would die before her hands. Laios tried to attack her but was quickly killed; guards surrounding him and piercing through his body with spears. Meanwhile in the back of the house, Umbra and his mother were surrounded by guards as well. They all held grim looks as they charged at them. Umbra charged at them as well hoping to fend them off, but to no avail. After being striked with a sword that would leave a permanent scar across his face, he clutched his wound and eventually came to pass out from the shock. The last thing he could remember hearing before fainting was the sound of his mother's screams.

Days later, Umbra found himself awake in an unknown place. He slowly sat up and winced, raising his finger to delicately touch at the wound on his face. A light chuckle was heard and he quickly turned around to look at an elderly looking man. He told him how he had found him unconcious near a burned down hut and took him in, healing his words. Umbra thought back to the events that happened and clenched back on his tears, remembering everything. He cursed out towards Agape and spoke of his revenge. The old man grew a smile on his face and said that he would help the boy get his revenge, but only if he had the patience. Agreeing to the terms, Umbra began to follow the man's teachings; not realising he was drenching himself in the life of an Assassin..

Hours had become days. Days had become months. Months had become years. Umbra trained and trained with the old man whom he only called Master. His proficiency in combat had grown. He gained skill in free-running and was taught how to hide his presence as best as he could. While also training, the two had kept a guise of father and son owning a winery together. While hiding behind the day job, Umbra gained many connections, most of which lead him to dead ends whenever he would put on his true face of an Assassin.

After years of dead ends and no answers as to finding the woman that tore his family away from him, Umbra almost gave up hope. The Old Man, whom he had come to cherish as if he was his own father, kept him on the straight path; telling him to continue believing that he would find her. Umbra gave the man a nod and turned to speak to him only to find him dead in his chair. Instead of crying over the death of the old man, he gave the man a proper burial. Claiming the winery as his own as well as the books still left for him to learn from, Umbra began his search for the woman who destroyed his family; hoping to one day to do the same to her.

Role-Play Sample:A soft light surrounded the small alleyway in the late night of the city. As it slowly faded away, a figured appeared; his bright purple hair and piercing bronze orbs shining against his gray skin. He was dressed in an odd assortment of clothes: a green hat that sat behind his pointed ears; a green tunic covering his top; white pants covering his legs; and brown boots covering his feet. On his hip hung a medium-sized pouch that seemed to hold only a few items.

The young pointed eared male looked all around, gazing up at the buzzing light post above him. A smirk flashed on his face as he stepped out of the alleyway; glancing back and forth to ensure that no one was around.
"It seems I've made Earth?,"He thought to himself. He stepped out more and looked up and down the road, trying to decide which way he would walk. Shrugging his shoulders halfheartedly, he started to walk down the road.


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  • Primary - Stealth [D-Tier]
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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D-tier Abilities

D-Tier Abilities:

Name:Quick Strike
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Umbra strikes at his opponent's chest to deal D-Tier damage through a punch at 15 m/s.

Name: Gentle Touch
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: The user raises one of their arms upward at 15m/s, they effectively intercepts an attack away from them while stepping back to gain their footing. It is capable of blocking up to 1 C-Tier worth damage.

Name: Light Prick
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Throwing Knives
Class: Supplementary
Range: 7m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 2 Posts; Sustained +1
Description: The user carefully holds a single throwing knife that is previously dipped in a mild poison. Tossing the knife through the air at 15m/s as if they were casually stretching their arm or yawning, they would hit their target who would then feeling slight burning pain for two posts. Another way of performing such technique would be if the user walked past their target with the knife concealed and gently pricked their skin with the point.

C-tier Abilities

C-Tier Abilities:

Name: Shadow Step
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 Posts;Sustained +1
Description: Utilizing the environment around them; be it a crowd of people dressed in similar clothing or dark corners/alleyways, the user patiently takes care not to be detected while hiding their presence. This ability gives him 'near invisibility' even against complex backgrounds, though it has no affect on someone who was already watching him before he began blending in and hiding his presence. It can also be diffused by someone causing a commotion that separates the user from the crowd.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

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Umbra's Winery Throwing_Knives
Name: Sweet Silence
Tier: D
Type: Throwing Knives
Appearance: A set of thin throwing knives. The blades are 7cm in length and appear to be made out of a cheap metal. The hilt are the same length and made of the same material. They are kept inside of a small pouch that is worn by the wearer.




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