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Country Founding System

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Country Creation

  • May be A-tier to begin the Quest Chain but must be Omega-Tier to complete the final step.

    • While a Royal has the influence to begin the founding of a country, it is not until you reach Conqueror status that other countries will recognize your influence enough to allow you to be considered a country.

  • Must have support of at least 2 other Players or Established Country Leaders (not just Alt characters).

  • Maybe some exceptions if players or left if the players has put in work and action with the group or nation to have significant acknowledgment aside from ground work.

    • No country is founded alone, you must have the support of other players to justify founding a country.

  • Must have established some in-depth footwork of gaining support before even approaching the job chain

    • No country is founded on a simple whim and it is never going to be easy. Without the necessary footwork, there is no reason to believe you could handle the management of a country.

  • Must complete Quest Chain created by staff. Staff will customize the chain for each founding and the chain will have 10 parts.

    • Each country being founded will run into some similar issues while having its own, unique difficulties, based on the how you went about founding the country.

  • Minimum founding price: 600,000 Huang (Price may vary based on IC efforts and desired country size)

    • Founding a country is not cheap. You will need to purchase land and supplies, along with other general expenses, such as paying your government officials, maintaining roads, etc.

  • Each Player involved with the founding process must be involved in each stage of the Quest chain if possible

    • Again, no country is built by itself. You supporters should be involved in each step if possible

  • Staff may deny a request for a county founding if we do not feel the necessary footwork has been completed beforehand.

    • If, for any reason, we feel you have not put in the appropriate level of IC developments, we may deny your request to found a country until those expectations have been met. We will make every effort to communicate the needed IC developments to you.

When establishing footwork of gaining support, please include the following information:

  • Where are citizens initially being taken from and why

    • This is important, as some countries may not appreciate you stealing their citizens instead of simply attempting to resolve issues within the country itself.

  • Where will the country be

    • Will the country be founded in the middle of another country or will you attempt to purchase land in one of the unsettled areas? Perhaps you would like to explore and find an uninhabited island. The largest stretch of unsettle land exists in the Great Plains.

  • Diplomatic status

    • Are you on good terms with your country? What is your relationship like with other countries? If you are on good terms with your country, why do you wish to leave it to create your own?

  • Type of governance for the country

    • Will you have a Democracy where you might be replaced as the leader? Will you rule as a king or emperor, with only one central ruling figure? Will you offer a Republic, where a council or senate is responsible for most major decisions of the country?

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