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Name: Xylo Nahas.
Tier: D.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Age + Birthdate: 22 // July 7th.
Nationality: Heliohapt.
Race: Human.
Specialization: Strength.

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A warm gentle spirit with a cold voice and attitude. Xylo is a man of little words, as he simply over thinks before he speaks. It's never bullshit that leaves his mouth, yet each time he speaks it is most often god's honest truth (well in his opinion). A lazy individual with strong morals for protecting his kingdom, Xylo is a man who will stop at nothing to see Heliohapt prosper, even if it means to harm himself in some way. You could say he simply gained a strong loyalty thanks to his foster father, as he is truly a kind hearted soul who is affectionate with a pinch of arrogance. A plethora of contradictions, he is usually seen reading, or laying back watching the sun set in the east. Known to the village as the lazy prince of Heliohapt, he harbors no evil toward the world, but to his true father himself.

Unusually shy in a constant manner, Xylo is an individual with strong opinions which usually coexists with his ability to reach out and provide mental stability with only a few words. It's simply his inner nobility working his magic, however he is truly a man who would do anything in his power to see his kingdom improve. Devoted to Heliohapt, Xylo is a man that will see all his goals through, even it means a few unnecessary deaths on the way. Xylo is also known to hate travelers or outsiders as stated above, as he's shy with others. Having a small friendship group and only allow it to grow so much, Xylo keeps his friends close to him, and dislikes change within his social mix of friends. In times of combat and battle, Xylo keeps a calm mindset as he keeps his emotions in check, whilst maintaining a logical standpoint to determine each action he undertakes. As his mind is purely adept in common warfare, his eyes and experience allow a deadly persona to come in place. Known for his indecent attitude as when he talks he is known to 'talk down to people' unknowingly.

An odd trait Xylo has is his love for cooking. When not lazing within a sandy meadow, Xylo is often seen experimenting in a kitchen preparing meals (as long as they aren't sweet at all). It's a highy unusual trait to have, as a prince working in a kitchen is often a brow raiser, however Xylo dismisses the sniggering and questions and continues to create edible masterpieces.

As his personality shown above is quite normal, and may seem like your average human being within today's society, Xylo has one more special trait that may define him as a 'special human being.' Within his mind consists of tiny whispers, whether it be his thoughts, some sort of god assisting him in everyday situations, or even some supernatural link to the spirit world (or so he thinks). It's simply the fact that he hears whispers, whether it's himself being lost in his own insanity, or some higher power, Xylo simply hears voices reach out to him. The only fact he knows about these voices is that they come from his own knowledge, he doesn't learn anything new, but he may relearn or see something he had done in the past, whether it be at the young age of an infant or a minute ago which may prove useful to the scenario he's in.

It is rare to see the young prince active and being mobile, as his love for sleep and relaxing greatly outweighs his motives to act out and pursue his goals. Usually seen watching the clouds/stars, he's a man who truly enjoys his leisure as keep's time situated daily for the simple task of nap taking. But with his love for sleep comes his adoration for rain, there's a collection of traits that storms have that allow Xylo to enjoy, like it's humidity that brings moisture throughout Heliohapt (which is highly unusual), with thick, dark clouds covering the sky shadowing the earth beneath and providing better sleep conditions. And lastly storms would give rain, a cooling enchantment from the gods themselves, who didn't like the sound of rain drops pelting across the desolate land. Xylo is a true lover of natures gifts, whether it be rain, life, and even the great sun which he has been taught is all thanks to the Sun God Ra.  

Atop of his adoration to nature is his love for art, or to be more specific, body art (tattoo's). Something that is unusually tabooed in the string of royalty in Heliohapt, Xylo is covered in body ink. The black ink that is embedded within his skin reveals his persona to the public allowing his views to implement within his surroundings without a single word being spoken. At first it had seemed his tattoos were made for the sole purpose of sharing his morals and ethics toward the people around him. But it soon became a hobby, allowing Xylo to gain an addiction to having black ink etch into his skin forever. With gentle patterns spreading across his torso, to the word 'DEATH' spelling across his fingers, there is a vast collection of designs and interpretations that are inscribed across his body.

Interaction plays a large part into Xylo's personality toward others, especially due to the sheer fact that he hate communication altogether. There are only a few conversations Xylo has had without the reciever getting angry. He is truly a man who simply 'can't communicate' as he has terrible social skills. However there are a very few who can withstand his lingo/terminology which allows others to understand that he doesn't mean bad even though it sounds like he's practically beating you with a club verbally. But with his hate for communication comes his pet hate for a certain attribute most civilians have. Oh dear, it's the trait of immaturity. Yes, Xylo can't stand a person who over exaggerates everything to gain attention, as there isn't anything more annoying than to hear an annoying little shit bark out stupidity... (Well for Xylo that is)

An unusual trait the young Heliohapt prince contains is the hate for sweet foods. As he's quite the beer drinker and dry bitter foods lover, Xylo hates sweet food, whether it be a savoury that contains the power to rot your teeth within an instant, or the sweet delight of a glowing liquor that could knock a fat bloke unconscious with a meer sip. Let's just say, Xylo is paranoid about the taste of sweet foods which originated from his life in the slums as it seems all the sweet foods are the bad ones. Delivering unusual side effects as if they were each a venus fly trap in themselves, Xylo is overly cautious over sweet foods.

Xylo has a fear for the unknown. It's a common fear which is shared with the majority of the world, yet is no weaker within his mind than others. Being a man of brain and less brawn, Xylo uses information as his weapon, and this leaves an opening for knowledge he doesn't know, as thinking you know 'everything' will lead to an early death. One of these unknown factors would be magic as he simply knows nothing of it. Xylo was never taught in the 'dark arts' or transmuation of the rukh into magic, and thus has an undying fear for magoi manipulation into magic.

Another fear would be his phobia of losing the ones he loves. Already losing his closest friend (and foster father) 'Alroma Nahas,' Xylo truly doesn't want this pain to resurface. But if only life were that simple, as when life continues, death is a reoccurring problem, and if you want to express your goals and implement them into your actions, their will always be the shadow of death awaiting your presence to test your worth. Xylo is known to gain traumatic tendencies at the loss of life, especially when blood runs from their bodies and pools beneath corpse's. Call it a fear, but it's a general hate toward losing his loved ones, this includes his fellow soldiers in Heliohapt.

Dying without a meaning, or simply dying for no reason is Xylo's greatest fear. 'What if i don't leave anything behind.' 'What's my legacy?' A plethora of questions will whisk and whirl through the mental abyss of thoughts Xylo contains. Xylo's greatest fear is dying without leaving a proper legacy or dying for anything. For he truly wants to go down swinging protecting Heliohapt. Or preferably not die at all.

Without a goal, what is the reason for living? Within Xylo's introvert persona lies strong motives that have been nurtured and inspired since his birth. Inspiration was his key to gaining his first few objectives in life, his main inspiration being his foster-father Alroma, who now had past away, was once an intelligent fierce man, who had the knowledge to outdo any man who would cross him. Knowledge was power to Xylo at a young, but it was only when he reach his adolescence, that he figured he needed strength to back it up.

His adoration for becoming strong both mentally and physically has derived from both his foster-father and his real father. As both men were/are complete opposites but had/with dominating power. His mother who had past away due to the poor conditions in the slums of Heliohapt would bring Xylo to believe he had to do something about this. To make Heliohapt more liveable for it's citizens, he would need to be stronger and smarter, as only power could lead the world to a better place.

A strong ambition for the young Heliohapt prince is to see the world, which is unusual with his personality being so lazy. But within this dull, bored outer shell lies a burning ambition which is overly keen to adventure across the world and allow his eyes to see the world for himself. Books can only teach you so much, and the deserts of Heliohapt looks the same at every direction, but that's just what deserts are.

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Face-Claim: Kei ~ Ken ga Kimi
Weight: 96kg.
Hair Color: White.
Eye Color: Gold.
Height: 184cm // 6ft2.
Rukh Alignment: White.
Special Traits:
Appearance: With white mid-length wavy hair, double piercing across both ears, and tattoos spread across his entire body, it is safe to say Xylo has an unusual appearance. Always bring the attention to himself without speaking a single word, Xylo is a man who is judged based on his appearance more so than his personality. Normally seen wearing a white cotton flud atop his head with black poke dots, a yellow and black hoodie, and light blue trousers with white poke dots, finished with his black boots. His attire is oftenly seen as unusual for the Heliohapt climate.

The Attire:

Xylo Nahas  Tumblr_mkqi0t0pL11r1yr60o1_1280

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It is said that true strength is grown from the horrors from ones life, and if developed correctly, can expand into a power that no man can withstand. Myth or Fact, it's a statement that can't be left alone and forgotten. There are very few who find this true strength, as there isn't many that conquer the great horrors that fill the lives of the many. But with this story, there is a fresh breath of hope, that good can come from a deep source of evil.

It's uncanny how nobility isn't relevant in Heliohapt, as being related to the great Ramses and having the same blood run through Xylo's veins shows no mark of respect at all, but just the opposite. It all began on the night of no light, where no moon would light the night sky but instead be filled with dim astral shapes with the abnormality of varying stars. Instead in Heliohapt, a red glow would resonate across the desert expanse as torches would violently shake from the forcing winds. It was a night of celebration for the great pharaoh himself, as Ramses Massri VII had just returned home from a raiding siege at a neighboring kingdom. Triumphant in his endeavors, a great celebration would take place across Heliohapt, as soldiers returned to their homes to express their love and survival with their families.

But during this celebration, the great pharaoh would award himself differently than most, as women would grovel to him for attention in hope of gaining nobility status. But he was a different man, shaped by war and misfortune he would decide on a completely different decision. He would command the guards to bring the prisoners from his journey who had been captured and pertained for questioning to him. Having the prisoners form a single line affront him, he would order the slaughter of each individual affront him, except one. The main throne room of the great palace of Heliohapt would be painted a bright crimson, leaving bodies lifeless against the cold marble floors. But amongst the bodies stood one single figure, a lone brave woman would stand. Her legs would tremble with fear, but her torso would remain stable. It was truly her heart that kept her lungs from expelling horrific screams. But with fear on her body, only courage remained in her heart, which was remarkably contradicting as her beauty was one of a kind.  Ramses would command the woman to be cleaned and sent to his room, where he would defile the act of chivalry, and abuse his power to achieve cheap satisfaction.

After the 'deed' was done the pharaoh would no longer need the woman, and would decide for her to be sent out to a distant courtyard to join her fellow prisoners into the afterlife. A cruel act indeed, which was unusual for the pharaoh, but as stated before, war really brings the worst out of people, especially on a man that cares about his kingdom so much and feels responsible for the each death of his beloved citizens. He would think of this deed as outright revenge and a spiteful attack on the defeated village that had taken so many lives of his citizens in the past. A single guard would take the woman, the guard being the great Ramses Vizier (Pharaohs hand) at the time, his name being Alroma. Taking the woman out to the empty courtyards, they would pit stop to a small mortuary, where he would collect a corpse and leave it at the courtyard, before escaping to the slums of Heliohapt with the woman.

Birth at a Price:
Alroma would take care of the woman in the slums in secret, venturing to her once every two weeks supplying enough money and food to sustain her life force. The woman already traumatic from the event, but also thankful to Alroma, she couldn't help but feel a darkness grow inside her. Two months would pass and the woman would continue her profession in which she underwent from her past home in the art of tailoring. But as just as she thought she was back on her feet, her body would fall victim to one of the fuctions of the human body, that is, pregnancy. It had seemed the seed of the great pharaoh had been planted inside her, and with nothing to lose, the woman would speak to Alroma about the whole situation. Suprised, but connecting the dots, Alroma would devote the next few months to look after the young woman, and seven months later, a baby boy was born. The woman was so thankful to Alroma, and decided to allow the Vizier to name her child. It was this day he was given the name, Xylo.

Xylo was not a name heard in the lands of Heliohapt, but a name that was known well known across the globe. It was a name of a historic figure, or so they say.... as it was now more a folktale of a man who had slain the demons of the past. No matter, it was odd for the young infant to bare bright crimson eyes, which would remind his mother of the halls painted red when the slaughter of her fellow villagers commenced nine months ago. He was a constant reminder of the event that had taken place, and the mother would attempt to ignore the whole charade that had happened. On Xylo's second birthday, his mother would commit suicide. It would seem life was too much for her, especially with her longing to join her ancestors in the afterlife. So he was then raised by the vizier himself, having Alroma be his foster-father.

They grow up so fast, don't they?:
So Xylo was brought back to the 'royal palace' and grew as a Heliohapt citizen with his foster father taking complete custody raising Xylo as a single parent. Living arrangements were quite unusual now, as he had now been placed to live with Alroma within the main palace. His identity would be kept completely secret and he was told to all as an actual son of Alroma himself. Growing up to be the Vizier's successor, Xylo was taught in ancient literally and general philosophy in an effort to be brought up with strong ethics. Forgetting off ever having a mother, Xylo was brought up as a kind hearted boy, with a strong will. It had seemed the Vizier had decided to steer Xylo clear from a destructive path of war and combat, and more into politicians and how to benefit the people of the city. At the age of five Xylo would excel in pure knowledge means, as his mind was infused with every event that had taken place in Heliohapt. Most would say this was more than unusual, but it was the strict life the boy was grown into.

Growing up, Xylo would have a passionate love towards his father, as he simply was told that Alroma was his true father and that his mother had past away. However this was not the case, at the age of 10 Xylo would find out the truth…

Curiosity killed the cat:
With a level of intelligence higher than most citizens of Heliohapt, Xylo would begin to research and dig deep into the knowledge of his mother. But there was no trace of any information, as it simply did not work out the way his father would tell him. Soon Xylo would continue to ask more and more about his birth mother, but it was all irrelevant and mixed into an array of unanswered questions. Xylo would soon see miniscule inconsistencies with the story of his birth from his father, which led him to belief the whole story was fake. It was here and now where Xylo led the next horror of his life. Scared and plentiful of doubt, Xylo would escape the kingdom at the lonely age of 10, to find out who he truly was, and to locate his origin. It would take a total of three years of living like a slum rat to find out the truth. A random whore house throughout the Heliohapt market district would harbour a lady who would tell a story of how'd she smuggle a woman into a small basement beneath her inn. The lady never asked who she was, or why she would live there, but it had seemed the lady had a tattoo across her chest, one of a circle amongst the middle with wings spreading across her chest. The lady would also speak of a robed man, visiting in and out wearing a ring with a topaz atop it's golden band and the letter A inscribed atop the gem. Xylo knew a man who had this ring, and he had also known where the lady was from.

Xylo would return to the palace at the age of 14, with knowledge of his past whilst also gaining skills of survivability and how it is to live in the slums of Heliohapt. A true martyr to the Heliohapt society, Xylo would speak out to Alroma about how he knew he visited a woman from the Surana Kingdom which was now under control by Ramses. The only reason he knew the woman was from there is that their tattoo's are always angelic and always contain the small circle within the middle. Confronting his father, Alroma would smile in reassurance on how smart the boy had gotten, however the happy gesture was only to finish with punishment for leaving and going behind his back to find out the information. But unfortunately, Alroma had grown old, and patience was merely a virtue. With his old age, came a loving tenderness, so he told Xylo the truth about his past. Yep, the whole story. Traumatic to say the least, Xylo would cling to fear at how his true father was the heartless monster that led the city.

As much as hatred filled the heart of Xylo, he would bury it within his heart, as he owed his foster father to love and be compassionate to his enemies. But as time past and by the time Xylo had reach the age of 16 the Vizier of Heliohapt would perish and be buried within the black pyramid. As Alroma past away, it was finally time for Xylo to reveal the truth, as he spoke to Ramses about the truth of his birth. Shocked, yet glad, Ramses would give Xylo the title of First Prince of Heliohapt, and with this title came the combat training. Given a blade and the training six days a week for three years, it would only lead to his 19th birthday being the day he achieve the status of 'Soldier of Heliohapt.' But As those three years past by, Ramses truly did not want the secret of Xylo's true birth to scream out to the public. For Ramses was not that man anymore, and Xylo was a constant reminder to his dark past.

So he would send Xylo on a test, to go on a night raid to a nearby kingdom and assassinate the supposed 'terrorists.' A pure slaughter in the whole scenario, Xylo had ended multiple lives within the instant of unsheathing his blade. A crimson glow would splash across the walls as Xylo's body would move gently thought the dark corridors of the terrorist kingdom. But an ambush would initiate from a foreign unknown village, and Xylo with a small platoon would be captured alive and taken to a nearby revolution camp. It was here where the young prince would be tortured for his crimes and spoken to in hope of spreading the secrets of Heliohapt to the rebellion army. But it was no use, Xylo was truly a man with a kind heart, and the more he got hurt, it was the less chance of his people in Heliohapt getting hurt. His death would truly mean something to his village, as within his brain contained many unknown secrets that even the Pharaoh himself didn't know. Capturing the Viziers son was like winning the lottery in this world, as knowledge was truly power.

As a single year went by, Xylo would be lying on the brink of dying of starvation, chained within a small hut, the man was sentenced of death in the worst way possible. But this sentence would not follow through as an assault from Heliohapt would allow glowing flames to devour the camp's soldiers allowing men from Heliohapt to rescue Xylo.

Taken back to his home, the kingdom would rejoice, but Xylo was a changed man. He truly did not want to find, yet he still contained his kind heart. Now living as a mere pencil pusher in hope of becoming his foster-fathers successor. Xylo would prepare himself for the challenges ahead.

Role-Play Sample: Darkness would consume the dry lands of Heliohapt as the sun would complete it's final descent over the sky.The orange hue that once was, was now gone, and a new light would take shape into the centre of the sky. A white orb would appear from the darkness, illuminating the night sky allowing it's heavenly light to bless across the lands. A lone figure would stand atop a rooftop, it's clothes would flicker with the soothing winds allowing the sounds of flapping silk to whisper throughout the desert kingdom. Silver hued lenses would unsheathe and awaken, glaring into the distance allowing it's chilling gaze to pan throughout the horizon.

"Oh? So the demon finally awakes?"

A smile would widen across his lips, as his deep voice would softly murmur to himself. Glaring through a window he could see his father, also known as the pharaoh of Heliohapt himself.

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My app is ready for review. Bump.


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Well I loved this app's story, was really interesting. You have a broken link in the New Beginning part of the history but unless you want to correct that I approve of this app. If you want to change that link just pm me and I'll move the app back out for you!


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Moved for appearance edits.


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looks fine to me


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