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Pretty Kaviri [job/solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the North side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Kaviri x4
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: These 2 meter long feline-like creatures move at 15m/s when running and deal C-tier damage with claws and teeth.
Frightened Scratch – Kaviri’s fear makes it lash out in fear at 20 m/s to swipe twice with its claws, each swipe dealing C-tier damage for a total of B-tier damage.
Leaping Steps – Kaviri uses it nimble movements to move at 20m/s in any direction for up to 10m.
Hardened Muscles – Kaviri tenses its muscles to negate any damage C-tier and lower for one post.[/b]

Ari and Vin were in the North part of Magnostadt, sitting on a blanket in the park as they dined on some cut fruit and dried meats. She had wanted to show Vin that even in the city of magic, there were places that still appeared completely natural. She would not ruin that image by telling him the trees, grass and flowers had been magically grown and the small creek that ran through the park was also magically created. As always, his enthusiasm and curiosity had him talking a mile a minute, questioning her about magic and her childhood and how the war in Reim had went. Ari laughed softly at the non-stop questions, ruffling his hair when he asked her again how magic worked. Finally coming up with an idea that might help him understand, she unhooked the Crimson Bladed Crystal from her wrist and held it up to show him.

“Okay, you have seen this before right? It was a present from a friend I helped. Now, it just looks like jewelry, but if you turn it like this, you can see the small circle carved into it!”

She turned the crystal so he could see the small circle inscribed on the metal holding the gem and nodded when he reached out to touch it. The circle gave only a tiny glow and he gasped softly as he snatched his hand back.

“That circle makes it so it can do some really cool stuff. To turn it on, you have to fill it with magoi. Now, I am sure you have seen people in the Coliseum make themselves move really fast or make their punches hit extra hard, right? That is them using their life force to amplify their abilities. Well, this has a similar concept. If you pour some of your life force into it, it can turn into whatever weapon you want. Here, touch it again, this time think of a weapon and focus really hard on that while you touch it, okay?”

Vin nodded before closing his eyes to think of a weapon and reaching out to touch the circle again. The circle gave another faint glow but not enough to signify it activating. Vin’s shoulders slumped in defeat, but Ari encouraged him again, walking him through the process time and again, trying to find different ways of explaining how to feed magoi into something. She had forgotten how difficult it was to teach a non-magician how to use even simple magic tools, especially those too young to really understand the potential of their bodies. A look of determination covered the boy’s face each time he tried a new way, failing over and over. Ari did not allow him to become frustrated, making his laugh and roll his eyes at her silly faces and humorous words.

Finally, after a couple of hours of trying, just as Ari was about to give up, the circle gave a bright glow and the crystal reformed into a small dagger. When she started clapping, Vin peeked open his eyes, doubt covering his face until he saw that instead of a simple crystal gem, a dagger of crystal was in his hand.

“You did it!”

He cheered and Ari grabbed his wrist in caution, arching a brow. He had succeeded and was now carrying a rather sharp weapon, she did not want him to become careless and hurt himself.

“Very good, but be careful with it. It is extremely sharp, okay? And now that you can make the weapon, you can also try the second part of it.”

She walked him through the second feature of the tool, pointing the dagger away from both of them and any prospective people before telling him to picture the dagger shattering. Suddenly, with a sound of tinkling glass, the dagger exploded outwards, creating a small vortex of crystal shard for a good distance in front of them. Vin gave a loud sound of shock when all the remained in his hand was the gem on a chain, pouting at the loss of his weapon. Ari laughed and ruffled his hair.

“Don’t worry, you can make it again. But you should probably not try again today, it takes a lot of energy to do that, so you should rest. With Fanalis blood in your veins, the amount of magoi you have to do these like that is quite a bit lower than a human’s. You get to be faster and stronger, but it comes with a downside of not being magically inclined. So if you want to try again, it will have to be tomorrow. Your sister would kill me if I let you hurt yourself. So we will take it slow, okay?”

Vin nodded seriously, knowing that she was not prone to give out needless warnings like some adults, she had never had problems with him exploring or play-fighting, so when she said something could be dangerous, he believed her. Sounds of people crying out drifted over to the park and Ari looked up in concern. With a large number of students taking a break from their studies this week, the city was becoming quite rambunctious with bored magicians. Placing a hand on Vin’s shoulder, she told him to stay put while she investigated.

She moved over to a nearby plaza where the cries of alarm were coming from to find several cat-looking creatures skittering around, their ears laid back in fear as they tried to avoid the magicians attempting to tame them. Ari sighed, pulling her staff free of her belt as she eyed each of the Kaviri carefully. Giving her new staff a contemplative look, she decided to try the spell that came inscribed on the conduit, murmuring to the rukh and asking it to summon a five meter large slime in the middle of the creatures. The slime moved faster than the Kaviri and plopped down on one, immediately destroying the creature. The slime dissipated, leaving her to deal with the other three.

As much as she hated bringing out her throwing daggers in the middle of Magnostadt, she pushed her concerns aside and threw two daggers at two of the creatures, the Kaviri finding their Hardened Muscles did nothing to stop the blades from striking them between the eyes before she turned to what she believed to be the last one. Murmuring to the rukh once more, Ari cast Impaling Root, the vine striking the fourth Kaviri in the chest and killing it. She frowned as she looked around, the student responsible for the creatures had disappeared as she took care of them. With a soft sigh, she turned to return to Vin, her eyes widening in worry and shock to see him petting a much smaller version Kaviri than the ones she had destroyed.

She carefully moved over, not wanting to startle the creature and risk harming Vin in the process. The boy was casually petting the feline creature, keeping it calm by feeding it some of the dried meats they had brought along for the picnic. When Vin saw her approach, the boy gave her a sad look, begging her not to hurt this one, claiming it was friendly and scared. Ari chewed on her lip, unsure of what to do. Magical creatures were notorious for being quite unpredictable depending on the skill of the magician that created them. The feline seemed terrified but not violent and was nuzzling the hand of the half-Fanalis boy. As she got closer, she could hear a soft purr vibrating in its throat. She sighed, Vin was already giving her the puppy dog eyes and his put Sohpie’s to shame. Raising a hand to rub the bridge of her nose, she gave a defeated sigh.

“Fine, but if it starts to get wild, we have to find a safe place to release it or I will have to destroy it, you know that, right?”

Vin nodded happily, squeezing the feline around the neck in celebrating. When the Kaviri gave a soft squeak of discomfort, he immediately released it before giving Ari a look of pride that the animal had not attacked him even when he accidentally hurt it. Ari chuckled when he continued to feed it the rest of the dried meat, finally settling on the blanket next to the boy and the animal, her staff still ready in her hand as she used her other hand to reach out to the animal. The Kaviri looked nervous but allowed her to scratch its ear gently. Once it was sure she did not mean to harm it, the animal began purring and nuzzling against her hand and she couldn’t help the smile that split across her face. The creature’s fur was the softest thing she had ever felt and the unusual color glimmered in the light. It seemed she was destined to have a household of unusually colored creatures. She just hoped Nilexa would be accepting of the newest addition at the estate.

[230/300 Magoi]

Abilities and Items Used:
Name: Impaling Root
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 30m
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ariella encourages a root in the ground to grow at 20 m/s within 30 meters of herself, causing the root to shoot upward up to 15 meters into an opponent, dealing B-tier piercing damage.

-By paying 20 magoi, the user summons a Slime that is no larger than 5-10 meters on any single side, which they are able to shape as they desire. This creation is summoned and can move at 25 m/s. This construct can move freely within 40 meters of the user and inflicts A-tier acidic damage to those that get caught within its body while also slowing them for 5 m/s for the duration of that post. Because the construct is magical in nature it is not bound to the ground. 7 post cool-down.

Name: Pointy
Tier: B
Type: Throwing knives
Appearance: The throwing knives are made of dark metal with cloth wrapped around the hilt and a small circle at the end large enough for a finger to fit through. The knives are approximately 12 centimeters long.


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