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Blobby Blubbers [Job/Solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the West side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Blobby Blubbers [Job/Solo] QaW2XHL

Enemy Name: Blubber x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: These 2m tall blobs deal C-tier blunt damage by jumping on people and move at 10m/s.
Rolling Blob – Using their weight as a weapon, the Blubbers roll in a chosen direction for 5 meters at 15 m/s, dealing C-tier damage to anything in its path.
Unsteady Footing – Jumping up and slamming its body weight down, Blubbers cause anyone in a 5 meter radius to stumble and fall.

Ari chuckled as Vin tugged at her hand excitedly, dragging her to each display. They were on the west side of the city where some of the Life magic students were putting on a display of their skills. There was a variety of different constructs being made and Vin was fascinated as he watched them being created from seemingly nothing only to dissipate a few moments later. It was like a field trip for the students, only instead of them going out to see something, they were performing for the public, showing off the new and interesting ideas they had come up with. She had remembered her own experience with a similar class event, she had tried to construct a tiger made of lightning. Unfortunately, she had failed to take into account that the person she was performing with used water constructs. The experience had left more than one of the observers shocked and tingling.

Vin gaped in awe at a rather large stone construct, reaching out to touch it. Ari grinned with the student controlling the construct made the stone giant turn to Vin and hold out a rocky hand. The boy looked worried, but Ari nodded to him encouragingly and he finally touched the creation, marveling at the feel of the moving stone under his hand. It was always nice to see how someone not familiar with magic reacted to the creativity of the students and Vin was no exception. Though he was cautious around the constructs, he did not fear them, just treated them respectfully. Ari had spent a decent chunk of time trying to explain how magic like this worked before giving up and just letting him know that these were a result of the hard work and imaginative nature of students so he could now be reckless around them. He had taken her word as gospel and always made sure to ask before trying to touch anything.

They stopped in front of another display, this one with a Wind Magician showing off their ability to alter the wind patterns and create small whirlwinds, the area in front of them covered in 20 tiny cyclones, no more than a foot high, dancing around each other in a choreographed pattern. Ari barely recognized that they were dancing in the pattern of the rune for ‘air’ and she clapped appreciatively. Vin reached out to touch one of the tiny cyclone, giggling at the feel of the wind tugging at his hand. The constructs were intentionally harmless, so she let him play, glad he was enjoying himself.

A commotion broke out a few displays over and Ari frowned, gripping the top of her new staff, still getting used to the added length and weight. She had become so accustomed to carrying her wand up her sleeve that it felt odd to her to use this as a walking stick, almost. It made her feel older, somehow, to be carrying something too large to simply be tucked up her sleeve. It also made her feel more obvious. She was used to being able to hide her magical inclinations when she wanted to. By carrying a staff that she could not hide, it was practically an announcement to the world that she could manipulate magoi and was favored by the rukh. In Magnostadt, it was expected, the city had almost no non-magicians or Goi as they were sometimes referred to here. While you might see the spouse or child of a magician here without magical inclination, it was not highly common. The older generations that had been around for the founding of the country were very close to being racist against non-magicians, unwelcoming of Goi in their exclusive country. The younger generations were not nearly so narrow-minded, not around for the days when magicians had been callously used and abused for their abilities.

The commotion became louder and Ari grabbed Vin’s hand in her free one, moving over to see what had caused the din. Bouncing through the crowd were four… blobs. Their hefty weight was enough to cause people nearby to be knocked off their feet and one was rolling around, knocking over small children and making them cry. Ari looked down to Vin with a serious look, crouching slightly.

“I need you to stay right by me, okay? I am going to help them get those things under control, but you will be safe if you stay close to my side, okay?”

Vin nodded, his face losing some of its carefree nature at her serious tone. She had warned him that occasionally magic got a bit… out of hand, especially around the students, and so he stayed hugged behind her legs as she moved forward, her staff in hand. Ari glanced around at the students and citizens scattering away from the creatures and frowned in thought. Many of her spells were rather large and could potentially hurt some of the bystanders, which she would really like to avoid. Her brows pinched in concentration as she went through her mental library before remembering the ideal spell, raising her staff as she muttered to the rukh. She asked the rukh to help her form Thorny Overgrowth, vines sprouting between the blocks of the large road. The vines grew rapidly, twining and spinning around to cover the area the blobs were bouncing around in, the thorns on the vines cutting through the constructs like they were butter. The odd looking creatures looked confused and betrayed as the thorns tightened around and between them, giving squeals of anger and hurt as she destroyed them.

She felt bad for a moments, though she knew the constructs would have eventually dissipated on their own, depending on how much magoi the student had fed into the spell. But it was usually not wise to allow runaway spells simply run their course, lest they cause unintended destruction. She could feel Vin gripping the back of her skirt as he winced and she felt even worse for having to destroy the magical creatures in front of the boy. While he understood the concept of killing for food or to protect oneself, the constructs were relatively harmless, just inconvenient. With a final squeak, the last creature was destroyed by the vines and Ariella allowed the thorns to wither away.

A few meters away, she could see a teacher sternly lecturing the student that had created the blobs, but she did not interfere. It was not her place to interfere with a student’s instruction and she could remember her own slew of reprimands and punishments while she had been in the Academy. It was never fun, but it was necessary for them to understand the possible harm that could come of their ‘fun’ constructions with magoi. Ari turned and crouched in front of Vin, making sure he was not harmed before giving him a gentle smile.

“Well, that was quite the adventure. Sorry you had to see me do that, but I wanted to make sure they didn’t hurt any of the smaller kids.”

Vin nodded in understanding before becoming distracted by a colorful light display another student was putting on to keep the crowd from dispersing. There were rainbows and halos of light floating around and he eagerly dragged her over to stand in the middle of one of the rainbows. She chuckled at his short attention span as he asked her to pick him up so he could be closer to the dazzling lights. She complied, lifting him up and twirling him under the rainbow the Light magician had created, snorting when a sudden mist of water covered them. Vin giggled in glee, dancing around in the mist falling when Ari set him back on the ground. The student that had created the rainbow was grinning broadly at his innocent reaction to the manipulation of light and water. Wiping water from her face, Ari tugged on Vin’s hand, pulling him from the misty rain and using the arm of her cloak to wipe the water from his face.

“Hey there, kiddo. I know you are having fun, but we should probably grab something to eat before we meet Adius. He was going to take you riding, remember? You get to see all the stuff he and I used to do as kids!”

Vin started to pout when she mentioned they would be leaving soon but brightened immediately at remembering his play date with Adius. He seemed to enjoy riding with her brother across the estate as Adius pointed out all of the places he and Ari had adventures as small children. The boy really seemed to enjoy his time in Magnostadt and she knew he would be sad to leave, but she really did need to return him to Reim and his sister, she knew Ayero was looking forward to having her little brother safe at home.

They stopped at a small street vendor for a snack before Ari used Group Lift to make her and Vin take to the air. The half-Fanalis never ceased to be amazed by flying, though he usually remained clinging to Ari during the flight. Even his child-like wonder could not overcome his fear of the completely unnatural sensation of flying through the air with nothing under his feet. She listened to him jabber excitedly about their field trip as they flew back towards her family estate. It was not the fastest way to get there, but her feet were tired from walking around on the stone paths all day. When they landed, Nilexa fluttered out of the upstairs window to greet them, the winged serpent twining around her mistress before landing on Vin’s shoulder. Nilexa had become quite attached to the boy, as had her trundle of children. The young snakes had not yet learned to fly properly, which Ari was thankful for, hoping the ones with wings would not learn until they had returned to Reim, otherwise the boat ride home would be quite the adventure.

[270/300 Magoi]

Abilities Used:
Name: Thorny Overgrowth
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ariella directs the rukh to encourage the growth of thorny vines. These vines shoot from the ground at 20 m/s and cover an area 5 meters across, crossing over themselves to create a field of thorny vines capable of inflicting up to B-tier damage to anyone trapped in the area.

Name: Group Lift
Tier: B
Cost: N/A
Element: Strength (Gravity)
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Description: Ariella uses gravity magic to lift herself and those within 5 meters of herself into the air, flying at 10 m/s. This ability may be sustained to continue flight.


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