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Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Octavius took a deep breath as he wound his way through the Western Front. The dungeon had been discovered off the west coast on a small island in an area normally covered in heavy fog. When the fog had cleared a few days ago, one of his men had reported the massive structure to him and, rather than telling the King about the dungeon, Octavius had decided to claim it for himself. He needed the strength to unify his people, and to protect them. He had failed them during the initial invasion, falling victim to a mage and losing his life, if only for a brief period. He would not let that happen again. Sly tapped his shoulder before pointing to the coast where a small boat was swaying with the waves.

“Shall we go, boss?”

Octavius gave a determined nod before following his second-in-command to the boat and climbing inside.

The approach to the dungeon was dangerous, the island part of a series all along the coast with jagged outcroppings in choppy waters. It took most of the day to get close to a small beach landing on the island and they were both exhausted by the time they pulled the boat onto the shore.

They set up camp as night fell and the fog moved back in to cover the island in a dense mist. They would rest for the evening before making their way through the portal.

The entrance had been easy enough to access, as long as they were careful to avoid the odd creatures surrounding the towering building. They wanted to reserve as much strength as possible, not knowing what they would find inside of the structure. With a nervous look to Sly, Octavius raised a hand to touch the entrance, the portal sucking he and Sly through to another world.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] Great_Slime_Sea_by_Delun

They had landed in a glowing pile of ooze and it took them only a moment to realize it was making their skin burn slightly. They rushed onto one of the rocks sticking out of the toxic looking substance, assessing their surroundings. All around were what looked like piles of goop moving towards them, a sickening ‘gloop’ sound coming each time one of the blobs moved. Octavius unsheathed his sword, Sly doing the same next to him as the blobs approached.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] CyjtlAG

The men rushed forward, Sly trying to jump on the head of the creature in an attempt to avoid the ooze below. His foot immediately began sinking into the goo the creature was made of and he cursed, slashing himself free. Octavius chose to brave the danger of the ooze and simply cutting his way through the blobs. Cutting them only made them multiply, but he moved quickly enough that it did not become an issue. Sly took note of his General’s method and followed suit, waiting until they had made it to the rocky shore before digging out a small pendant the magician’s had left behind. He fed magoi into the pendant and a sudden wave of fire appeared in front of the Fanalis men, the flames boiling the creatures to keep them from pursuing.

The first area had been nothing but one slimy creature after the next and Octavius had been forced to stop and bandage his feet from spending too long in the acidic ooze. The next room seemed more forgiving, no puddles of ooze to avoid, but the creatures were stronger. The next oozeling that attack had bones and skulls peeking out through the luminescent green goo that made up its body.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] Mg7CpO8

Their blades were more effective against these creatures, killing them instead of just dividing them to create more problems. At the end of the path was a mud hut with ooze dripping over the roof in a constant flow. The ooze flowed like a river around the large hut and skeletons of creatures and people could be seen trapped in the glowing substance. Octavius shuddered at the idea of dying like that, stuck in an acidic goo as it suffocated you. Sly did not give the corpses any attention, instead using his blade to splinter the shoddy door to the hut, his jaw dropping as he saw what was inside.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] A5sDDNw

The form of the woman rose from the ground with a gurgling sound until she was fully formed. She seemed to look between Octavius and Sly with a curious look before spewing acidic liquid down the front of Sly, the Fanalis soldier crying out in pain as it ate through the skin on his chest. Octavius moved swiftly, his blade cutting her down the center, only to find he now had two of the slime-women to deal with. Sly wiped the vomit from his chest before waving Octavius back and using the fire pendant again. It was not as effective as it had been in the first room, but it made them easier to chop apart, the soldier pausing long enough to allow Octavius to hack at the women before lighting them up again. The ooze finally stopped moving aside from the bubbles of boiling liquid and the men could see a path to the next area at the back of the hut.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] XkXOLyE

The two Fanalis panted as they dashed through the next area, the creature trailing them almost as quickly as they were as it twisted and turned through the deserted city covered in ooze.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] Slime_creeper_by_delun-d4nrz77

The tentacles lashed out, smashing buildings and raining debris down on the soldiers. They kicked off buildings and rocks to avoid the crashing structures, aiming for the gate to the Chamber. They did not wish to waste their time with a creature that would take too long to defeat, instead choosing to outrun the horror.

“Boss, I thought we were on vacation.”

“Shut up and move your ass, Sly.”

His subordinate chuckled as he cut off a tentacle aiming for them before they both crashed against the gate. They both raised their hand, touching the surface of the magic circle before gasping in shock. All around them, the abandoned city seemed to disappear, being replaced with a massive stone room. At the back of the room, a stone throne could be seen. But, between them and the throne was a mutation that took up a great deal of the area, at least ten meters tall. Sly stood, stunned, as the creature reared back to reveal the belly, covered in sucking mouths surrounded with sharp teeth.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] XfLFWUk

“Um… boss?”

Octavius did not speak, instead lunging forward. He had not come this far and fought this hard only to let a single terrifying looking creature deter him from his goal. The power of this dungeon would be his. Sly took the queue from his General and circled slightly to attack from another angle. The creature luckily only had the one head and set of eyes so it would not be able to watch both men at the same time.

The battle was exhausting, the men already drained from coming this far. It was only through years of training and fighting at the side of the other that allowed the General and Sly to defeat the creature. By the end, they were covered in green blood and multiple body parts. The smell of burnt goo permeated the air, Sly moving at half of his normal speed from using the magic tool too often. But the creature was dead, giving a death twitch as Octavius approached the throne where a man sat. Well, not a man, per se, but it seemed humanoid, at the very least.

Octavius' Adventure with Andras [Dungeon - Closed] GGbOuyL

“You have fought hard, men. I assume you are here to claim this dungeon?”

“That is correct, your… greatness?”

“You may call me Andras, Djinn of Slime. Very well, you have conquered my home. What vessel would you choose?”

Octavius pulled a small golden necklace from his neck, a medallion hanging at the end that had been given to him by the late Emperor Claudius. He figured it would be fitting to carry the power to protect Reim around his neck, hidden inside a medallion from the man that had saved him. Andras nodded in approval, a brilliant light shining out as a magical circle imprinted on the medallion.

“You now contain my power, General Octavius. Congratulations and use my power wisely.”

Sly was preoccupied with shoving riches into his pockets, having no interest in the unusual blue creature speaking with his General. With the amount of gold in this room, they would be able to fund the rebuilding of the Fanalis Corp ten times over. He was still shoving coins in his pockets when he was enveloped in a great white light.

They appeared back on the main shore of the Western Front surrounded by riches. Sly almost blushed at the realization that he had not needed to hoard the coins and jewelry but Octavius simply chuckled and slapped the man on the shoulder. They would rest here until day broke again, allowing them a chance to recover their strength before hiding the riches to be claimed when they had some way of transporting it.

[Dungeon defeated, General Octavius claiming Andras, the Djinn of Slime]

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