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A Storm Gathers: Resolution of the War

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Octavius shuffled slightly under the full weight of his battle regalia, waiting for the King to show up for the speech. This would be the announcement of Kou’s defeat and the peace treaty being formed between Kou and Reim, the two most powerful empires in the world. This would also be Octavius’ first fully public appearance, announcing his return to the land of the living. A quick scan of the crowd showed a massive turn out, the citizens were eager to know if the rumors were true, if the Emperor was truly dead and if the troops were all actually gone.

Yoshiro stepped over beside Octavius, giving the man a bow of respect as they waited for the King to appear, Yoshiro’s voice quiet so as not to carry.

“General Octavius, lovely of you to show up. Can you try not to humiliate the king in front of his subjects?”

“Emperor Yoshiro, how nice of you to take time from slaughtering your family to make an appearance. Can you try not to piss me off before I destroy any chance of an alliance?”

Yoshiro smirked at the frazzled General. While it was true the General carried much weight in this country, Lagi had done much to build the Empire and he did not think the citizens would be so quick to dismiss the young King over the word of a dead General. Much how the citizens did not know Lagi had actually fought in the rebellion, they did not know how involved Octavius was, either. People were naturally suspicious creatures and it would take time for them to come to trust the resurrected General. Many might believe Octavius’ return was nothing more than a Kou trick to gain trust.

“Temper, temper, General. Play nice and let your country heal. Deal with your distaste later.”

Octavius grunted but conceded Yoshiro’s words. He wondered is Lagi would try another overly wordy speech like before. Yoshiro had sent a note to Lagi before the speech, making suggestions of keeping it short, sweet and to the point, but Lagi had never turned down an opportunity to hear himself talk in front of a crowd.

((OOC NOTE: Anyone may post in this thread to attend the speech and hear the official announcement about the end of the war. However, attendance is not mandatory.))

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Lagi arrived in his kingly garments  and noted the appearance of the General and Yoshiro. He greeted the general first in a whisper. “General  Octavius, so good of you to make an appearance with us. I trust that you accepted my apology and we can move forward from our little spat. Things happened and it got to me, much I can admit. Lagi would then turn over to Yoshiro in a hushed tone. “Emperor Yoshiro, I guess we both share the stage at this time. I got your memo, I’ll cut it short. My proposed egotism isn’t as  dire as some would think it to be. “

With that being said Lagi tossed up his orb of communication and caught it with his hand, activating it in the process so the people of Reim could hear his speech, using the ability improved communication.

“I call out to all of the proud and strong people that make up this great empire of Reim.  The war is over! Through your great efforts, your plea’s for a change, that change has finally arrived and turned into our favor.  Your hero has returned to us, General Octavius, his efforts were above and beyond for the sake of this country. As for the emperor  of Kou, he is no more! The man who stands among me, his son, is the one who ended his tyranny for the sake of a new age and takes his place as the new emperor of Kou!   More peace between our countries,  all for the sake of an alliance that can allow both Kou and reim to lead better lives and maintain a better relationship. He ended his own  family with his hands for that belief. Much appreciation goes to many notable names that are not with me right now who are worthy of the title “Hero”,  but to all of you… Reim citizens. Every last one of you who had to endure this, you are also the heroes  that made this result possible. What’s broken, we will fix, we will rebuild and reinforce a better Reim! That is all………..

Ability used
Name: Improved Communication
Tier: C
Cost: 20 magoi
Weapon Type: Sphere of Influence
Magic Type: Sound
Class Supplementary
Range: 20 Meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Feeding the Sphere of Influence some of his Magoi, Lagi creates a speakerphone effect. While active, all of those whom Lagi is addressing within a crowd that is within hearing distance of him will be able to hear his voice clearly. Lagi is able to sustain this ability in order to continue to make use of its effects in subsequent posts.



A Storm Gathers: Resolution of the War CrChE3t

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Dark brown eyes scanned the throngs of citizens that had gathered, trying to gauge the general feeling of the massive crowd. By and large most people seemed eager and antsy in anticipation of the King’s speech, a feeling which Ayero shared as well. The young Fanalis was still in shock, unable to fully wrap her head around the great battle finally being over. Like most of Reim’s people, she ached to know what this would mean for her country. She watched the brief exchange between Octavius and Yoshiro, unable to hear the words spoken but paying close attention to the expressions on each man’s face. Her loyalty and attachment to Octavius spurred her to cast a look of disgust in Yoshiro’s direction, but all eyes fell on Lagi when the King appeared.

The crowd hushed as Lagi began his speech, confirming that the war had indeed ended and marked General Octavius’ public return. The mention of an alliance with Kou raised a few whispers amongst the people and Ayero could feel her own face harden at the idea of being allied with the eastern nation. All this talk of peace, but would the people of Reim willingly embrace Kou as an ally after all of the destruction and pain they brought? Ayero crossed her arms over her chest tightly as she felt her blood begin to boil the more she thought about it. She had given her all to defend this country from Kou, watched good men die and innocents suffer. Now she was to welcome them with open arms? She bit her lower lip to keep her anger from boiling over, unable to see this situation from any other perspective.

But…I’m hoping they made this decision with Reim’s best interests at heart… Ayero’s lack of political knowledge made her nervous with this decision. Her gaze swept over the three men, Lagi, Octavius and Yoshiro. She knew the King to have good intentions, wanting only to protect his country and people. The General seemed similar, though she supposed he had more experience and pull than Lagi did.

Again, her eyes fell to Yoshiro—Emperor Yoshiro—with loathing. She had only heard him speak once, but it seemed to her that his ascension to Emperor was supported by Azix. Despite the trust she had in the light mage to make good decisions, Yoshiro shared the same blood as his greedy father and vicious brother, Kaito. To her, he was just another Kou bastard who had assumed the throne. Her stomach twisted and turned with worry as she finally tore her gaze from the men and began idly scanning the crowds once more. She was exhausted and sick from heartache as she missed her brother, anxious to wrap her arms around the child and see that he had been safe for herself.

Ayero remains silent and rooted to her spot as waves of emotions crashed and tumbled inside of her. If the men were done addressing the crowd, she would leave. But she lingers for a little while longer in case there was another speech to be made.


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