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The Bookworm [Job/Solo]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job Details:

Job Name: Assistant Librarian Needed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The magical school that helps bring so much joy to our country is short handed this week of librarians. They need a person to come in and help sort through some books and scrolls and put them back in their proper locations. Just show up to the library and help go through the giant mounds of backlogged books and scrolls and find their proper homes. The library is the largest in the world and is up to 30 stories tall making it a pretty long task to do.

The sound of footsteps can be heard from afar as the black haired girl walked towards her own room in the girl’s dormitory, Noir then open the door to her room and put her bag on the floor. She saw no one in the room and feel relieved with it as she can do anything that she wanted to without anyone questioning her. Noir was very happy as she was able to enter the academy even though she has to start on the lowest Kodor, but soon her happiness disappeared to her slumber as she fell asleep.

On the next morning, Noir got up early and hurriedly preparing herself, she planned to visit the library because she heard that the library is the largest in the world. Well, it was like a heaven for her when suddenly someone stopped her for entering.

“The library can only be entered by 2nd Kodor students or higher!”

Noir froze, there was no way she could resist the calling from the library, and all the books were calling her to read them. She sighed sadly, then turned around, planning to search for other entertainment.

“But actually you can enter the library if you are willing to help us here,  I really need to rest after being up for entire day…”

She stopped her step and gazed at the librarian calmly even though deep inside she felt the excitement, Noir quickly asked the librarian about the assignment and she was being told to sort the books and scrolls then put it back to their proper place which Noir gladly accepted. She held her breath as she enter the library, feeling refreshed by the smell of the books. Inside the library was a disaster, the books and scrolls were literally scattered around the floor and it really was a nightmare.

“Well, you see this is not an easy job and you might have to spend your entire week here.”

“I’m fine with that, you should rest now.”

And with that, the librarian quickly made his way to rest and left Noir alone inside the library. She started to make her way to the first pile of book, sorting it based on the alphabet first then spread it on the floor to make another pile while she also did the same thing with the entire pile of books in scattered around the library. The time passed quickly as she started to feel hungry, she realized that she hasn’t eaten anything since she woke up and it was already noon. She thought of going to the cafeteria in the academy but cancelled it when she saw a tray of food being placed on the table near the library door, a note is placed beside the tray and it mentioned her name. She wondered who did this and when did this certain someone place it without her notice.

After enjoying the meal, Noir go back to work, she already sorted for around 800 books by now and still a lot more to be sorted. She don’t mind sleeping in the library though, the book’s smell made her calm and it save a lot of time if she spend the night there.

Two days have passed and the librarian has been helping her after he took a rest even though he would arrived in the afternoon and brought some food then left at dusk. The mysterious food keep reappearing in these past two days and the librarian didn’t even know who sent the meal as it never happen to him. And finally, on the fourth day, finally the pile of books and scrolls were gone from the floor. Noir picked the last book and put it in the shelf, relieved as the job is finally done, but kind of sad because she has to wait until she is in 2nd Kodor to be able to enter the library.

“You did a great job, I can’t wait to see you after you reach the 2nd Kodor. Thank for your help though.”

“Until we meet again then. Thank you..”

Noir smiled a little, then left the library and headed to her room while saving the note of good books that she will able to read as soon as she reach the 2nd Kodor.

[Word Count:  712/500]
[Magoi/Stamina: 150/150]


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