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Ren Alexius

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Ren Alexius AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Ren Alexius
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 April, 25
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Ren Alexius JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Ren, Due to the events in his life he quite a complex personality. At the start he comes off as a quiet Finalis who has never struggled a day in his life. The reason being is that he likes to keep his past locked away from others. He's not the kind to openly admit what has occurred throughout his troubled life. He talks little but will display small actions that will prove how caring he is as a person. He is very cautious about his surroundings and always prepared to battle it out even though he gives off a sort of relaxed vibe.

He's learned to hide his uglier emotions such as anger and jealousy and the other emotions that give off a negative vibe. He feels it is better to face an enemy with a calm mind and a sound body. He will protect those that he holds dear to him and looks down upon and vicious acts that could possibly affect those important to him in any way.

He prefers to spend his free time relaxing and around friends he is quite energetic and tends to smile quite a bit though it does take quite a bit to even get to that level with him. He does have a hot headed side to him which only comes when any sort of bullying comes up. Such as name-calling or anything of the sort, Its the one thing that gets his blood boiling to a certain extreme temperature.

Likes: He enjoys the company of woman along with the feeling of water running down his body which helps relieve any stress he has.
Hand to Hand Combat helps him remember his days with his father.
Drinking is another way to relieve stress and also helps him to enjoy his nights and loosen up far more.

Dislikes: Sleeping, Most dreams tend to consist of either his days of slavery or the fateful day that he let his anger run rampant on that boy.
Bullies are not tolerated in his book, They are the seeds that sow sorrow.
Slavery should be abolished because no one should go through the pain he had to endure during his past. No one should ever have to hold such a scar.

Phobias: A phobia he currently has is never finding a reason to live. He feels as though each day is just wasted and if he doesn't continue moving, he may never reach his goal.

Another one is the fear of losing someone close to him, He has already lost so much that he feels as though if he loses anyone else, Life will be nothing but emptiness to him and it might lead to him destroying himself and completely falling into an unending madness.

He wants to one day be as great as his father so that he can one day return to his small village and repent for what he had done. He knows it will take much more work than he can do but he hopes to gain allies who will support and aid him in his journey. It will be an arduous journey but with companions he knows he can accomplish it. Strong enough to come home and make his parents proud, That is his goal, That is one thing that drives him to this day.
Ren Alexius ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Weight: 164lbs
Hair Color: Pinkish Red
Eye Color: Pinkish Red
Height: 6'1
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: N/A
Appearance: For a Finalis, Ren is actually Quite slim but mixed with a muscular build up which fits perfectly with his height. Ren's hair is usually always well brushed and reaches down to his lower back. His pearly white teeth have two fangs on the upper part of his mouth along with two on his lower half similar to that of a wolf. His pinkish eye brows are extremely thin, He tends to wear a white cloth on his lower half while matching with a nice brown shirt above that is quite sturdy. He wears white wraps on his arms to cover the whip and chain marks from his days as a slave. Ren is usually always seen wearing a bicep bracelet which resembles a snake of sorts with a green gem in the center which used to be his fathers. [He prefers wearing his clothing which can be seen above]

Ren Alexius YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Life what is that, What is the purpose of going through this thing called life. Those two things haunt Ren's life day by day. Since the day he was born he was meant to answer said questions but with nothing but sorrow and grief put before him as a road block of sort. Ren was brought into this cold world by two loving Fanalis who were at the top of their game. They were known throughout Reim as the top fighters. Living in a small village made them the center of attention. They would help defend the village even though on most days nothing ever occurred. Being brought up by the two strongest people in the village wasn't hard and it had it's ups and downs but overall it overwhelming.

Everyone within the village expected Ren to grow to be as strong and wise as his father but as a child he was more like his mother. Caring and less self absorbed. During the mornings he would spend his time training in hand to hand combat and during the night he would spend his time studying and spending quality time with his mother. She was the light in his eyes. The village was as busy as always but nothing ever really needed his parents attention anymore which gave him more time to learn and bond more with them.

Being the quiet kid in the town wasn't always the best thing, Sure being home was fun but being outside was just cruel. The kids would constantly make fun of him for being a Mother's boy. They would never dare to say such things in front of his mother due to the fear they feel for her wrath but as soon as he would be alone, they would taunt him and make jokes about how much of a weakling he was. Sure he wasn't as strong as his father, he was only a boy and sure he was more of a caring person, he carried that trait from his mother but none of that mattered to those kids, they laughed and laughed at him without stop till one day something clicked within him.

After an argument with his father over a trivial matter, Ren stormed out the house. Now that he was 12 he felt as though he could do more by himself but his parents didn't really agree with him. Stomping his way down the street he heard other kids snickering as he stormed down the road. His feet stopped moving and he stood in place as a rock fell from his back after a rather loud THUD. With a tear in his eye he turned and clenched his fist. The kids continued to laugh as the boy who threw it stepped forward and taunted the Finalis boy. "Haha, What are you gonna do momma's boy, gonna get your mom to wipe your tears and clean your ass." In that moment something clicked, His feet crushed the ground beneath him and his eyes widened as his hands clenched to the point that his hands bled a bit. Before the boy could say another word Ren was on him leaving only a trail of dust behind him.

Seconds passed as the group of kids stood silent. The boy laid there lifeless on the ground beaten halfway to hell with only Ren shedding tears above him. Screams clouded the airs and soon enough the adults arrived to the scene. Ren was speechless throughout the rest of the week as the adults discussed what occurred. Before anyone could say anything Ren had left his home at midnight three days after the incident.

A search party was sent out for him but he was never found. After a few months out in the wild, He was captured by slave traders and taken to a distant town only to be sold off. Years passed and he had grown more skilled and had more of a control over himself. Not much is known about his time as a slave but soon enough he broke out and began wandering the world to find his meaning...
Role-Play Sample: Picking up speed his made his way through the forest avoiding every branch that came anywhere near his clear face. As he got closer to his opponent he could see his shape coming into clear view. The bulky man was trying to make a run for it but Ren wouldn't have any of it. The man peered over his shoulder and caught sight of the Finalis coming at rapid speeds. Stopping his body he turned and unsheathed his blade as he pointed it at the skinny male that was coming in faster than he had expected.

Ren ignored the blade and focused mainly on the bulky male. With one final jump he stretched out his leg and met the flat part of his blade with the bottom of his right foot as he sent it flying out of the scared mans palm while slamming his left leg right into the mans neck without any hesitation. The man flew right into a nearby tree as Ren landed on the ground balancing himself on his toes.

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Likes & Dislikes: You are short one dislike and please expand on your second like a bit more.

Aspirations: You only have 56 words. The character template calls for 75.

FC: Please name the artist at deviant art.

Personality: As a Finalis you should have a hot headed side. It doesn't have to be your dominant personality trait, but please work it in there.

Bump when you've made the changes.


Thank you all, for everything.

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Post in the moderator notifications thread found under staff notifications in the questions and suggestions board to get this moved and your name color updated.


Thank you all, for everything.

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