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Yuurei Hiroi

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Yuurei Hiroi AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Yuurei Hiroi
Tier: Novice [D-Tier]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 April, 8
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Human
Specialization: Dexterity

Yuurei Hiroi JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Yuurei is a man who enjoys seeing things around him. He feels like every place has its own story to tell, and he usually looks forward to that. This allows him to be open minded on even the quietest of places. He feels that anything could happen, and then an adventure could appear to him at any moment. He is relaxed, and finds things such as building structures, people’s way of dressing interesting. He isn’t quick to fool though. He knows what he is getting himself into even though he looks clueless on his fascination on things. It would be a mistake to attack him while he is having one of his moments as well. It will upset him to the fact that he would be quick to attack you no matter who you are.
When it comes to how they are at a daily basis, Yuurei is one who seems relax all the time. He has his time of the day where he just goofs around with those he is with. He will even do this at time if he doesn’t know the person as well. It would just e his way of trying to make things more fun, or even just too hopefully annoy the person. This man’s personality it just basically everywhere making him serious person, yet fun person to be around. He is a man who treats those with respect. It doesn’t really matter who you are, but don’t try to mess with him. If you try to treat him like crap he will react against it.
He doesn’t like those who he feels are nothing to him talk down to him. He won’t kill them or anything, but probably knock them unconscious before they make things worse. For those around his level he will fight them, it wouldn’t be to the death probably it all depends on the situation. Now to those he feel have a stronger presence than him. He would probably think about what to do. He would go straight on with fighting them, but probably see if there is something he could do. If there is nothing he could do he would just have a spiteful feeling to that person.

The people he hangs around with he will clown around with them, and just make jokes on the things that have happen in the past. He will be open to acting more like a clown no matter how corny his jokes can be. Yuurei wouldn’t mind pushing them or being playful when it comes to fighting with each other. He is a cheerful man who just has a weird impression with how he carries himself before they get to know him.

Likes: Yuurei likes females. I mean really what kind of heterosexual doesn’t? He enjoys slim females with a beautiful face. He does like curves on their body if it’s in the right place of course. He still mainly goes for the face first, and could really stand for those who have a face he can look at all the time. He also likes thick girls, and not fat girls, but with thick thighs, big butt slim waist.
Yuurei also likes money. He is a money man, and he will get down and dirty for what he needs. He doesn’t like to be broke, and to be honest who doesn’t. He knows how to waste money, and will not take things lightly if you try to play him for his money. There is also the fact that he will probably beat you to a pulp if you steal from him. It’s just not something you should ever do.

Dislikes: Yuurei is a man who likes disrespect people. He is a person who respects those around him, and he can’t really stand for those who don’t do the same. It makes him angry to people get bully around, and even get attacked because they are defenseless, and did nothing wrong. He just feels like he has to step in, and say something. It could cost him something badly, but he can’t stop himself from doing something.
Yuurei isn’t one for the rain. He just doesn’t like getting drench, but he will if he has to. It just puts him in a foul mood when it happens. He likes to stay dry as much as possible if he is wearing clothes. There is that sense that he just doesn’t feel clean with his clothes being drenched. Which means on a raining day don’t try to piss him off since he basically isn’t in a good mood already.  

Phobias: Yuurei fears being abandon. It doesn’t matter who he is around, but if he puts his trust in you, and considers you a close friend, then he wouldn’t want to lose you. It just scares him because then it goes on to thinking that everybody else would do the same eventually if he lets them in. He doesn’t want to leave this world knowing that he had nobody to think of him or remember him because they didn’t care about him or just leave him to dry.

Aspirations: Yuurei’s goal is to see the world, and everything that it has to offer. He wants to visit the kingdom, and see how things operate within them. It is only then where he can see, and choose where he would like to place his loyalties in. He wants to meet new people, and see the interesting personalities that this world has to offer. The mystery in this world is a thing he wants to discover, and hopefully be granted with something special in his life.

Yuurei Hiroi ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Motochika Chosokabe – Pokemon Conquest
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Blue/White
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 6 ft
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: The tattoo on the right side of his face, and on the right side of his chest has been there since he was born. Nobody is able to explain how this happen, but it’s something they choose to ignore to a certain extent. Some people say that the tattoo that was embedded on him since birth meant he was going to do big things.
Appearance: Yuurei has spiky, medium length blue and white hair. It’s spiky all around the back which is where the blue color of his hair resides. Around the front his hair he has white hair which goes down over his face. It usually covers his left eye, which he can still see from with all the hair covering it. It parts way, so people could see his right eye along with the tattoo on his face. He has thin eyebrows that look to be a blackish color since of how thin it is. He has a well built body showing his physique and showing that he is not a slacker. There is also the fact that he wears white animal fur wrapped around his neck. He wears a custom blue kimono that is short sleeve, and ends on his waist. He will sometime change the color of what he is wearing depending on the situation. Yuurei is usually wearing the left part of the Gi, and has the left one hanging showing the right side of his chest. He wears a black sleeve glove on his left arm which goes all the way to his bicep. He has a black shoulder guard plate one his left side coming down over the sleeve. He wears another black glove which ends on his forearm. This one glove though has metal plates where it ends on his forearm. Yuurei also seems to wear a leather chest plate that covers his left chest, and has a chain that can be seen holding it in place. Yuurei also has a big chain going around his waist and locked in place. He wears black leather tights as his pants, and has to guard plates going over his thighs. He can also be seen wearing black boots with gold design that go up to his shin.

Yuurei Hiroi YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Yuurei was born in a lively village. The people there were outgoing, and since it was a small village people knew each other, and were very kind. His family was people of importance; they kept order around the village and made sure people were treated equally. This made growing up fairly easy for him as he didn’t have to worry about people bothering him or anything like that. Yuurei made friends that he enjoyed being around, and always did what he could do at his best. He grew up learning how to defend himself with many different weapons, but what he found himself good with was a bow. He used the bow as if it were a part of him, and enjoyed using it more than anything. It was something he would be able to use later on. As he grew up he learned about the outside world, and it continued to dig into his curiosity. He couldn’t help but wonder if the things he learned growing up was real or not. He decided that on his eighteen birth day he would head onto an adventure to see the world around him. He was told that it would be dangerous, but to be honest he didn’t mind. It only made him drive him more on wanting to do this. His parents didn’t like this either as they felt that he should stay here. They wanted him to lead his people when they pass away; those were not his intentions, and he just ignored their words. Yuurei continued to enjoy his peaceful life. There was nothing to worry about as they were not in the way of any of the empires crossfire. It is what made things perfect for him, and he hoped that there would never be a day where they would have to defend their home. After years of passing, and growing his knowledge he decided to go on his adventure. He said his farewell to those in his village. He had to say bye to his friends, and especially his parents. They were not happy with what he was doing, but there was nothing they could do to keep him. They already tried to, but it was not affecting his decision. The man had turned his back on his village, and walked off to the start of his adventure.

Role-Play Sample:
It was noon inside of a warm house. Inside of a small room lied a man on a nice comfy bed. The man was none other than Yuurei. He lay there staring up at the ceiling as he was fully dressed. He had a nice smile on his face as this was the day where he left his village. He could only be happy that he was eighteen years old. He had a nice size bag on the floor where he put a lot of his clothes in. There was also a few money in there and food. He had to make sure that he was fully prepared. He rolled over and off his bed as he was standing up. The young man could only stretch his arms into the air as this was what he had been planning for.

”This is the day of my adventures,” he said to himself as he kneel down to get the bag and anything else he needed. Yuurei moved over to the door, and opened it without hesitation. He could only walk through his house hold, and noticed that his parents were waiting for him in front of the door. It was the exit of the house, and he needed to get pass them to leave. They just stared at him, and he could only do the same thing as well. Their face showed it all, and he knew it was going to happen. The tears started running down their face, and he knew they didn’t want him to leave. He was their only kid.

”It’s going to be fine, and I will make sure I come back to tell everybody in the village about my stories. You guys won’t lose me forever,” he moved towards them as he said that, and hug them both. He moved forward as they let him exit through the doors. They had a smile on the face because they knew that they would trust his words. He went outside, and noticed that there was nobody waiting for him outside. He just smiled and thought things would be a little bit different on how they were today. Yuurei made his way to the end of his village, and noticed that there were a lot of people gather there. He could only smile when he saw this. ”It seems like I was wrong,” he thought to himself as he kept moving.

Yuurei had waved at everybody, and gave a friendly handshake, and hug to those he had knew very well. He moved through the crowd, and turned around once more see them. He saw his parents in the crowd of people as well, and he smiled at them. He put his hand up in the air, and waved at them as he turned around kept walking through the desert now and to a new world unknown to him.

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Your Specialization should be listed as "Dexterity" not "Speed"

Aside from that you meet our word count requirements and everything looks good. Please make that small change and I'll slap an approval on this.


Thank you all, for everything.

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Whoops I don't know why I kept processing Speed -_- Edited.


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Post in the Moderator Notifications board to get your name color changed and the app moved into the approved section as I am just a lowly Jr. Mod and can't do such fancy things myself. The board can be found under staff notifications within the Questions & Suggestions boards.


Thank you all, for everything.

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