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Name: Sara
Tier: C
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 20, August 5th
Nationality: Reim
Race: Fanalis

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Personality: Sara is exactly how she looks. She is extremely intimidating by the how she speaks and acts. Sara’s carefully chooses her Diction and Connotation as a method of speaking to others and demonstrating how she is above them. Sara takes an extreme amount of pride in Fanalis. Some may call her a radical because she believes they Fanalis are superior to humans and she is not afraid to express it. This does not mean she will not listen to the humans who have authority. This simply means that if she could side with anyone a Fanalis would take priority, as long as the Fanalis is right in her opinion. This sense of nationalism toward her own race is what tends to fuel her arrogance.

Not only is Sara arrogant, but in addition she has a short fuse. Like most women, she does not really like to bottle up her emotions. If someone is irritating her she won't be afraid to say it right on the spot and express her emotions by breaking a few bone or giving out threats. Many view this fatal flaw as a genetic issue, since most Fanalis have the same issue. With a lot of pride and honor, Sara also enjoys to stick to the rules. She is someone who will get a mission done without straying from the objective. She is willing to push soldiers and anyone in hopes of winning. The constant success that Sara searches for is something she holds dear to her and enjoys to show off.


  • Combat: Sara is a Fanalis, and like all Fanalis she enjoys the battle field. She feels as if she can express herself in any way while in combat. Therefore it she considers this her favorite thing to do.
  • Food: Sara maybe a girl, but simply watching her eat you could see she is not on a diet. Always running and fighting with her bare hands and feet means she tends to burn energy faster than most. Due to this, she has to also find a way to get back all those calories she burns. The quickest and most reliable way of doing that is through food.


  • Losing: Sara is an extremely arrogant individual; therefore, she is quite arrogant and prefers to be on the winning side of things. Anything short of winning is unacceptable for this female Fanalis. Losing will simply upset her and she will dwell on it as if traumatized.
  • Insubordination: Sara respects her superiors and those who have authority and she expects the same for those beneath her. Any sort of insubordination is the perfect way to a look of disgust from Sara.


  • Shackles: It is quite the strange fear, but anything similar to shackles is something that simply scares Sara. Hearing the numerous Fanalis stories about how people capture Fanalis and sell them as slaves has always made Sara fear shackles.  Slave owners use shackles on the modern day slaves, and it simply scares Sara to have those on her. Shackles limit her freedom, and make her feel suppressed. Once one is put on her hand, you could expect an over reaction.


  • What drives Sara is the motivation to make a Fanalis respected by all. This motivation makes her want to make all know and respect the Fanalis Race. She would like to put an end on all slave selling, and even maybe one day create a country ran by Fanalis. This motivation to help expand her race’s popularity and strength is from a sense of nationalism she has. She simply wants to prove that her races, the Fanalis, are not as weak willed, as they seem like when they are slaves.

Sara [DONE] ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Erza Scarlet- Fairy Tail
Weight: 130
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5'10"
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: -
Appearance: For a girl, Sara's appearance is quite masculine. She often enjoys wearing any armor. With outfits not mattering much, Sara tends to wear her hair down and have her skin well moisturized. Sara's scarlet hair is often straight and well combed, going pass her shoulders. Her smile reveals her white teeth that lay right next to each other perfectly. The one characteristic, which seems odd about her face, is she has a small nose. Her eyebrows are extremely thin and rarely will you see her wearing make up or earrings. What best describes Sara body language is tall and "proper.” She walks at a slow pace, and is never seen slouching. When sitting she sits upright and maintains eye contact with an individual.

Sara [DONE] YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Sara is the Daughter of Octavius Flavius by blood. Her mom, Rhea had died giving birth to Sara. Thus, this led to a Father daughter relationship form the start. Sara did not quite know her mom so her death was saddening of course, but she always felt that she did not quite know the women. Of course, she was thankful to her mom. Sara was always fascinated the stories her father had said about her mom. Her dad was a part of the Fanalis Corps, which led to her neighbors and most citizens of the Reim Empire showing some respect.  This also played a factor in why no one has ever attempted to abduct her as a slave. Apparently, Sara’s dad had even been quite the fighter to the point of even becoming the leader of it. Sara however was still a child, and never really got any of this. At first in her childhood, she simply lived a normal life. She went to school and played with friend. However, as she got older she would notice increasingly that she was stronger then most, often going into arm wrestling contest with human boys and easily beating them. After bringing this to the attention of her dad it, he shrugged it off for a few years. Little did she know that would all change when she was 13. Once Sara was 13, her dad really began to train her. She had always heard about Fanalis, and she had knew she was one, but she did not quite get how rare and powerful they were. Some may say Sara's dad was cruel for the way he motivated her to train. He often told her slave stories to scare her. These stories terrified Sara, which gave her the motivation to keep working harder and to become stronger so she would not become a slave. The training usually consisted of miles of running and lifting up weight that was four or five times her size.

Around the age of 15, she joined the Fanalis corps, but her dad prohibited her from entering combat. Being so young, she simply did the peasant work. Often cleaning the bathrooms, her dad would always tell her "You have to start somewhere." This irritated Sara, but she understood what he was saying and gladly accepted it. She simply watched and enjoyed to see the marvelous things Fanalis did. Her early years in the Fanalis corps might have been what started that sense of nationalism she has for her own race. She saw the things they did, and felt like no human could do what they did. Other then watching Fanalis, her life was not eventful until she was 19 when her dad finally determined she was strong enough to participate in combat. Upon entry into the combat unit of the corps, her dad gave her a weapon and told her about the ambitious things he had in mind for her. A year has pass since that day and Sara is confident that she will not let her dad down. She wants to follow in the family business, and make her father proud.

Role-Play Sample: Footsteps could be heard as bare feet pounded on the ground. Sara looked behind her to see if anyone was following her. She could hear someone catching up. Sara only sped up wondering what would be her fate. As she continued to run as fast a she could, she knew that she could outrun most due to her Fanalis ability but it seemed like someone was staying with her. Sara was breathing quite loudly, being heard from all around. She turned her head as she heard the steps get closer. She continued to run seeing a light, at the end of the forest. She was almost there. As she reached the light she jumped full speed into it. As she jumped, she screamed "Cannon ball!" She was heading full speed into the ocean, with her dad not too far jumping over her and once again showing his dominance.  Sara laughed as she splashed into the water with her father. It was a nice day to bond.

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