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Hard Labor Builds Character I [Job Chain/Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Job Name: Hard labor builds character I/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Portsmouth
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A new city is being built in Reim, funded by the Kou Empire. The city is called 'Portsmouth', and is a secondary port that is closer to the Imuchakk lands. This has created a large number of jobs, and a rush of construction and work is underway. Provide 3 days of your time as a hard laborer and help construct the new city. Many things are needed; hunters to get wild game, farmers to till land and create fields for crops, carpenters to create the docks and houses, blacksmiths to make the nails and repair tools, lumber jacks to cut down the trees and provide a clearing and raw materials for the city and many other things!

Adrastos Thanatos remembered the days of when he was younger, if only by a year or so. He was part of a band of thieves and a crew or pirates, not by choice, and escaped. For three or fours years, the young mage had traveled by himself, spending most of his time at Magnostadt, the country of magicians and birthplace of his father, so that he could learn to use more magic. However, he remembered three days in which he had helped in the building of Portsmouth, a city funded all by the Kou Empire, his affiliated country, after having learned magic in Magnostadt.

Day I
Adrastos Thanatos, often called Adra in his younger years, sported a choppy short hair unlike his long, luxorious mane that he had today. He wore a dark grey cloak over a pair of black pants and a matching long-ended vest. It was back in the day, definately before he ever reached the skill now but after going to Magnostadt for a time, so his experience with magic was very brief. Adrastos had stumbled upon the construction of a city that would soon be named Portsmouth. Since the project was funded by the Kou Empire, Adrastos thought that aiding in the building of the city was just one of the ways he could help his affiliated country.
On the first day, Adrastos was asked to help with the farming of the land. Being a water magician, Adrastos quickly jumped up to the task, knowing that the small skills his father taught him would finally be put to use. He had a for him to use his magic, but thought some manual labor would do him good if he was left to till the earth under the brutally hot sun. He worked for hours, only taking breaks when he thought they were necessary to gets drinks of water and food.
By the end of the day, Adrastos was tired, unable to keep his own eyes open. So, at night, he was fast asleep.

Day II
When morning came with its promise of a new day, more work needed to be done. The fields were done, so the young man could not assist in that task again. "Hey, you there! Mind helping us build these docks?" Adrastos looked up to see a few burly men in front of him. "There are five of you though, all grown men, and I am just a skinny young teenager. What help could I be?" They laughed. "We could use people like you to get the job done faster," said one. "Size and age don't matter to us as long as the job gets done right!" Adrastos didn't want to argue, so he nodded, and helped the workers out with building the docks.

On the third day, Adrastos decided to help the lumberjacks. They greatly appreciated his offer and handed him an ax before walking to their destination. At first, the young teenager didn't know what to do. He had never used an ax before. His silver eyes observed the other men who had already begun to chop away. The task look simple enough. Being the quick learner that he was, he soon got into the swing of things and no longer counted the hours as they went by. Then, end the third day ended, Adrastos rested before his journey in morning.

[WC: 500+/500]

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