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Caravan Protection I [Job Chain/Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Job Name: Caravan protection I/II [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Portsmouth
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Job Overview:
Not all raw materials can be found on site at Portsmouth. Some must be brought in from other cities over the roads. Unfortunately, many bandit groups have found this to be great pickings. While the army supports the caravans by patrolling the roads, they cannot be everywhere at once. You are hired, alongside other guards, by one such caravan to help provide protection. During the night, as the caravan makes camp, the bandits attack! There are many of them, but you have guards with you as well. It looks like things will be okay if you handle at least 3 of the opponents...

You may choose to kill the bandits, or knock them out and bring them to the authorities so they may serve their time.
Enemy Details:
Enemy Name: Seasoned Bandit
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
The Seasoned Bandit may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Seasoned Bandit has a shortsword, which is sharp enough to deliver C-Tier damage when attacking.
Gutting Stab: The Seasoned Bandit thrusts his blade to deal C-Tier damage to the gut of his opponent at 15 m/s, setting them up for his next attack.
Gutting Slash: The Seasoned Bandit slashes his blade across the gut of his opponent, dealing C-Tier damage at 15 m/s and opening up a hole in their stomach if his prior attack landed.

Enemy Name: Bandits (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Bandits may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Bandits each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

Hired Protection
Caravans were probably a most needed necessity to the people around the world. After all, they sold goods to the people like food and fine material, if they could afford it. Though he had promised to not play the good guy, Adrastos Thanatos, a simple man with many secrets, had accepted a job to protect a traveling caravan from thieves who would seek to ransack their goods. The plus side of the whole situation was that he was not the only one. Other guards had been hired, so if something were to happen, he would not take all the glory. The mage wanted to be famous, just not in a good way. The Coliseum matches that he entered in were a means to gain fame by fighting, and other jobs that involved him aiding criminals helped him gain fame little by little as a villain. It just wasn't enough. He needed more. That was the con.
They were walking the roads, on their way to another city. There was no wind to cool of the sweating men and women from the warm air, but soon the coolness on night would settle. The sky was darkening as twilight came closer to turning into night. "All right," said a guard. "We're not far from Portsmouth. We can camp here for the night and be there by morning tomorrow. Everyone get some sleep. Except for you men." The guard pointed toward me and a handful of of other guards who just happened to be nearby. "You take the first watch." Great, Adrastos thought.
The silence of the night was peaceful despite the usual interruption of snores the emitted from elsewhere in the caravan. Soon, we'll be in Portsmouth. Then, you can be off with your reward and not have to do this again. Adrastos leaned forward to rest his chin on his arms that crossed over his knees. He waited. He listened. So far, nothing was out of place and everything was going smoothly. That was until screams started echoing and the clash of metal blades rang true, signalling a surprise attack from thieves and bandits. Three of said bandits the appeared out of no where in front of the mage. He didn't react. He only stared at them. "You going to make this easy or hard?"
The two smaller bandits responded without a word by jumping in front of the larger one and attacking with their short swords which gleamed with ill intentions underneath the quarter moon. Adrastos put up his borg to block their attacks, then watched as it shattered. "Very well then," the mage responded, standing up with his staff, Lux Animae Mortem, in hand. He casted Aqua Fluctus at the bandit to his left. The attack was enough to put him down, which the mage found to be a rather pitiful sight. "Seriously? You could have given me more of a challenge." "Shut up," replied the remaining smaller bandit. "No," replied the mage. "You shut up." He casted Aqua Canno at him, and like his friend, he was out for the count as well.
Adrastos looked at the remaining bandit with his silver eyes. He wouldn't lie, he found this to be boring, but he couldn't just let these guy go. Not with all the guards around. "I'll get you for that," said the seasoned bandit. Adrastos open his arms in a welcoming gesture. "Go ahead if you think you can handle it," said Adrastos.
The seasoned bandit lunged with a Gutting Stab that struck Adrastos. He groaned and pushed the bandit away while holding his bleeding stomach with one hand. The bandit laughed. "Not so tough now." The thief attempted another strike with his sword using Gutting Slash, but Adrastos evaded by side-stepping. He casted Aqua Canno II and watched him fall to the ground. He wondered why these bandits thought they would be able to steal at all. They couldn't take a hit. They were weak and unpracticed in their skills. It made Adrastos reconsider a previous notion about joining with thieves one day to steal. Bad business to help weaklings. It had no perks whatsoever.
The mage placed his bandits with all the others who were to be transported to jail to serve for their crimes. He would have killed them if not for them being a complete waste of time. A hand landed on his shoulder, causing Adrastos to stiffen at the touch. "Good job, men. Good job. Let's get some rest before dawn so that we can head to Portsmouth and send these thieves to jail." Adrastos felt the hand leave his shoulder right after. Then, the  night dragged on. Nothing happened all while the mage stood watch, escept for one of the peddlers tending to his wound, and soon, the sun began to peak from the horizon.
The caravan began moving once again to Portsmouth. Everyone was in high spirits for fending off a group of thieves. Adrastos didn't take part in their happiness. He was here for a job, and that job wasn't over until he got paid. Adrastos watched as the other guards loosened up. By the time they got into Portsmouth, they had all but forgotten their job. The leader of the caravan went to each guard, one by one, and paid them, grateful for their services. when he reached the blue mage from Magnostadt with silver hair and eyes and black garb, he smiled. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart mage. You have done us a great service and I'm afraid there will never be enough to appropriately reward you for your troubles on this trip." He handed a bag to Adrastos. "Please, accept this as a token of my gratitude. No, as all of our gratitude. Use it to see a doctor or something for that wound in your stomach."
Adrastos reluctantly accepted the money and nodded to the man. "It was not a problem. Really. It was a change of pace for me. Thank you." It really wasn't any trouble, just a huge waste of time. Hopefully, if he were to take on another caravan protection service the thieves would be more of a challenge instead of going for cheap shots at the gut. Adrastos nodded his head, then left.

[WC: 1,046/1,000]
[Magoi: 170/200]
Spells used:
Name: Aqua Canno II
Tier: C
Cost: 20 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 20
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 post
Description: The caster forms a horizontal pillar of high pressured water about 4-8m in diameter that can be launched toward an opponent within 20 meters at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage.

Name: Aqua Fluctus (Water Wave)
Tier: D
Cost: 10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: The user sends a wave of water 5 meters wide at 10 m/s that may travel up to 10 meters away, inflicting D-tier damage to anything it hits.

Name: Aqua Canno (Water Cannon)
Tier: D
Cost: 10 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 10
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: The castor forms a horizontal pillar of high pressured water about 1-2m in diameter that can be launched toward an opponent within 10 meters at 10 m/s to inflict D-tier damage.


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