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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos | Neo Mortem | Kareem
Underworld Vault of Thanatos Sephiroth.full.1933973

Name: Adrastos Thanatos
Alias: Neo Mortem (public)
Nickname: Adra
Country Affiliation: Kou
Race: Magician
Tier: A-Tier
Specialization: Magician - Water Magic
Age + Birthdate: 22; December 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Adrastos is a very independent, adaptable, and alert young man. He is very clear-headed so he is able to think out of any predicament he may find himself in. To many women, he is deemed as a sexy, almost god-like figure with graceful charm, but he could care less about what the women feel or even think about him. He is also loyal to his superiors to a certain extent. Whenever he has a task to complete, he is very focused, determined to complete the obstacle that he faces no matter the cost. Adrastos is devious, morbid, sadistic, and very power-hungry internally. He has a strong sense of greed and a cold conscience when other people are involved. He can be very possessive with his belongings, and this goes for any human possessions he could acquire in the future. He can be very daring and bold when nobody else is. His life is kept private, and out of anyone's prying ears. Adrastos is also very relaxed and composed, keeping his personal opinions to himself unless it is absolutely necessary to voice them out. He is organized, educated, and very polished despite his upbringing in the slums and on board a ship. As a result, nobody ever mistakes him for a poor individual by the way he holds himself.
Most of his internal traits derived from meeting his future masters in Kou.


  • Reading - He finds the sound of rustling paper to be quite relaxing.
  • Walks at Night - He likes taking strolls in the dead of night since most of the citizens are sleeping in their homes.
  • Silence - It helps him think and allows him to listen to his surroundings easier.
  • Control - He likes being in control of the situation and other people.


  • Weakness - he finds weakness to be a nuisance because those who are weak will whine and cling to one’s who are stronger for protection. To him, the world is survival of the fittest, and those that are unable to survive on their own deserve to die.
  • People - finding a majority to be a nuisance in how they depend on one another rather than be independent.
  • Emotions - Adrastos dislikes emotions that could label him as weak such as sadness or happiness, so he refrains from showing those feelings
  • Relationships - Much like emotions, relationships or personal connections could be used against him and therefore are shunned by the silver-haired magician


Aspirations: Adrastos wishes to be rich beyond belief so that he no longer has to listen to those with more wealth than him. In order to do so, the only option he sees for himself is to conquer a dungeon and win the riches at in the treasure room. However, to conquer a dungeon, he must first acquire power and he will be unable to do that unless he trains his abilities. Adrastos also wishes to be a powerful magician which also requires him to train so that there will be nobody to surpass him and people will fear and respect him. Of course, these are merely common goals that most, if not all, men crave. What he truly wishes is for chaos to take control of the world and for him to act as a sort of god or king of that chaotic land. Given that his name means “god of death”, Adrastos is led by the foolish idea that he can become that god by killing all who stand in his way, but like Death, he will strike when it is least expected.


  • Thanatophobia - Adrastos has a fear of death. He fears death because it means the end of his life in this world. He has much to accomplish and he can't do that if he's dead. (Note: this does not concern him as much as he has potential heirs and desires to be like Solomon or Ill Illah).
  • Philophobia - Adrastos fears falling in love. He fears falling in love because of numerous reasons, but the most important reason is because that it will most likely leave him vulnerable. He has seen what love has made people do: sacrificing themselves to save their lover, doing whatever they can to make the other happy, and basically just throwing away a person's sense of independence. In order to avoid making this decision, he will refrain from showing emotions and will not allow anyone to come close to his heart. (Note: falling in love is still a fear, but more heavily ties into the fear of regaining his emotions after casting them aside in Rise, King of Shadows, and Let Darkness Consume: Lord to Tyrant)
  • Gerascophobia - Though there is no reason to worry at the age of twenty-one, Adrasots fears growing old. Knowing his body deteriorates and eats itself as he ages, this ties into his fear of death and deep hatred for weakness.

Face-Claim: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy
Hair Color: Silver/White
Eye Color: Silver/White
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 90.718 kg

Appearance: As a child, Adrastos was a tall, scrawny boy with little strength or skill until age twelve. His hair was short and choppy back then, and he always wore white clothing. His height was about 5"0' and his weight was about 40.83 kg from age ten to fifteen.

Now, Adrastos is a tall, slender man with silver eyes and long white hair. He tends to wear mainly black, finding it better suited to his liking. He is tense in terms of body language, yet somehow maintains a nonchalant atmosphere which he carries when he walks. His composure is strong, suggesting someone with power or confidence, and his eyes are vigilant with a hint fierceness that belongs to someone who will never give up without a fight.

Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh
Special Traits: N/A

History: Melchoir Ravid was once a well known magician in Magnostadt along with his family. He was handsome, young with white hair and light blue eyes, and a blue magician. He was content about his life in Magnostadt, always learning magic and spells, but he had never seen the outside world and what it was like. Deciding to leave to travel the world, Melchoir packed a bag, took his wand, and headed out on his journey.

In Reim, there lived a beautiful young woman with long, tangled pink hair that was dressed in rags and lived in one of the slums along the eastern coast of Reim. She had no family and lived by herself, but she was kind toward others, often helping her neighbors out during tough trials. She too, was a magician, but never went to Magnostadt to learn since she never had the money to travel.

A wandering magician from Magnostadt dressed in dark blue, arrived at one of the seaside slums of southeast  Reim late one humid summer night. Exhausted, tired, and starving, he could barely walk on his own when a goi, a young woman wearing ripped brown rags, her body thin, her hair pink, her eyes rose quartz, offered him to rest in her house so that he may regain his strength. Melchoir accepted her offer gratefully, but ended up staying longer than originally planned due to the debt he felt he owed. Thankful to Sirena's generosity, Melchoir helped with taking care of the home for a couple of weeks as payment. However, as the weeks passed, a sickness claimed the beautiful woman that had assisted him with a place to sleep and, unable to leave her side while she was in such a weak condition, Melchoir stayed to aid her in her recovery. At least a year went by until Sirena was able to stand, but even then, Melchoir could not leave. He had fallen in love with the woman, and she had fallen in love with him. It wasn't long after that they had a baby boy. They named him Adrastos Thanatos, meaning " undaunted god of death". His parents saw many opportunities for their son, especially his father who sought to teach him the ways of magic. Yet his mother didn't want her son to learn. Melchoir, determined to teach his son, decided to  secretly teach him what he knew.

Adrastos grew up in the slums with his mother and father and a sister whom was born four years after he was and named Sylvia Thanatos. He played many games with the neighboring children while he secretly trained with his father during the late hours of the night. On most days, he would go down to the shore and swim in the water. Never could Adrastos dream of a better life. True, his family was poor, but why should that stop him from making the most out of his life?

Unfortunately, by the time Adrastos turned ten, tragedy struck when pirates and thieves ransacked the slums he lived in, killing his parents and kidnapping him and his friends. He didn't understand what was happening but knew he had to keep his sister Sylvia safe, so he hid her in a place where the pirates and thieves wouldn't find her. The life he was so familiar with was falling apart and would never be the same afterward.

While aboard the ship, he found himself to be on a ship alongside a mass of children, most from his slums, others not. The crewmen were harsh and brutal. The slightest mistake would unleash unbearable punishment. There were cases when you never saw a child’s face ever again. As the years went by, his friends were being sold as slaves one by one or they died by being beaten for performing poorly in their duties. Adrastos hated this, hated the men, and hated his fate. Was he suppose to sit here and watch everyone around him die or be sold off? Was he doomed to be weak? No. He wouldn’t stand for it. There couldn’t have been a set role for him, and if it was to be a bug that would constantly be stepped on, he wanted nothing to do with it. He cursed this life with all of his being and fell into Depravity. No longer did he decide to be of the lower class, to be weak, and to be used by those stronger than him. Adrastos was only fourteen at the time.

He took what he could, a small bag of food and a change of stolen clothes too big for him, and fled the ship. They had landed in a port in Kou, but the young Adrastos did not stop in there port, he kept running and running until he came upon a hut. There, he saw a vast collection of magic books and Rukh in jars. Adrastos immersed himself immediately, amazed by the scrawled handwriting that was placed on the parchment. However, he froze when the owner of the house returned. The owner was a man dressed in dark purple robes with a hood over his head. In one hand, he held a staff with a luminescent purple crystal and in the other was a book with a skull crest on the cover. A cat sat on his shoulder, his eyes also glowing the same color as the mage’s crystal. His name was Chou Zhi.

The magician, seeing that Adrastos had a strong interest in magic and learned that his father was a magician from Magnostadt. The old man saw promise and promised to teach him, but also showed him to a few friends of his that would later become his teachers when the time came. They were Dan Feng, a Fanalis warrior who was beautiful but her glare was venom, especially with the scar that crossed over her left eye, and Meng Shing, a beast tamer who was as wild as his pet wolf. Of course there were others, such as a Body Manipulation teacher, a Dexterity teacher, and a Stealth teacher, but only Feng and Shing stood out. Adrastos was told that when he felt read to learn from them, he would have to search the world in order to gain their approval and learn what they had to teach.

Only a few months had past since Adrastos had escaped the ship and met with his potential teachers when he set out to Magnostadt with his magician teacher, Chou Zhi, who went under the alias as Damion Thanatos, the boy’s grandfather from his mother’s side. It was there in Magnostadt that the mage taught Adrastos the basics of magic for five years. After that, he left to travel, first heading to Reim to learn and get stronger, but because of his brief time in Kou, decided to help the country, specifically Emperor Gao Yuan Zu because of the man he was, by whatever means necessary.

    Achievements Since Then:

    • Went on a journey to The Shrouded Isle and met members of the Brotherhood of Ash
    • Assisted the Alchemists in kidnapping King Lagi’s father, Roark
    • Became a member of The Alchemists
    • Aided Noir Ecryola in the capture of Dantalion, the dungeon of Dehydration
    • Cause turmoil within Balbadd

Role-Play Sample: Adrastos laid on a rooftop under the stars and gazed up at the ever darkening abyss of sky ahead. There was a soft, sweet breeze coming from the west, and the salty scent of the sea wafted through his nostrils. Kou, his country affiliate, was attempting to strengthen their control on Reim, his birth country. Under normal circumstances, one could potentially snap and lose their minds due to which side they should take. Adrastos was by no means 'normal', or at least didn't react to pressing situations like others would. He had no attachment to Reim anymore since his parents were slaughtered and his friends were either sold or killed. He lived in Magnostadt, the birthplace of his father, but saw no opportunities for him there other than training to enhance his magical abilities. Kou was his best bet out of all the countries to align himself with. Everyone hated them so it saved him from getting attached to anyone. With Kou, Adrastos would be able to gain revenge against the pirates and thieves that had stolen his life, get rich beyond belief, and be able to do whatever he wished.Adrastos sat up, causing his long white hair which glowed at night to blow in front of the ice cold gaze of his silver eyes, and sighed as he gazed upon Magnostadt. It was indeed a wonderful city, filled to the brim with opportunities in regards to magic even though the country was getting off their feet from what happened a year ago. Too bad he wouldn't be staying here forever.[/list]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos


  • Magician: A-Tier

    • Magic Type 1 || Heat
    • Magic Type 2 || Water
    • Magic Type 3 || Light
    • Magic Type 5 || Wind
    • Magic Type 7 || Strength
    • Magic Type 8 || Life
    • Magic Type ? || Curse

  • Warrior - A

Primary Profession
Related Class: Magician
Profession Title: Doctor/Undertaker
Description: Using magic and non-magic techniques, Adrastos is able to provide medical treatment to any wounded and conduct autopsies on the deceased.
Profession Perks:

  • Anatomy Knowledge

    • + His dealings with both the living and the deceased have allowed Adrastos to know the anatomy of humanoid beings, thus also knowing the location of vital organs or pressure points on others and himself.

  • Diagnosis

    • + Adrastos is able to determine the severeness of a wound, meaning that he is able to determine whether the damage that has been inflicted upon him, allies, or enemies is lethal and how much more damage it will take before life is put in jeopardy.

  • Mender

    • + Adrastos is able to mend or heal wounds, both with and without magic, due to knowledge of the anatomy and proper medical procedures. Adrastos stabilizes the individual when meeting the wordcount, and heals the individual completely when expending magoi in conjunction

      • D-tier: 250 wc stabilization, -5 magoi healing of damage
      • C-tier: 500 wc stabilization, 10 magoi healing of damage
      • B-tier: 750 wc stabilization, 15 magoi healing of damage
      • A-tier: 1000 wc stabilization, 20 magoi healing of damage.

    • - Reviving is impossible. Can reattach a limb with the use of B-Tier magic if the amputated member is present.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Shadow Master
Description: A mastermind in the darkness of a hidden veil that controls others as shadow puppets, using them to influence the world in his or her favor.
Profession Perks:

  • Shadow Debt - The Shadow Master's influence spreads in the country he is within; his subordinates gather debts from those in government positions and transfer those debts of favor to the Shadow Master. Every 500 word count in an assignment grants the Shadow Master +1 debt point (max at D-Tier: 2, C-Tier:4, B-Tier:6).
    Perk Levels:
  • Shadow Society - The Shadow Master has 100 D-Tier members/grunts for his Shadow League. The members within this society will do what the Shadow Master wishes within the shadows of countries. In addition to the members, the Shadow Master can issue leaders whose accumulative Tier equals that of his own character tier. The grunts are specifically for Plot purpose and are not used for combat.
    Perk Levels:




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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Magician Ability Count: 20/30
Warrior Ability Count: 10/15

Racial Ability - Borg:

Combination Magics:

D-tier Abilities


C-tier Abilities


B-tier Abilities


A-tier Abilities


Djinn Related Abilities
Dark Djinn Weapon Equip:

Dark Djinn Equip:

Erebus Vessel Spells:

Extreme Magic:

Social Abilities

  • 1 free B-Tier ability slot which you are free to apply anywhere
  • 1 free A-Tier ability slot which you are free to apply anywhere

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos


Malevolent Shadow:

Warrior Weapons

Magic Weapons
Blade of Ascension:

The King’s Plow:

Poisonous Demise:

Shroud of the Dead:

Magic Items

Magic Carpet:

Dantalis Serpent (Magic Ring):

Grim Reaper (Magic Ring):

Ring of Erosion (Magic Ring):

Whisper Earrings:

Plague Charm:


Thyme (Non-Combat Cat Pet):

Baraka, the Albino Snake:

Sahara the Mount:

Holiday Voucher (1):

2x Job Reward Coupon (1):

MagiWorld Spinning Wheel Ticket (0):

Dark Djinn Items

Erebus, the Shadow Dark Metal Vessel:

General/Mundane Items

Shard of Illah:

Rest Items:

Doctor Mundane Items:

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

The Adventures of Adrastos Thanatos, the Undaunted God of Death

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C-Tier Jobs

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Job Chains


Personal Plots & Stories


Event & Dungeon Adventures

Travel Stories
Setting Sail - Return to the Land of Magic (Reim - Magnostadt)
Travel with the Death (Reim - Balbadd)

Coliseum Fights


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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Tomb of Anubis

The Dawn:

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

The Acquaintances and Servants of Death

Combative Allies:

The Teachers:

The Close Relationships:

Alchemist Team:

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