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Preparing Mind, Soul, and Body [Intel D-C Training/Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos' Intelligence Training from D-Tier to C-Tier

Days I-II: Absorbed in Ink and Parchment
In the early light of the breaking dawn when the sun was waking from its nightly slumber along with the people in Reim, Adrastos Thanatos sat in his inn room with books scattered about the floor as if a tornado had decided to destroy the neatly organized bookshelves the mage had kept against the walls. The books weren't normal books as the plain covers suggested, but magic manuals from Magnostadt, the country of magic and magical tools. He had been studying them all night, over and over again, until every stroke of a letter was engraved into his mind. Out of the dozens of books he owned, only two of them had been read cover to cover.
In his lap, there was a giant book with hundreds upon hundreds of pages. Many would find the book intimidating if they did not enjoy reading and learning as Adrastos did when it concerned the subject of magic and getting stronger. It would be worth it if he could gain more knowledge about magic. Of course, if he was in Magnostadt, this would be a bit easier since there were a few, not many though, professors there that could speed up the process. Adrastos shook his head. "Focus," he scolded himself.
Adrastos opened the volume and was greeted with the smell of musty paper that promised him an escape from the real world, an escape from Coliseum matches and acting the good guy just for the sake of gaining the trust of others. He brought the tome to his nose and inhaled again, simply enjoying that semi-musty scent before diving into the world of dry ink on parchment.
Adrastos set the book down on his lap once more to turn the first page of his studies. He paused, only for a moment, to relish the sound of the single piece of paper rustling as he turned it, ever so gently, back and forth. How long had it been since he had actually read a magic book such as this? His eyes were glued to the words on the next page. His mind became became absorbed and drawn into his studies instantly. All of his other senses were jammed to the point that nobody would be able to interrupt his concentration.
Another page was turned, followed by another, each filling the chamber with their peaceful tones and promises of more intelligence. The silver eyes of the mage scanned every stroke, every diagram, both simple and complex, and committed it all to his memory. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, and so on and so forth until all sense of time was virtually lost and unable to perceive. The gigantic tome was read and successfully memorized by the second day, but the blue mage did not stop there. He read the faded text of scrolls -- they looked as if they would turn to dust just by touching them -- specifically for Water magic, rukhs, and about the concept of magic as a whole. Adrastos did not stop studying until every book and scroll was read to its fullest.
Sighing, Adrastos closed the final tone and stood. He placed every article in its proper place before falling into his bed, feeling exhausted from doing nothing but reading.  Tomorrow, he'd meditate or do something else since he had no more new reading material until he would be able to go back to Magnostadt. Adrastos closed his eyes and welcomed sleep with open arms.
[WC: 576]

Days III-VI: Calming of the Soul
Adrastos opened his eyes to the sun shining through the tattered black cloth he had put up to provide him with some darkness during the day along with some privacy from the outside world. He yawned, stretching his arms out to relieve his muscles of the tension that had crept up on him as he slept. He stood and walked to the basket of still fresh fruit beside his bed and picked out a small melon. Adrastos cut it open with a small cutting knife, being extra careful to not cut himself in the process, then set the knife aside to eat his breakfast. The juices of the melon washed over his taste-buds in an explosion of sweetness. The sweet taste soon turned a bit tangy as it slid down his throat when he swallowed, but he finished the melon none-the-less, needing to have at least something to go on while he meditated.
Adrastos sat cross-legged, his hands on his knees, and closed his eyes. He emptied his mind of all thought, letting nothing but a huge black abyss take the place of all of his thoughts. He slowed his breathing, inhaling for half a minute, holding his breath for two minutes, and exhaling for a full minute slowly. The technique was performed repeatedly with little to no alterations. He remembered how he had cleared his mind while training for one of his most recent spells. He kept that same goal in mind, to stay clear-headed and focus on the task at hand.
Time held no meaning to the blue mage with the silver hair, it never did when he was training. So, one day passed quietly, slowly, as if it never passed to begin with, then a second day, and then a third. Not once did Adrastos move. The only sign of life that came from him was the movement of his chest to indicate that he was, in fact breathing. Nothing seemed to have changed during those three long days until the last few hours of day three.
There was a sound that surrounded him and engulfed his being. It was the sound of the rukh talking to him, teaching him things about the rukh he would never have learned by himself, and spells that he would be able to perform. It was, in one word, an understanding between him and the black rukh. By the end of his third day of meditating, the mage was starving, so he stood and ate the rest of the fruit that was in the little woven basket by his bed. Adrastos crawled into his bed and fell asleep instantly, enlightened by the knowledge that the rukh had given him.
[WC: 448]
[Total WC: 1,024/500]

Days VII-XI: Pushing Past the Physical Barrier
Adrastos didn't want to wake up so early in the morning, but there was a voice in the back of his mind telling him that he still had unfinished business to take care of. He sat up in bed, brushed his hair quickly and tied it back into a ponytail, and shrugged off the shirt and vest he wore. The mage grabbed his cloak and left his inn room to go train elsewhere, out of the cramped space of his sleeping quarters.
Instinctively, Adrastos' body began jogging down the streets and alleyways of Reim as if he were back in Magnostadt. He began at a steady pace, keeping his breathing even, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. His bare feet kicked dirt and small pebbles into the air behind him as he ran, not once slowing down or stopping. As time wore on, the mage felt his lungs and muscles burn, but did not relent to the pain the begged for him to stop this torture. When he had jogged at least three miles, he took a small break to drink some water by a nearby well. The water was cool and soothed his dried and cracked lips and burning throat. Adrastos took the bucket of water and dumped the clear liquid down on his body until he was soaked to the bone and water dripped from his slightly toned muscles. A sigh escaped him as he looked up to the light blue sky that harbored not a single cloud to block the blistering sun from scorching his semi-pale flesh.
Shaking his head, Adrastos continued his jog for an additional four miles until he reached a secluded area with a few trees growing within a three meter radius in the eastern direction from the mage. Grateful for the shade, the silvered-haired man sat and leaned against the trunk of the tree for a well earned rest. he laid there, silent, listening to the wind jostle the leave above and howl in his ears for thirty minutes before shrugging off his cloak and hanging it up on one of the low branches.
Adrastos got into a push-up position, keeping his elbows bent at a ninety degree angle next to his body, and began to push himself off the ground. He held himself, then went back down and held himself there again. He did a total of five sets of push-ups with twenty in each set and a ten minute resting period between each set. After doing the push-ups, Adrastos proceeded to do lunges, pull-ups from one of the sturdier branches of the thickest tree, and other assortments of exercises with brief breaks between them all.
Within the course of five days, the exercises were repeated each day with some improvement in the quantity performed in each task. Overall, Adrastos believed he had done a decent job in preparing his mind, body, and soul for the next stage of his magical training. He grabbed his cloak and walked back to town, his silver eyes more determined than ever before.
[WC: 510]
[Total WC: 1,534/500]

Day XII: Understanding of the Training
Adrastos Thanatos leaned against the windowsill of his room, overlooking the darkening the city of Reim  that he was in as twilight fell. He had learned more about magic, specifically about the difference of white and black rukh. If a person's rukh was black, then they went against their own fate. Adrastos' knew his rukh was black, that he had fallen into Depravity at a young age. A part of him, only a sliver of his mind, wondered what his fate would have been if he had not gone against it, but he didn't know if there was a way back. Not that he wanted to to go back. He had also cleared his mind more, allowed his emotions to become more controllable which was accomplished during his meditation. Then, he gained a bit of physical strength that would allow his magic to be used to it's full potential. He could only imagine what he could be capable of now, but there was only one way to find out for sure. He had to keep on training and continue to grow stronger.
[WC: 182]
[Total WC: 1,716/500]


Preparing Mind, Soul, and Body [Intel D-C Training/Solo] 3oCk1sb

Preparing Mind, Soul, and Body [Intel D-C Training/Solo] 7kZv0Du
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