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Caravan Protection 1

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Spiritos Aerolos

Spiritos Aerolos
Aengar had returned from his training, and from his recent job of killing monstrous goats. Aengar had heard that a caravan was going to be traveling soon and that they needed a personal guard. Aengar had discussed it over with his current roommate Lana. They had been staying with each other for about a month now and Aengar loved coming home and loved bedding with Lana. She was as pure as white flower and was determined to please Aengar and every night Aengar sat down and was well pleased. It almost felt like a sin to have such a beautiful woman at his heel and toe. Aengar one morning was sitting in bed him and Lana had an thrilling night, Lana was as graceful as she was in bed as she was with her looks. Aengar said to Lana " Some works come up and it's being apart of a caravans guard. It'll require some days from home but the pay will be high, is that trip okay with you Lana?" and Lana responed with "I am here as your servant so you may do whatever you wish Master Aengar." After that conversation Aengar go ready and put on his cloths all the while, having Lana watching him. It was surprising that after forgetting his swordsmanship his body was so perfect. He left the inn around midday he set off to the location where all the guards were to meet. He stood around most of the other guards were mercenaries and he was the only person there that wasn't human. It felt odd being out numbered but he was respected due to his height. This made him feel a little more secure that the mercenaries were scared to come up to him. Shortly after arriving the caravan leader came up to them all and said " I assume you all know why you are here you are the four that were selected to protect the caravan." Aengar broadened his chest and said " I will take the role as Caravan leader" no one objected so Aengar was the caravan leader this meant that if there were any casualties that they would rest on his shoulders. Aengar would go through great lengths to ensure this. That day the caravan set out they traveled by a cart pulling all the goods. Aengar and the fellow guards were to walk by foot this allowed Aengar to evaluate the field, Aengar saw anything that was approaching due to the fact that he could see rukh in up to a 20 meter radius if anything was to get into range Aengar would know, they walked the streets and the grass land. The leader decided to make camp for the night. It was a wise decision the horse was tired and the people weary. The guards were to take shifts of watching over the camp. Aengar was the first shift it was night and they were still setting up but all of a sudden Aengar sees a spark of rukh it was two people he warned the people and they all went to hiding in there tents. The guards were prepared they stood ready to intercept the bandits. Aengar was to take one as the others tried to make due with the other one. He readies his staff and casts the spell Distorted Space both bandits had been caught in the spell it dealt minor damage just bruises and nothing more. Aengar picked out his bandit and rushed forward to make sure they had distance from the caravan. They both stood 20 meters apart from each other. Due to the recent training Aengar had overcome he could see rukh around him and his opponent he would be facing an equal foe. Aengar was ready at any time to kill him but Aengar felt playful since this was the regular time where he and Lana "played" around. He casted Light Angel and the angel attacked the bandit dealing successful damage. But the bandit then rushed Aengar and successfully did a Gutting Stab the mans sword went straight into Aengars gut regardless that he had to jump in order to do it. Aengar was caught off guard and now he would pay for it. Aengar pushed the bandit back with his staff before he could do a follow up attack. Holding his stomach Aengar casted the spell Light Veil Aengar was almost visible but not to this mans and eyes he could barely see Aengar by the time he knew it Aengar had swiftly attacked him 1, then 2 times with his staff. Aengar was disgusted to look at the dead mans body, it reminded him of killing a man back in his village. The man threatened his life and Aengar was forced to abolish him due to village customs. It was high treason to threaten to the Chief. Aengar glanced over to his guard friends the other 2 were killed and only one was standing till the bandit used his skill Gutting Slash. Aengar was enraged by watching a comrade die. He charged at the man who had at least low skill attacks done so all he had to do was do a strong attack Big Aurora Aengar had casted the spell and almost instantly ending the man.nhe called to the members of the caravan and said "The men are dead fear not there souls have returned to the rukh" the members came rushing out to see what had happened. They saw Aengar bleeding from his gut. And all the others that had not survived the encounters bodies on the floor wasted. Aengar was bandaged and he continued to protect the caravan till they arrived at Portsmouth. He walked back. Two days after the job he arrived at the Inn and walked to his room to have Lana waiting for him. She saw how badly injured he was and moved him to the bed. There Lana sat on the large man and started to sob, to then say "Why would you come back to me all injured, I was scared so much of you not coming back please never do it again"

Word Count:1,030


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