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Noah [Finished] AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Noah Ramos
Tier: C
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 18/ June 17th
Nationality: Heliohapt  
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Life Magic

Noah [Finished] JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Noah is what many in the medical field describe as having the medical condition of bipolar disorder. The young man often finds himself flip flopping between ideas of grandeur while often becoming extremely depressed. These two opposite feelings have left him in a state of chaos, he will often do what he feels like doing in the moment of doing it. Noah’s disorder is associated with bipolar disorder II which is rooted in these mood swings but does not leave one in a state that they are helpless or loss their own senses like disorder I. With most cases of the second of the bipolar disorder Noah also has a lack of need for sleep, or so his mind seems so. This is not true for the body and often leads to bouts of extreme fatigue or even walking nightmares which is a condition when he starts having intense nightmare like visions while awake. These nightmares have been occurring the past few years but have yet to reach a point that causes a problem in his everyday life, same goes for this manic moods. By definition disorder II is less severe than disorder I and does not bother his everyday life but does often times cause his feelings on subjects and decisions to change constantly.

Noah though being part of a major organization in his country at the same time is very detached and not very loyal to anybody or anything. This stems from his not caring attitude towards the world. He sees no reason to pick a side in things, nothing peeks his interest nor does anybody help him see a meaning to life or doing anything. He lives his life moment by moment and feels little need to explain his actions. This kind of attitude has led many to believe that the boy is rather odd and lives a pointless life but he does have dreams and aspirations just none that last longer than a month or so. He does have a single weak spot, his mother. A woman that gave nothing but love and affection to the young boy but due to her untimely death and the father that was rather cold and emotionless it put Noah in a rather difficult and odd place in his life.

Like a coin, Noah’s home life had two sides, a loving mother and distant father. His mother was a medicine woman, an apothecary, for the Reim Empire. She had minor schooling in life magic but was one of the top botanist in the county. Her knowledge over fauna was so impressive that it was eventually noticed by others in the world, mainly those from the far west in the land of endless desert, Heliohapt. She was brought to the land after a major sickness swept through the land, she taught many of the priest from the Black Pyramid the ways of utilizing herbs and other plants to cure or at least ease the illness. It was there that she met Noah’s father, a strong, diligent man. One that said little unless it needed to be said. He was a middle ranked man in the temple but one whose family carried enough clout that he was able to easily sway the higher ups into allowing him the right to take a wife from outside of the country. He chose Noah’s mother and the two had a very detached relationship. His father often was at the Pyramid leaving Noah alone with his mother. She often took him down to the market place or the small gardens that dotted the city, though they were in few. She would teach him the different parts of plants and the human body, what plants would do what to a person and how to cure minor afflictions and wounds. When his mother died and his father became the only parental figure for the young distraught boy. His world of pure joy and love was casted aside for little more than nothing. His father forced him to join the Black Pyramid just like the rest of his family. This was not something that he had a desire to join nor did his mother ever really want him to. In the Pyramid’s watchful eyes his magical prows have grown as has his apathy on the world around him.


  • His mother was one of the only things that have remained a constant love in his life. Her gentle ways and love for her child and every living creature is something that has touched his heart. When she died he had lost the only thing in this world that brought him joy and since then he has found little things in life that hold his attention or love for very long.
  • Mother Nature is something that is very close to home with Noah. His magic deals with life forms of all shapes and sizes. He finds them not only interesting but extremely important in the world, something that most humans and other sentient races forget about more and more with each generation.

  • Greed is a nasty trait though a powerful motivator. It is something that has made man the strongest race out there but is also its downfall. Noah dislikes greed when it directly harms Mother Nature or the type of greed that throws aside other’s lives, such as big industries stealing resources for their own gain.
  • His father and his father’s family have always been pain in his side. They are too uptight, too strict, and too set in their traditions. His father is seen as the most left wing of them all which is sad to say since he is the type that does not even allow dessert to be ate before dinner even on ones birthday. The man forced Noah into an organization that he is not too fond of and is the main suspect in the reason that his mother died.
  • Noah has but two main fears/phobias in his life. The first of these fears is a rather stupid one and dull one compared to the latter, Noah is afraid of being used. His father often makes him feel like his own life decisions are not his own and he is just fulfilling someone else’s dreams and wishes. This coupled with his hate for his father has made this little fear into a minor case of paranoia.
  • The second fear of Noah is humans. He is not afraid of human interaction or humans in general but afraid of what humans are capable of. They are a vicious race, they have little regard for other races or the environment. It sickens Noah to watch the world slowly parish and rot away while humans further their own goals.
  • Noah has little dreams and aspirations but there is some small things that he does wish to accomplish in his life. The biggest thing that he wishes to do is to revert the world back to the days when nature and beast coexisted with humans without any issues unlike the world today. He believes that what his mother taught him holds true and with the proper guidance humans could still be taught how to treat this world the right way.    
  • The second of his dreams is a dream to never be bored, a rather naïve dream but one that has manifested itself due to the bio polar nature of Noah. Due to him having a brain that often switches from one idea to the next this is not a hard dream for him to accomplish.

Noah [Finished] ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Asakura Yoh, Shaman King
Weight: 130 pounds
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Height:4 feet 11 inches
Rukh Alignment:White but black tendencies
Special Traits: N/A

A young man still coming into his own. He is rather short, still growing but for his age he is a decent height. Due to being a child from two people from different countries he has a tanned skin but nowhere as dark as the rest of the people from Heliohapt. He often wears a white silk robe that has a hood that he uses to block the sun from his eyes. The boy has large hazel eyes that flicker with green tints but at times these green tints will switch over to bluer ones. He often has a rather large smile on his face and acts cheery even if he is not in a good mood. He is a master of body language reading it and keeping his from being read this often leads many to believe that he is a carefree happy go lucky kid not one that is often times switching from one extreme to another.  

Noah [Finished] YunanTab_zpsba28a063
As stated before Noah’s history started with a medicine woman and a priest crossing paths man moons ago. The priest took a fancy to the woman, while she was not too attached to the man she was still a kind woman and one that saw a chance to help the people of Heliohapt plus despite not having any real love from the man he was still kind and treated her decent. Soon after their arranged marriage the woman became pregnant. Nine months later a healthy and beautiful baby boy was born. They named the boy Noah after the woman’s father, while the man was not pleased with the boy baring a name from a distant land he held his tongue and allowed the woman to be happy if it was only for a brief period of time.

As the days went on and became weeks which turned to months the man and woman’s partnership slowly fell apart. By the time the young child was a year old the man had stopped coming home at a decent hour. His interactions with the child were sparse and cold while the mother’s were constant and so full of love. To her the child was the prince of princes, his feet never touched the ground if she could help it. Her love for him was unconditional. She would take the young boy to the streets of the city to help with the poor there and the sick. She taught him basic things about the human body mainly what things caused reactions. Even at a young age he enjoyed this, he loved to help his mom trim plants to get the right kind of parts to make medicine to help those. While his mother focused on humans Noah was always attracted to helping animals. He often would bring home birds with broken wings or the occasional dog and the two of them would treat the beast and find it a good home.

When Noah was eleven years old his mother suddenly was found dead in their home, he was the one to find her. He had been returning from the market with a fed herbs that his mother asked him to get when he noticed the door was wide open. When he went in he saw her laying there on the ground with a knife plunged into her heart. When he ran out of the home to seek help the first person that he bumped into was none other than his father. His father gave no form of condolences to the boy nor was he upset at the death of his wife. Within a month of her death his father had forced the boy into the life of his father and grandfather a priest at the Black Pyramid.      

Role-Play Sample:
The hot sun rested on Noah’s back. He was exhausted, over the past few hours he had been working non-stop in the Pyramid helping cure some minor problems with the locals. His magoi was running low and his body was sore. He had taken this small break in patients to slip outside and enjoy some fresh air. He had took off his white robe so that he could be more comfortable. He sat on a limestone slab for a bench just gathering his thoughts. It had been nearly seven years since his mother died and yet she was always on his mind.

He sat there lost in his own thoughts for nearly thirty minuets, maybe more maybe less. His concentration was broken when a young woman approached him, a priestess from the Pyramid. “Noah we need you to return.” The boy gazed over at her lazily, he was tired and had no desire to return to that dark musky place but if he did not his father would be out here in a heartbeat to put the boy in his place. He grabbed the staff resting beside him and stood up and slowly staggered back inside into his own personal hell.

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