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The Purse Snatcher [Job/Solo]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Job Name: The Purse Snatcher [Repeatable]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
A man with features of Reim has targeted a woman from Kou, taking her money and belongings after he bumps into her. She calls out for help, and points to the man.

You may:
Help the Purse Snatcher escape the City Guard by incapacitating or killing the guard that attempts to apprehend him. Regardless of whether you dislike the presence of Kou people in Reim, or if you simply want to help a thief out, the Purse Snatcher shares with you a portion of his 'earnings' in gratitude for your assistance.
Enemy Info:
Enemy Name: City Guard x 2
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

Adrastos Thanatos, a blue mage born in Reim and affiliated with Kou, was unsure of what to do as he walked the street of Reim once more. He had come here to get a break from Magnostadt, but why come back to the place he was born at, to the place where his life changed forever and he fell to Depravity. He didn't understand why and didn't think he'd ever understand his own reasoning for coming back to his birth country. He shook his head, taking a turn down a street, still lost in his thoughts.
"Hey!" A cry stole him from his thoughts as his silver eyes looked up in time to see a man wearing all black knocking a woman down, grabbing her bag, and running away with it. "Stop!" Please don't ask me to help, he thought; he wasn't in the mood to play the good guy right now, yet just as he thought that, the woman's eyes, shimmering with hope and desperation, locked with his. "Please," she pleaded softly with her hands folded together over her chest. "Please, can you help me get my bag?" Adrastos suppressed a groaning sigh and nodded his head stiffly. "Yeah, sure," he muttered.
Adrastos ran off in the direction of the thief, holding Lux Animae Mortem, his staff, tightly. Luckily the man did not run far, but Adrastos had to figure out how to get him within range on his spells. This wasn't the city of his childhood, and even if it was, he wouldn't know any of the twists and turns since the layout would have changed over the years. He had to start somewhere though before the thief got too far ahead.  Just then, the thief glanced behind him to notice that he was being followed and ran faster. The blue mage took a hard right in to an alley way, and then a left in the hopes to cut him off. Adrastos skidded to a stop as soon as he hit the street. The thief stumbled and fell at the silver-haired mage's abrupt appearance, but didn't hesitate to slash at him with his knife. "Move!"
The knife cut into his shoulder, causing Adrastos to clench his teeth in pain as blood began to seep from the wound and glare at the man before him. The thief struck again. The mage dodged, putting at least twelve meters between him and the thief. Casualties were to be expected if he used his area of effect spell in a populated area, but Adrastos didn't care. He was sick of being the good guy. He was Kou. He no longer walked the path of light. He pointed his staff at the man and opened his mouth to say his spell.
"Wait! Help me out of this city and I'll split my earning!" Adrastos rose an eyebrow and looked at the thief. Helping him did seem better than helping some lady. After all, she never said she would pay him, so why should he take the time to stop this thief if there was nothing in it for him? The blue mage nodded. "Very well," he said. "Follow me then." Adrastos turned and ran toward the nearest exit he remembered. It was about five blocks down the street they were currently on, and if nobody pursued them, then the thief would pay him sooner. Unfortunately, the lady, whom the thief had stolen from. informed a couple of guards which now followed hot on their trail yelling, "Halt!"
"You go ahead of me, I'll stop these soldiers," Adrastos called to the thief behind him. with the thief now past him, the blue mage turned to face the men in armor. "Get out of the way or we will arrest you for helping that man." Around the trio, people had stopped to watch the events that were unfolding. Of course, Adrastos could go easy on them, but he wasn't going to. Why show mercy? There was no need for sympathy. Holding his staff out with both hands in a horizontal position, he spoke the name of his spell. "Adrustum Aura."
The people around him, including the guards, cried out in agony as the cold produced by his spell bit at their exposed skin. Some knelt on the ground, others fell on their sides, but they all cringed in pain due to the frostbite received by the cold air which probably went half-way through the muscles. The mage knelt down and smirked at the two guards. "You're lucky you're only getting frostbite. If I were stronger, you would have received greater injuries." He stood and surveyed the area around him. At least ten to fifteen other people, men, women, children, and infants alike, were caught in  radius of his spell. Wrong place at the wrong time, he thought. Too bad for them.
Turning, the black garbed mage headed toward the exit where he saw the thief hiding behind the wall. He held out his hand without a word, awaiting his payment as he was promised. "Thank you," he said, handing him a bag filled with Huang. Adrastos took the bag silently and walked away while the thief ran out of town, never to be seen or heard from again.

WC: 874/500
Magoi: 120/150
Ability Used:
Name: Adrustum Aura
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Water (Ice)
Class: Offensive
Range: 20m
Duration: Sustain
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain +1
Description: The user controls the rukh to make the moisture in the air freeze at 15 m/s, freezing an area 10mx10mx10m with 20 meters of himself, dealing C-Tier damage to anything caught inside. This ability may be sustained to be cast the next post.


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