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Zeraldin Fal [Done]

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Zepyhr Fal

Zepyhr Fal
Zeraldin Fal [Done] D2_Adell_4_Bust

Zeraldin Fal [Done] AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Zeraldin Fal
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate: 18 [Apr.12th]
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Specialization: Strength

Zeraldin Fal [Done] JudalTab_zpsa330a902

Zeraldin's personality differs from his older brothers whom were mostly passive men, but is more on the crazy side than others. When Zeraldin is around others his manipulative side comes out, quickly finding any and all weaknesses in a person to twist them and use them as he likes. This first stemmed from being around his older brother and watching him around people. Underneath the manipulative and calm center, Zeraldin is a boy filled with strange ideas and tactics. If one is unfortunate to catch him in one of his blood driven moods, they would find that he is much more sadistic than he appears to be.

Through all the sadistic thoughts and manipulative actions and thoughts, Zeraldin can be a laid back person and even the best of friends. Nothing deters him from doing what he needs to do.

Honest to a Point: Whatever he has to say about a person or event he will be right up front and does not pull any punches. He would tell grown adult that if they had a story or info wrong and correct them. But when it comes down to helping a friend or someone in trouble he can lie with the best of them. But he can’t lie to his mother or grandpa.

Zeraldin is a cynical person, a being whom only notices the negative things in life. And believes it to be better than being an optimistic person, believing them to be delusional people whom cling unto nothing but blind faith. Zeraldin is an individual whom has more pride than it is good for. A prideful person, whom gets angry easily from being underestimated and the like. Whilst it is indeed a good quality for a person to have pride, Zeraldin boasts so much of it, that he easily becomes blind because of it. For example, allowing someone to power themselves to their maximum capacity, or unleash their ultimate techniques. Zeraldin is an highly spiteful person, which he does so quite frequently; be it for purposes of vengeance, cruelty, or just to annoy others.

After the loss of his family, he now considers himself a survivor first and foremost. Because of his survival instincts, he believes he does not need anyone else in his life to help him, after spending him childhood and teenage years alone with no love or guidance. Zeraldin is very tactical and intelligent, and is able to deduce and gather information easily.Upon introduction, he is very intimidating, easily unnerving anyone he meets solely due to his dark demenour and heavy silence.

Not one for talking or even showing emotions, he would most like stare you down so to speak before speaking to you and if he does consider yourself lucky.  .

Drinking- Simply put Zeraldin loves to drink and makes a sport out of it.If you are lucky to catch him in a drunken mood you would be able to see the cool side come out of him. Sake, whiskey or anything alcoholic he will drink, as long as the time calls for it however. When he is in city that has a tavern or bar you will definitely find him there.

  Sparring- Zeraldin is a boy who loves to fight when he is feeling it in his bone and it pushes him to spar with just about anyone who wants to spar with him. Quick to start it and drag them out, Zeraldin makes a small sport with Sparring and will only spar with those he sees potential in.


Hangovers- Where there is good aspects of drinking, there are also bad and Hangovers are one of them. Zeraldin hates it when he gets Hangovers enough to where he will pass out in just about any location after he had drunken more than any human should.

  Weaklings- Simply put and to the point, Weaklings are Zeraldin's number one pet peeve and even more so its enough to throw him into a fit of rage. Growing up around those with power and even in the position that he has within his people,  Zeraldin had no time for weaklings and was even taught to put them down.


Death- a very rational fear that every man, woman and child share and as a human Zeraldin shares this fear. Zeraldin fears that if he were to die, all of his accomplishments, mission and reasons for living the things he has done will go to waste and soon be forgotten.

Hopelessness- After the death of his family, Zeraldin had developed a fear of hopelessness to where he does not like to be one in a situation which nothing can happen to prevent it. Under the feeling of hopelessness, Zeraldin breaks down and completely loses himself to the point where any and everything is no longer important to him. In this state he becomes much more reckless while becoming a threat to not only himself, but to those around him as well.


After losing his family to slavers, traversing the area of the Dark Continent and finding his way through the world; Zeraldin has found his only aspiration to be finding either a place to call his own or a fight that would determine how his life would go from that point. In the depths of his mind he feels that being alone is the next best thing for him, but there is also a chance that he could find a place where he could not only be himself...but also find a new chapter of his life.

Zeraldin Fal [Done] ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Adell [Disega]
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 5'11
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: None

Zeraldin has a lean yet very muscular tone for someone of his age. Standing at 5'11 he weighs roughly 185 lbs which compared to his older brother is small. Zeraldin's hair is deep crimson red (which is not pink...just red_) with spikes from the back forward, with the front of his hair extending forward. Zeraldin's eye color is different apart from the other boys in his family where they have either brown or dark eyes, his are a yellow color with a feral like look in his eyes.

Zeraldin choice of clothing consists of a pair of jet black pants, on occasions a sleeveless vest although this is when he feels the occasion calls for it or because one of the places he goes to requires it, and he refuses to wear any type of footwear due to the fact that he hates the feeling. Other notable features of Zeraldin include a cross shaped scar located in the center of his back that was given to him during a fight with his sibling.

Zeraldin Fal [Done] YunanTab_zpsba28a063

Zeraldin's origins trace back eighteen years in the Spring on the Dark Continent. As the youngest of five brothers and two sisters, Zeraldin was the runt of the litter and was often in tough situations with his siblings whether it was over food or even the littlest of disputes. It was for the most part an eventful time whenever he was around his siblings especially when it came down to sparring. After Zeraldin turned seven he was able to hunt with his brothers who would teach him how to take down bigger beasts with his strength and also how to control the innate strength he had.

Zeraldin's childhood was pretty basic even while being a Fanalis whether he was training or even hunting alone, his father however trained him when he was at home. After turning seventeen his father and mother died leaving him and his siblings to try and find their way on their own. The small family bickered about either staying on the Dark Continent or leaving it to try and find a new place to live, which most of them agreed on staying and living in their home, Zeraldin and four of his brothers felt as if leaving and going into the unknown was better.

This dispute led to one of his older brothers who was waiting to stay challenging the young Fanalis who was so intent on leaving regardless of the other group. Though Zeraldin only had a small disadvantage over his more experienced brother he would still hold his own until slipping up and losing to his older brother. Although he lost and his life was spared, this encounter did not stop him and the small group of brothers from leaving. Setting out two weeks later, they would arrive to the country of Balbadd where their new life would start.

After the first couple of days in this land the brothers would end up in one hell of situation where slavers were trying to capture them. Each of the brothers at first thought of it as a greeting until one of the attacked, leading into a large fight. Two of the brothers including Zeraldin escaped being enslaved while the others were captured or separated. Getting separated from his brothers, Zeraldin found himself wondering aimlessly until after months of traveling he found himself in the Ream region where he stayed for the most part.
Role-Play Sample:
In the boys dorm of the Rune Knight's, it was almost quiet enough to where if a mouse were to scatter in, it could be heard by all that encompassed the dorm. Like most page's that were sleeping and getting ready for the morning's classes or training, Veigas was instead out and about doing laps and getting his mind ready for today's training. Ever since coming here to fulfill his own dreams and desires, he felt as if an early morning jog would clear his head for the training to come. As the black haired page continued to run across the track he had stopped to look over the horizon," Hm...seems like the sun is coming up soon and i do have training in the morning...okay i got it! i will simply finish the rest after training and then go on to my studying," with a smile he would take off towards the dorm where he had anticipated he could get a little sleep in before the morning wake up call.

Thinking ahead and putting his sheets out of the second story window where his room was, he quickly climbed up them and rolled into the room with moderate silence before pulling them up quickly and looking around to see if anyone was up. Before he could make his bed up and get in it one of his roommates stirred and looked at him with a glare before rolling back over," Oh man...," his only words before crawling into the bed and going to sleep. Before long he would have been woken up, the alarm saying it was thirty minutes until the lessons would begin. At first he had closed his eyes before jumping out of the bed and screaming, his body darting towards the shower and stripping before he rushed to wash his body.

After spending ten minutes in the shower, he rolled out onto his towel and dried himself off except for his hair and grabbed his clothes, throwing them on correctly although rather rushed as he grabbed Ddrag's fang and hurled himself out of the window. Using the flames of his blade to land safely, he took off towards the cafeteria to get something to eat. He had well over twenty minutes to arrive at the lesson given by Ser Rainer, who was known to punish those who were late. Even if they were shooting to be a Knight of honor, ohhh they would get eaten in half by him.

Sliding into the cafeteria, everyone just looked at him as he grabbed various things from the line and many of the people just calling him by one of his nicknames, "The Bottomless Page". Scarfing down the food as fast as he could, he began to look at the clock," Oh gref only fifteen minutes left until i can get chewed out by hif," speaking to himself after gouging down so much food, Veigas took the plate and threw it away not forgetting to grab his sword and ran out.

As he left he had almost crashed into some students, but luckily he had rolled out of the way and continued to run towards the training grounds. The bell for the last ten minutes to arrive was going off, and luckily Veigas would have made it or so he thought until one of the instructors stopped him and looked at him with a angry expression," many times do i have to tell you that using your magic to jump out of the windows is not okay, i know you are trying to get to class on time," Looking at the woman he would dance around for a moment before taking off," I am so sorry and it won't happen again but i do not have enough time to have the lecture...maybe after class you we can do it," turning the corner he would dive into the line and roll. With a happy expression he made it just on time, but Ser Rainer was looming over him," So you made it...good," sighing he knew what was going to happen later.

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