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Silly Students [Job/Solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri

Job Name: Magic Gone Wrong I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The magic students have been having a bit too much fun creating life constructs and are causing a commotion in the East side of the city. Take down the creatures and the teachers will reward you.

Enemy Name: Dragonelle x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: These small green creatures are just under 1 meter tall and can fly at 10m/s.
Abilities: These creatures do not do damage, instead they simply fly around and make a nuisance of themselves by knocking things over and landing on people.

Ari wandered through the streets she had grown up running through, nostalgia bringing a smile to her face as she looked around. Not much had changed since her escape from the magical country and it was nice to return to something familiar. While she now considered Reim more of her home than Magnostadt, this country would always hold a special spot in her heart. The laughter of the students running through the streets made her chuckle and she shook her head at their enthusiasm. It seemed the number of students was slowly growing, according to Adius, and it showed in the bustling streets. It was odd to Ari to be surrounded by so many other magicians after having been in Reim so long where the majority of people were warriors.

She already missed Azix, but knew that if she intended to help him see his goals through, she would need to be able to see through the goals he had that he could not attend to himself. He intended to help Reim and so, she had decided to see if she could pull strings in her home country to get him assistance. Stopping in front of one of her favorite trinket stores, her face lit up. Maybe she could find something for Nilexa here, the winged serpent and her recently hatched children waiting at the Negri estate. She had considered leaving the serpent with Sophie in Reim, but the girl would not be able to care for the tiny snakes and keep up with her studies, she Nilexa and her brood had joined her in Magnostadt.

As she wandered through the familiar aisles of the trinket store, she could hear a group of students giggling and mumbling a few aisles over and she peeked at them. When she saw one of them had a wand out, she arched a brow. Typically, it was frowned on for students to use their magic while wandering about, especially when in stores, as it tended to cause mayhem. Her suspicion was proven valid when suddenly, four small life constructs popped into existence. The small winged creatures fluttered around, knocking trinkets from the shelves and landing on people’s heads, making nests in their hair.

Ari rolled her eyes and snorted as she made her way over to the students, arching a brow.

“You know you aren’t supposed to do that, kids…”

Silly Students [Job/Solo] Fs6mkUL

The students looked up in guilt, the one who had cast the constructs trying to hide his wand up his sleeve. Ari made a noise in her throat before turning to look at the constructs. They were adorable, actually, so she made an effort not to hurt them too badly as she went about trying to gather them up so they were at least not making a commotion in the store. Using her wand, she whapped one on the head, the weak construct becoming dizzy and falling towards the ground. She quickly caught the unconscious creature and handed it to one of the students. When a young woman screeched and started trying to untangle another one, Ari stepped over and offered to help, untangling the cute, tangled creature before knocking it on the head and cupping her hands around it, handing it off to another of the students.

Spotting one trying to hide amongst a shelf of small statues, she carefully snatched for it, a gentle bonk on its head making it fall and she managed to catch it by the wing and hand it off to a students. The last one had fluttered over to the shopkeeper and was using its feet to knock coins off the counter. Ari rolled her eyes and smacked its head before cupping it securely in her hand and giving it over to the students. All of the creatures secured, she turned to the students with a stern look.

“Keep your magic to the Academy and out in the open. If they had broken something in here, you would have had to pay for it, and no one wants to spend their allowance paying for damages, right?”

The students sulked but nodded, obediently filing out of the store, each carefully holding a construct. Once they were out of the store, they released the adorable constructs, the creatures fluttering around their heads and following them back to the Academy. Ari smiled and shook her head, remembering her own days of mischief in the town. It seemed not much had changed.



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