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Name:Doesn't have one 
Race:Half Fanalis Half Human 
Specialization: Quick thinking and Dark magic
Age and Birthdate: Age: 12 Birthdate: December 5th
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Females
Personality: Ushizaki is a kind boy who vows to protect almost anyone he meets. This makes him very gullible when fighting a friend and quite weak against friends. If you make him angry by betraying, lying, etc. Ushizaki does not know who his parents are and doesn't intend to find out. He only knows his 4 year old brother, Ezekiel. He lives with his friends, but sleeps rarely. The reason he doesn't usually sleep is that when his brother is asleep at night he guards him, and he is busy trying to find dungeons in the morning( And in a very boss like manner). He doesn't go to school because he thinks it's a waste of time. He has found 4 dungeons. He has a massive crush on the princess of the Kou empire. He is oblivious to the fact that Mariam has liked him since he was seven.  He has made Sinbad his enemy because the princess of the Kou empire obviously has a crush on him. He rarely shows any emotion. He is very grateful for his best friends Mariam( female) and, Julian(Male). He is actually very fond of people who control Light Rukh even though he controls Dark Rukh.
Small Daggers- Ushizaki likes how fast small daggers are.( He likes them about the size of Alibaba's)
The princess of Kou Empire- Ever since he was a young child, he have had a huge crush crush on her.
The cold- Ushizaki loves the cold.
Being alone- He gets a weird feeling when he's alone. As if he's being watched.
Sinbad- He doesn't really dislike him. He dislikes the fact that the Kou princess likes him.
Aspirations: Ushizaki lives to serve the Kou princess. He also lives to protect his little brother. He is a genius and a very skilled fighter. He uses speed as a main component in battling.
- Losing people he loves
- Judar
- Anything meant to scare someone ( Scary stories, Scary movies, etc.)
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Red eyes
Face claim: Lelouch- Code Geass
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight: 121 lbs
- Purple hair
-Red eyes
- White and red headphones 
-Black hoodie 
- Has a golden retriever (He is supposed to like my profile picture)
Rukh Allignment: Dark
Special Traits: Webbed feet
History: When Ushizaki was a baby he was put in a cradle out in the rain because they didn't want him. A towns person saw this and took him with her. There he was feed and taken care of. By the time he was 6, he had dad and a sister named Kougyoku Ren. Ushizaki instantly fell in love with her and they spent the next 4 years together. When Ushizaki was 9 Kougyoku was called to be the eight princess. When Ushizaki was 10 his mom and dad had adopted a 2 year old child ( because his "mom" was incapable of making a child.) named Ezekiel. Both his "mom" and "dad" died by Judar. Judar asked Ushizaki if he wanted to be a kings vessel. Ushizaki accepted because this would give him enough power to kill Judar once he trained himself enough. He didn't see Judar after that day. Since the day his parents were murdered, he's been cherishing Ezekiel and kept training every single day, with occasional large battles to face.
Role-play Sample: (told from the perspective of Mariam) There he was standing outside on the porch. "Are you alright Ushizaki" I said as I limped towards him. " It's all my fault" he murmured. " I'm sure it's not you're fault" "How were you supposed to know Judar would-" "I was there." Ushizaki interrupted " And all I felt was fear" "Fear that whoever this guy is, there's no way I can stop him" "I hate myself" "Don't be an idiot" Mariam shouted. "There's nothing you could've done, but now you can do something but you've got to get stronger." "Heh" laughed Ushizaki "You're right Mariam" "I couldn't do anything there" "So I gotta train even harder" chanted Ushizaki. "Yeah!" hollered Mariam. And I'll be here with you the whole time I thought to myself. Because I love you, Ushizaki.

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
If you are having difficulty filling out the application, please visit HERE for a step-by-step guide.

Ushizaki would be listed as his name.

This needs to go off one of the six Specializations listed HERE

Sexuality: Females is not a sexuality. Perhaps you meant heterosexual?

Personality: This is not canon, we do not have Sinbad, Mariam, or any other canon characters. We have also only have a total of 7 dungeons in this world, none of which were found by your character.

Likes: Again, this is not canon, so there cannot be mention to Alibaba or the princess of Kou (unless you are referring to a princess from the forum's universe.)

Dislikes:No Sinbad.

Aspirations: Needs to be at least 75 words, it is currently 33. None of the things listed here are aspirations. Aspirations are meant to be 'end goals' for your character, like "uniting the world" or "becoming the best fighter".

Phobias/Fears: Needs to be 75 words, is currently 15. Judar does not exist on this forum. "Anything meant to scare someone" is too vague. These should be things that send him into a panic or trigger an intense emotions.

Hair: Generally, those with Fanalis blood have red hair.

Face-Claim: Lelouch is already a FC in use. Please see the FC list HERE

Height/Weight: This needs to be listed in metric (meters/centimeters and kg)

Appearance: This needs to be 100 words, it is currently 22. Hoodies did not exist in this era, though hooded cloaks did. Having a pet would not go under appearance.

Rukh Alignment: This should have something explaining why he has black rukh and what his triggers are.

History: This should be 350 words, it is currently 172. As none of the canon characters exist on the forum, you would need to alter this greatly.

Role-play Sample: This sample seems to be nothing more than an overheard conversation.


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