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Lena of Balbadd

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Lena of Balbadd AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Lena
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age + Birthdate: 16 2/13
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Lena of Balbadd JudalTab_zpsa330a902

Personality:Lena’s personality is somewhat a mystery to those people that don’t know her well. She can be very soft spoken around strangers; people often mistake her as a demure little girl. Around her friends though Lena’s true personality shines, she’s very sarcastic and loves to joke around. She can be a bit hyper at times and sometimes forgets to keep her big mouth shut. Overall though Lena is a very sweet girl who cares deeply for the people around her.

Animals: Lena adores animals; they always seem to make her smile with their antics. She would happily spend her days watching animals go about their daily lives if she could, the way they communicate in a language she doesn’t understand fascinates her. And let’s be honest, to Lena animals are just absolutely adorable. Of course she hardly ever lets her girly side out but around animals she just can’t help it.

Reading: Lena is an absolute bookworm. She reads anything she can get her hands on. While some may think that weird of a sixteen year old child, to Lena reading is a great way to escape the humdrum that is her daily life. The ability to learn new things from what she reads always excites Lena.

Swordplay: Here is where Lena shows her true tomboy nature. While most girls her age are interested in clothes and boys Lena is interested in learning the way of the sword. The precise movements required and the beauty of the stances and forms enchant her. Of course being able to take out some of her frustrations on a practice dummy every now and then doesn’t hurt either. Although she practices her swordplay daily Lena feels as though there is always room for growth.

Olives: Ever since she was a little girl Lena has absolutely detested olives. There’s just something about the texture and the extremely salty taste that just makes her gag. Even just mentioning olives to Lena makes her shudder.

Heat: Growing up in Balbadd Lena has a strong disliking of heat. For some reason she retains heat more than the average person which of course isn’t very usual for someone who lives in the tropics. Because of this Lena is always looking for a way to stay out of the heat.

Scorpions: One of the few animals that Lena dislikes is scorpions. The way they cling to walls and ceilings of buildings and can seemingly drop out of nowhere scares the living daylights out of her. The fact that they’re poisonous just makes the whole situation worse.
Gelotophobia or fear of being laughed at. Lena is a very shy person around strangers and her perfectionist nature leads to her attempting of course, to be perfect. So when she can't do something correctly in front of others she is always afraid that she will be made fun of. It's not so much a fear of being laughed at when she's trying to be funny, but more so afraid of being humiliated and surrounded by laughter at her failures. This leads Lena to be very cautious about attempting new things in front of others.

Aspirations: Lena’s aspiration is to become the best swordsman that has ever lived. A lofty girl for a young girl but as she practices everyday she can’t help but to picture herself besting all of her opponents; just her and her sword that is the way that she will tackle the world around her. To Lena being the best at one of her most favorite things in the world couldn’t make her any happier.

Lena of Balbadd ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Asuna from Sword Art Online
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Light red
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4”
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: None
Appearance: Lena is very unusual for a Balbadd citizen. While most of the residents of Balbadd have a darker complexion, Lena is quite pale. Her reddish hair also stands out among the crowd. It is a bright color and when viewed in the sunlight, a quite frequent occurrence in Balbadd, it takes on an orange almost fiery hue. Her eyes also seem to match her hair, usually brown when inside they take on an apricot color in the sunlight which tends to shock the people around her. Lena’s physical appearance although very lean, she is reasonably muscular due to all of her swordplay training. There is a certain strength in her thin body that only comes from dedication.

Lena’s attire is very fitting for a citizen of Balbadd, because of the hot weather and her distaste of heat she dresses as skimpily as possible while trying to remain modest. Her top consists of choppy turtleneck midriff that exposes her navel that is tied around the front with a red bow. Underneath the top she wears a long floor length white skirt with a slight pleat at the bottom. It splits up the middle exposing all the way up to her knees and is wrapped intricately around the waist and tied into a a bow in the back.

Lena also wears anklets that consist of white ribbon that she crosses around her lower legs right above the ankle. To match her anklets she also wears white ribbon arm bands on both arms that are placed right below her armpits. Although Lena likes to travel around without shoes most of the time, she is sometimes seen wearing some sort of slightly heeled slip on shoes.

Lena of Balbadd 5fd4901160424a78270b91485040d0231349693870_full

Lena of Balbadd YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Lena is almost positive that she isn’t a native citizen of Balbadd. For one thing, she looks absolutely nothing like most of the other people here. But without parents to ask, Lena has no way to find out if her suspicions or true or not. Lena can’t remember what happened to her parents, in fact she can’t remember much at all about her childhood. Her earliest memory has been of Balbadd’s bright sun and bustling ports. She knows it’s weird to not have any memories before the age of 10 but try as she might Lena just can’t remember anything.
She does know that six years ago Balbadd was ruled by an awful tyrant who’s only concern was his own wealth and cared little for the people of his city. But she doesn’t remember that; she only knows what people have told her. In fact, her memories started around the time that his granddaughter Mirah Al-Jabiri began to run the city.

Sometimes she imagines that her family must have gotten separated from her while at the busy marketplaces around town. Maybe they were still out looking for their long lost daughter. Other times she pictures herself as being from a different land, maybe some bandits had kidnapped her in the middle of the night and ran off with her, leaving her parents to wonder where she went. In her heart though, Lena knows that these wild stories are highly unlikely and she must accept that fact that she is probably an orphan.

Of course she has her own small family now, even if they aren't related by blood. An old fisherman and his wife had taken her in when they found her wandering the streets by herself, and while they were caring enough to raise her as their own she never truly thought of them as her parents. Then there was her swordsmanship teacher. He was always very firm with her, but treated her kindly. The many hours that they spend together and their similar ages Lena feels as though her teacher is somewhat like an older brother who is always pushing her to do better; and of course tease her relentlessly.

Someday Lena knew that she was going to find the truth about what happened to her real family. She had been planning the event as soon as she realized she wasn't truly the child of the old fisherman and his wife. When she saved up enough money she would set out on her own to find out anything she could about them, but she only had one clue to go on; a small locket that she had been wearing when the old couple found her. It didn't open no matter how hard Lena pried, but she knew that this locket was the key to unlocking her past.

Role-Play Sample: Lena walked slowly towards the opening of a large cavern and although it was daylight outside she couldn’t see anything past the first few feet beyond the entrance. Cautiously, she glanced around to make sure that no one had followed her here. Seeing no one around Lena approached the cavernous mouth, there was an immediate temperature difference as she stepped from the bright burning sunlight into the dark cave. It was almost as if she had walked straight into a different climate zone. Her bare feet picked their way through the darkness careful not to trip over the jagged rocks that littered the floor. A small smile spread its way across her face as she felt the tiny breeze that meant that she was nearing the exit, or at least she hoped. It smelled of seawater so she safely assumed it wasn’t a large animal breathing in her face.

“Finally I’m almost there; I haven’t been here in forever I hope it isn’t totally destroyed.” Lena muttered to herself as she made her way faster and faster towards the small pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course in her haste Lena stumbled over a particularly large and sharp rock and fell to her knees. The expletives that left her mouth at that moment were not very choice for repeating. She felt slowly down her legs taking inventory of the damage her stupidity had caused her. Her knees were slight scrapped up but thankfully she didn’t feel any blood. But then, as she suspected when she felt the toe that had stubbed the rock warmth spread over her fingers as they touched the freshly flowing stream of blood.

Sighing in frustration Lena picked herself up, dusted herself off, and continued to hobble towards the exit that now seemed a million miles farther away that it seemed five minutes ago. Graciously she managed to reach the exit sooner rather than later and the view upon leaving that dark musty cave made Lena forget about all her troubles in the world. Lena found herself face to face with her own private oasis. The cave exited out right in front of a little tide pool of a beach with just enough space to sprawl out in the warm sand and enjoy the peace and quiet that is hard to find in the bustling city of Balbadd. She was glad she came all this way, it was a long journey to find this place but in Lena’s opinion, well worth it.

In her excitement and relief to be out of the darkness Lena failed to notice that she wasn’t as alone on this beach as she thought, off to the right stood a tall man cast in the shadow of the setting sun. He startled her as he spoke.

“So you’re the one I heard stumbling through that path there eh? You might want to wash your mouth out with some soap; your language is truly foul.”

Lena quickly getting over her surprise couldn’t decide how to respond to this stranger, she was already annoyed over cutting her toe and now some stranger that was invading her private space. So when she opened her mouth to respond it came out a lot harsher than normal.

“Yeah well ya know what? I can say whatever I want. If you have a problem with it you can leave.” Lena snapped. Uncharacteristically for her she was fuming mad.

The stranger just chuckled at her outburst and silently slipped away but not before Lena caught a glimpse of his fleeting smile.

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Im not seeing anything wrong. Everything looks to be within the word count limits.



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Don't like having to play the "mean mod" role, but Personality should be at least 200 words long. Yours is only 80. I reviewed the rest of your application and it looks stellar- the RP sample and history were particularly interesting- but your personality just needs to be a little bit longer.

Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

Hopefully we can become friends ICly and OOCly

Regards, Black Adam

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