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Liza Wild

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Name: Liza Wild
Tier: D-Tier
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Age + Birthdate: 13 Years Old + October, 21st
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence || Life Magic

Personality: Liza despite her age is very responsible and hates putting the failure of her work on others. Sometimes even if it isn't her fault she will still try to take responsibility. Thus in some ways she's grown up to be mature.

Even so, being mature, she still has a slightly childish air around her. She cries over things that a little kid would cry about. She acts very dependent on others but can take care of herself. She had lost her family at age 5 and never had a childhood. This is the reason she can be so mature but still childish at the same time.

Her childish nature is what causes her to actually drive forward. She uses it as an act to deceive those who she can't trust. She loves her clothes that she makes herself instead of the traditional magicians robes and hat. She always felt trapped in them and made her own outfit that she deemed childishly cute, but comfortable.

She acts happy and cheerful around others but when in a fight she is as mature as possible. She takes great pride in her observation skills though she can sometimes miss the obvious, usually leading to her crying over how upset she is on having missed it.

1. Rain= She loves the rain because it reminds her of herself. Dark and gloomy inside but can also bring life to the land.

2. Sweets= She loves candy, it's something childish which helps her little deceiving act of innocence. She always has a bag of it with her.

3. Messenger Bags= Surprisingly, she loves the different designs on them and how much can be stored in them. She always has one with her with all her necessary gear.

1. Spice= It's the exact opposite of sweet and she has a weak limit for how spicy things can be without her tearing up.

2. Mornings= She hates waking up early. She loves staying up late into the night and hates waking up early with the sun.

Monophobia, the fear of being alone. She lost her family at a young age. She wandered alone for weeks before she was finally taken into an orphanage within the city Magnostadt. She fears being alone again, no matter whether it's only for five minutes or even walking the halls to get somewhere. Her limit of being alone is roughly only 5 minutes maybe 7 at most. If she is alone, she starts to hyperventilate and cry, much like a baby would.

Her dream is to make sure that no other kids go through what she went through, and if they did she wants to help them find a new family. She wants to run an orphanage as soon as possible, with plenty of room for 30 kids and herself plus maybe a helper. But for now she can't help but have to work for money so she can buy the orphanage later on in her life when she's both old and enough and has enough money to get her going.

Face-Claim: Riri Karusi- Deviant Art Drawing
Weight: 90 Pounds
Hair Color: A mahogany brown.
Eye Color: A dark shade of violet.
Height: 4'9
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: On her right wrist there is a scar shaped like a vine that wraps around her wrist.
Appearance: She has mahogany brown hair that frames a small face with dark violet eyes that always seems to have a curious glint in them. She loves to wear knee high lace black stockings with rose red ribbon shoes that are decorated with cherry blossoms. A red lace cherry patterned dress that stops mid thigh and wraps around her neck , chest, and shoulders. The bottom framed with black lace, and a black lace bracelet with cherry blossoms, that covers her scar. Her hair pulled into a side ponytail that changes also into a braid as well with lots of cherry blossom flower hair clips. To top off her look she has a cherry blossom branch for her wand which she always has. She usually holds herself proudly and tries to stand as tall as possible. But in a fight she'll crouch down and lower her body to easily change directions and move faster. She's very agile and can jump a fairly high distance and is good with acrobatics.

History: She was born into the world a few miles away from magnostadt. A kind mother and father, with two older siblings one brother and sister. Her mother was an old retired magician, who helped her siblings and herself to learn the basics of magic. For all of their sixth birthdays they were all given their wands or staffs. Her brother had received an oak staff with gold engravings in the shapes of wind blowing around. Her sister received a staff as well made of the bark of a willow tree with ivy wrapped around it. When it finally came time for her sixth birthday she received her wand, a cherry tree branch with cherry blossoms on it. They lived on a farm with a water well, independent from the world, they lived a fairly happy life until bandits stumbled upon them two years later. They burned down her home, murdered her siblings in front of her and then tried to kill her. She managed to escape by biting them, after they dropped her she ran away. After that on the second day of her running she was attacked by a plant monster which was how she got her scar on her wrist. During that she remembered and casted just enough magic to make the monster let her go so she could run yet again. After that she continued to run until she could run no further and then slept. She ate small bugs despite how gross it was, and continued to run again. She repeated this process for weeks. Occasionally coming across a rock, she would manage to find water under them and lived long enough to reach Magnostadt. Upon reaching the city gates she had waited in the line for hours. The moment she had reached the front of the line a man had brought a hammer down upon her out of nowhere, only to be stopped by what she later learned to be a borj, that was actually fairly strong for a girl her age. Thus causing them to allow her into the city promptly. After that she collapsed within the city and was found upon by an old lady who ran an orphanage for future magicians. She continued to live there with the other kids which made her feel safe. She later entered the Magnostadt Academy where she learned to use her magic to a higher degree. During the middle of the second school year she felt she had learned enough and left promptly to a different nation to start earning money for her future dream orphanage, and to also learn things she couldn't learn in the Academy.

Role-Play Sample:
Mahogany brown hair flitted across Liza's face as her violet eyes stared curiously at the messenger bags. Her old one hung limply at her side, tattered and starting to fray. The stall she stood at peacefully was at the back of the market. She was the only one looking at it besides the man who ran it who was busy taking a rolling pin to try and kill a rat. Raising her violet eyes she let out a light airy laugh which stopped both the man and the rat as they looked at her. She raised a small hand and pointed to a black and blue polka dot messenger bag. "Can I have that one? How much?" She asked him politely and in a small and airy voice. "Uh... For you it's free. Take it." He said in a gruff voice taking it down and handing it to her before continuing to chase the rat. "Thank you!" She said transferring her belongings into her new bag before running off. The small figure disappearing into the distance as she hurriedly rushed back to the Academy before she was yelled at.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Primary - Intelligence (Life)
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy




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