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Getting smarter (Spec Training)

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Lance walked into his big warehouse and was followed in by his giant wolf, Pestis. He looked around and saw the same Orphans he had adopted running around and playing with each other. He saw on the very back wall sat a giant wooden throne. Above the throne hung a painted pictures of Lance in shining golden armor and a tall iron sword. He had angel wings and had two people in robes behind him. He smiled as a boy came up to him. The skinny, dark haired boy smiled as he pointed at the picture "Father Lance! Your home!" he said as Lance nodded "Yes, Drake... get me some books about magic. We shall talk about that beauty of a painting later..." he muttered as he walked into his office.

Fifteen minutes later he had his books stacked on his wooden desk. Black Ruhk fluttered all around the room and seemed to be attracted to him as he opened the first book. He laced his fingers through his hair as he read about magic and how it was used, the history of magic, and about Ruhk. He read that Magic was in everything in the world was made of magic but only certain people could tap into said powers. These people were called Magicians or even sometimes Madoushi. Lance gripped his staff that he had leaned of his desk and focused on the heat in the room. His gem in his staff flashed red for a second and he smiled "Magic..." he muttered as he leaned his staff back on his desk and kept reading.

He turned the page and found that, since he was only beginning, he could only use one form of magic and apparently for him that one was Heat. He closed his eyes and clenched his fist "I must get stronger... I can get deeper into magic if I do..." he muttered as he laughed. Once he was capable of doing so he would be able to start using a thing called 'Combination Magic'. There are 8th types of magic that could be used by a magician. "So Heat is like Fire... that's what I use..." he said to himself as he kept reading about the many types of magic "Water, Light, Lightning, Wind, Sound, Strength, and Life Magic. So many magics to choose from." He said with a devilish grin as he saw the black Ruhk swarming the room.  

A Ruhk landed on his finger and he smiled "So these guys are called Ruhk." he muttered as he cupped it in both of his hands so it couldn't fly away "These things are pure forms of magic and only people like me, mages, cane see them..." he muttered as he put it in a jar which he placed on a shelf under his desk. He closed the book and stood up with a devilish grin "In order to achieve my goal, to rule the world, I must use these powers to the best of my abilities..." he said as he laughed like a maniac and ran his fingers through his hair "I WILL become the God of a world full of poverty and darkness..." he muttered under his breath as he walked out of his office so he could take Pestis and head out to the desert were he can train his magic to get stronger. When he got into the Desert he would survive there for a week only going back to town to get food and water. He would read for this entire week about magic and how he could improve his own magic.



Getting smarter (Spec Training) Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

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