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Pestis Blut, Travelers of Pestilence Leader (WIP)

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Pestis Blut

Pestis Blut
Pestis Blut, Travelers of Pestilence Leader (WIP) Ei1Pw6Wmns1
Name: Pestis Blut
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human
Tier: D-Tier
Specialization: Manipulation
Age + Birthdate: 54, June 20th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Pestis is not one to talk, choosing to motion to others rather than speak. He is also not one to be trusted, likely going to stab you in the back and rip out your spinal cord. His mind is obsessed with fear, making it his main fighting tactic, theme of the Travelers of Pestilence, and theme of his appearance. He conducts in cannibalism, too. His voice is a raspy, creepy, and low growl, compared to all else. He is incredibly hard to fool, is manipulative, and defiantly seems like an empty husk of a person. His evil personality doesn't stop there, no. He'll attack, injure, or kill anyone, including children. It may seem his personal quirks are unmatchable, but it has weakness. He hates loud noise, seeing his own face, memories of his broken dream, and sleep. You know, on close observation of Pestis, Leader and Praetorian on the Travelers of Pestilence, he always seems to be softly weeping to himself, with every breath, and every step.
- Solitude - Keeping to ones self is grand, and to Pestis it's more than that.
- Travelers of Pestilence - Walkers with a path of plague, speech of desolation, and will of a god. They all serve under the will of their prophet, Pestis Blut, in promise of salvation.
- Resistance - Oh, to resist against the clasping force of the Travelers is in vain, as even in defeat the names of our fallen shall live on. Know that we shall be triumphant.
-Ignorance- Those without basic knowledge shouldn't be allowed to breath, and must me paved off this world. It bothers Pestis more, if thy are in his presence.
Aspirations: Fulfill the will of the Travelers of Pestilence. Cleanse the world, of all ignorance, vanity, sloth, gluttony, and pride. Even those whom dwindle from the truth tellings of the Travelers must be sent away. The prophet and praetorian of the Travelers of Pestilence, Pestis, tells those of under rank what our goddesses think, and the will of them is to be carried out with no interference, and those whom step in the way must be purged, and added to the Collective of Pestilence.
Phobias/fears: Pestis fears no man, name, or beast, but fears of the people whom talk to him in his sleep. Yes, he suffers from voices in his head, but they choose only to talk to him in his bed. They go by the names Vran, Criin, Xpis, and Kyhn. Yes, they seem from myth, but dwindle inside like maggots at a picnic. All four  stand forth in a circle around Pestis, in a place he calls the Vanguard of the Collective. They stand in front of four rising jury boxes. Vran, half man half crow, stands before of a jury of crow-men. Criin, the rotting horse, stands before a jury of horrible monstrous beings. Xpis, a grotesque portal with tentacles reseeding from it, stands before a jury of hanging men. The final being, Kynh, the great gargoyle, sits before the jury of mutating wolves. They all speak differently, but of the same, constantly telling him to tell others, and convince them of the truth.
Face-Claim: Commission by Doodleordie
Hair Color: Long gray hair.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 182.88 centimeters
Weight: 63.5029 kilograms
Rukh Alignment:
Special Traits:
Role-Play Sample:

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