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Restless Vacation [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Restless Vacation
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang|200 XP
Job Overview: Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Ayero and Vin head out to the countryside for a short vacation. Unfortunately, the Fanalis pair are being tracked by a few underground slavers who quickly confront them...

Enemy Name: Trafficker (x2)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The Trafficker may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Trafficker has a mace, which delivers C tier blunt damage when struck.
Baleful Impact: Bringing his mace down with full force, the Trafficker slams the mace into his opponent and deals C tier damage.
Condescending Parry: The Trafficker casually parries away an ability or attack that would deal D tier damage.

After spending some time in the city, Ayero thought it would be refreshing for both she and Vin to take a little trip to the countryside. The Fanalis woman had been running herself ragged trying to earn enough money to ensure that they’d both be comfortable, and in honesty she had enough huang saved up for both of them to manage should she not find work for a month. But Ayero was thinking ahead and becoming frantic, trying to plan for any situations that may arise and leave them low on cash. She began to slow down only when she realized how her mood was affecting Vin, finally taking note of his concerned expressions and gestures towards her. When he had asked her if him getting a job would make her feel better, she nearly broke down in realization.

In order to lift both of their spirits, the siblings journeyed about a day outside of the city to where life was bit more simple, where rolling hills and stretches of green were more common than clustered buildings and cobbled pavement. Ayero followed several meters behind Vin as the child eagerly trampled into one of the sparse forests, intent on finding some nuts and berries to go with the lunch they had packed. He was excited to spend a whole day just with his sister. While he liked the city and was adapting well, he missed the more open, less populated spaces like the one he grew up in.

”Big sis!” Ayero had been lost in her own thoughts, content to admire the greenery of the forest while she let Vin run on ahead. He was still young, but be was a decently responsible child and she was alright with him wandering as long as she could keep him in her field of vision. ”What did you find, Vin?” She quickens her pace slightly, striding over to find the red headed child squatting on the ground, crouched over something. The Fanalis woman arches a brow and cranes her neck to try and see what Vin was hunched over when he turns around. Cradled in his arms was a small bird with a body of grey feathers and a plump, rounded orange head.

Restless Vacation [Job/Solo] AWueCqZ

”She’s injured, she hurt her foot…” Vin informs her sadly, looking down at the poor injured bird with a sympathetic look. The young bird cheeps softly, looking from Vin to Ayero before trying to shrink her head down into her body. Sighing, Ayero scratches at her head. ”Vin, I don’t know if we should…once you touch a baby bird, the mother won’t take it back, you know.” Ayero didn’t know if she could afford to feed another mouth, let alone an injured one. ”But…she needs our help! If we just leave her here, she might get eaten by something!” Vin exclaims, looking up at his sister earnestly.

”You know, I don’t think that she’s from around here!” Vin swings his legs from his perch on a rock several feet away from Ayero. ”What do you mean?” Ayero asks as she bandages the bird’s foot as gingerly as she’s able to. ”And how do you know that she’s a she?” She challenges with a bit of bemusement in her voice. ”I checked under her. And her head’s not as bright as the boy’s heads.” Vin responds cheerily. ”I used to see them all the time on the mountain, so I know.”

”Huh.” Ayero responds half-heartedly as she concentrates on the bird’s dressings. As she fails to respond to him, the younger Fanalis leans forward and cranes his neck toward the two. ”Is Tomato going to be alright?” Pausing in her work, Ayero raises her head to meet Vin’s eyes. ”She’s going to be fine… …Vin, you can’t give her a name. We need to find her mother.” ”But she’s so far from home!” The boy cries, jumping down from the rock and jogging over. ”She doesn’t have anyone else to takes care of her…” Looking away, Ayero bites her lip and holds back a rude comment. Holding out the freshly bandaged bird to her brother, she stand and dusts off her legs as the boy eagerly accepts the baby bird. ”Why do you call her Tomato, anyway?” ”Because her head looks like a Tomato. You don’t see it?” Vin smiles and holds the bird up to her. Tomato’s large brown eyes twinkle and she cheeps happily at Ayero as if to say, ”Thank you for helping me!”

”Can we please keep her, Ayero?” Vin looks up at the taller Fanalis with a pouty face, knowing that he has the power to sway her emotions. Knowing that she’s about to be played, Ayero sucks in a breath and nearly relents if the sound of low, muttered voices hadn’t reached her ears. Holding a hand out to her side to silence Vin, the swordswoman slowly draws her blade from her scabbard to eliminate as much noise as possible. The low voices are approaching, and by now even Vin can hear them in the stillness of the forest. ”Sis, what do we—“ Ayero sharply gestures for him to be silent and the boy nods, hugging Tomato to his chest.

”….pair of Fanalis we saw leave the city, I think they’re still in this forest. If we can catch them off guard, this should be an easy job.” One of the men can be heard muttering to the other. Her warrior and protective instincts kicking in at the same time, Ayero nabs Vin by the hood of his coat and dashes behind a boulder. Motioning for him to stay put, Ayero climbs up the side of the rock face and peers over the edge. From her new vantage point, she can clearly see the two men making their way through the trees and heading in their direction. Her eyes travel to the weapons they hold in their hands, taking note of the spiked metal maces.

”Did you hear something?” One of the men pause as Ayero makes her move to hide both her and Vin, the noise of their feet crunching beneath the fallen leaves not going unnoticed by the experienced slave traffickers. Ayero curses to herself from her lookout as the men make haste towards their area, knowing that their best chance of leaving safely was to fight. She glances over at Vin with a sharp look in her eye that would hopefully ensure that he stayed where he was before climbing to the top of the rock. Biting his lip, the Fanalis child presses his back to the rock and the bird to his chest, wishing that he weren’t so scared and able to protect his sister who seemed to have no fear. In reality, Ayero could feel her heart beating rapidly in her chest. She had never fought in front of Vin before, and she was scared to death of something happening to him rather than to her.

The men notice as she leaps from her position at the top of the rock, and brandish their maces, ready to take down their target. Landing on her feet several meters from them Ayero points her sword directly in front of her, challenging them with her gaze. ”Well, hey there miss. Where’s that brother of yours? You’re worth more together than alone!” One comments as he swings his mace to the side. ”We’ll find him anyhow. Careful not to mess up her face too much, or else we won’t get as much for her!” The other declares with a malicious glint in his eye. Predictably, they both charge at her, sprinting so that they circle her on either side. Ayero’s deep brown gaze shifts from side to side and she widens her stance, readying herself for any dodging or blocking she’d have to do.

Both men swing their maces at the same time, aiming for her middle. Anticipating this move, the Fanalis woman ducks out of the way, dodging both weapons before dancing in between the two, blocking and parrying their strikes with her blade. They were rather experienced in what they did, but Ayero was not new to close-up combat. Swinging her blade, she parries a Baleful impact, her eyes glancing over at the large rock at hid Vin and Tomato in hopes that the men wouldn’t discover he was there and try to nab the young Fanalis before she had a chance to intervene. Her momentary lack of focus cost her though, and the other bandit lands a Baleful impact into her left shoulder from behind. Grunting in pain, Ayero whips around and performs a Fierce Jab] into the man’s abdomen, her blade piecing into his body. Groaning in pain, the slaver collapses to the ground, his shouts of pain sounding garbled from the blood he was gurgling up. Turning toward the other man who had taken the opportunity to sprint several meters away from the angry Fanalis woman, Ayero prepares to engage him once more and hopefully take him down quickly without taking on any more damage.


Just as both she and the remaining slaver push off on their feet to charge at eachother, a gust of wind flows between them and wraps around the slaver while kicking up in intensity. ”Arrgh…what?! Confused, Ayero turns around as the slaver looks up in bewilderment to see a red headed boy standing atop a nearby boulder with his hands on his hips and his chest puffed out. A small bird hovers near him, chirping angrily and flapping her wings rapidly. Ayero’s eyes follow from Vin and Tomato to the man encompassed in wind, only to see that the young bird was the one responsible for entangling the bandit in a cone of wind. ”STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!” The boy bellowed down at the slaver. Ayero’s face went from fear to surprise to anger and back to surprise before smoothing out into a confused yet proud expression. Turning to the slaver, she gives him a smirk and holds her scimitar out in front of her pointing straight up. She’d been experimenting with the strange gems embedded into the hilt of her sword, feeling the same tug on her magoi as she felt when using her mother’s locket magic tool.

”Extend…” She mutters, allowing the flow of her magoi to extend into the metal of the sword. Raising the blade, she releases two diagonal slashes into the air. ”What are you—“ the man tries to move from the gust of wind but finds that his movement has been reduced. His question is cut off as two A-tier slashes from Ayero’s sword travel through the air thanks to the aid of jewels embedded into the blade. Two severe wounds appear across his chest in an X-pattern, causing the man to scream in pain and fall backwards as crimson seeps from his wounds onto the forest floor.

Breathing out, Ayero turns around with an incredulous look on her face. Vin on other other hand, gives her a bright smile and slides down from the rock after Tomato stops flapping her wings and perches on the boy’s shoulder. ”That was awesome, sis! You totally beat those guys! They were all whaaa and you were all grrrr and, and Tomato was awesome too!” Vin has a look of excitement on his face as he jumps around and parodies the battle. Rubbing the back of her head, Ayero chuckles awkwardly. ”Alright, alright. That’s enough of that now. We should be getting back to the city, don’t you think? It’s late.” There’s a pause from Vin and both her and Tomato look up at Ayero in sync. ”I, uh…thank you, Tomato.” Ayero feels a bit silly for thanking a bird, and even sillier when the bird chirps happily at her before hopping ontop of her head, nesting in her thick red hair. Feeling a tug at her hand, she looks down to see Vin looking up at her with a wide smile. ”Tomato can come too, right?”

”Tomato can come too.”


Stamina: 180/250

[Trained Extend: 250+/250]


Name: Parry
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina|10 Sustained
Weapon Type: Talwar
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: The user is able to block an opponent’s attack with their blade and push the opponent and/or their weapon away at 15 m/s. Can defend against 1 B-tier, 2 C-tier or 4 D-tier attacks before breaking.

Restless Vacation [Job/Solo] AWueCqZ
Name: Tomato
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Brute
Species: Red Headed Falcon
Speed: 5 m/s
Appearance: Tomato is a small bird who measures ~0.15m (6”) from her beak to the tip of her tail and has a wingspan of ~0.30m (12”). Her body is covered in light grey feathers and her large black tail feather sticks almost straight up at a slight vertical angle. Thhe base of her tail feather is yellow and there is also a thick yellow stripe near the top of her tail. Her brown eyes are large, her beak small, and her head is rounded with bright orange feathers hence the name “Tomato”. Her feet are small and clawed.

Passive Traits:
D-Tier Passive:
Wind Manipulation- By flapping her wings at high speeds, Tomato is able to gather the surrounding air under her wings and manipulate it.

Active Traits:
D-Tier Active:
Gust- By flapping her wings at a high speed, Tomato creates a cone of wind at 10 m/s that is 5m x 5m. Anyone caught in this cone will have their movement reduced by 5m/s. This ability consumes 5 magoi upon casting and 5 magoi for each post it is sustained. It can be sustained for up 3 posts with a cool down of 5/6/7 posts depending on how long it is sustained for.

Name: Fierce Jab (Way of Old)
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina|15 Stamina
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Ayero thrusts her sword in front of her at 20 m/s and delivers a single jab imparting B-tier damage. This technique can be sustained to perform another jab.

Name: Extend
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina|5 Sustained
Element: Strength
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 2 posts or Sustain +1
Description: Focusing her magoi into her sword, the blade as well as both of her hands become wrapped in a gently pulsating veil of black miasma. Ayero is then able to project any non-ability physical attacks within a 10m range around her.


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