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Heliohapt -> Reim [Travel]

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After the events of trying to investigate the location of the events of the man that turned into a demon, who went by the name of Shinri before his tragic death, Zadi and the single member of Squad 2 wanted to take a break from all the mystery and violence. Well, it was more so Zadi that wanted to take a break. However, Joa wasn't against the idea. He too wanted to find out exactly what turned Shinri into a black demon and destroy the source in order to get his revenge, but not taking a break is exhausting on the mind. It would take a while to get over to Kou, the location of the order of monks. Therefore, taking a stop in Reim to met back up with Jahangir wouldn't be a bad idea. In fact, Reim was pretty much the halfway point between Heliohapt and Kou, considering the speed at which the Reim ships traveled compared to Heliohaptan boats. Reim is lager and more equipped for long journeys compared to Heliphapt which is better at traversing land. At least that is the view point that Zadi came up with.

"Alright Joa, all packed?"

"Yes. No time to waste. We need to get to Reim and secure ourselves a ship quickly-"

"Relax~ I'm sure that the source of the black rukh isn't going anywhere with all this chaos in the world. Nothing significant has happened as of late."

"And that is my concern, Lord Zadi. It could either be laying low of planning a greater strike on humanity as we relax."

"You do have a point. However, us humans are unable to continuously work 24/7. We need to relax in order to think clearer in the future. So, enough talking. Let's get go!~"

And so the two of them headed off with a caravan as "free" protection. It was a small and homely caravan so it couldn't afford the extra protection needed to stave off bandits. It took about a week or so for them to reach Reim's capitol where they immediately headed off towards Jahangir's location or at least supposed location, the secret guild hall of Typhon. Well, there have been a could sub-branches within the guild so Zadi didn't know if the name was altered during his leave of absence. It was a sudden leave too, so Jahangir might also not have known that Zadi left in the first place. No matter what though, Zadi would try to not only get Joa to relax but also relax his own mind in the process for the coming struggles.

400+/40 words


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