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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Kali 5688-1427461414
Name: Kali
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human
Tier: D
Specialization: Intelligence
Age + Birthdate: 17 + April 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
The world is a dark place and at times it puts people in the worst of situations. Some decide to make their deals with evil and become a pawn of it's greater thrall and other merely admit defeat accept their fate. Kali is neither of them though; once he could have been either of those options. Kali has had only a few things to hold near in his life time, and though he has learned how quickly it can be taken away; it has only fostered a sense of determination and appreciation of the one's he still has and will have. His intelligence is only matched by his curiosity for the arts as he's never truly understood how such things could move or inspire people.

Either by the way he was raised or maybe it was simply meant to be but Kali is a warrior in every sense of the word. Though at times he tries to hold on the nobility of controlling his blood lust; often he will find himself entrenched in battle stained in various enemies blood. This came from a combination of his arrogance and fear of his skills becoming stagnant. Kali doesn't typically believe in mercy but will offer it to children in battle if they have nothing to do with the battle. He is also very worldly with a sense of a person who seems things as very black and white.
Precision: The only thing better than a fight; is a well thought out and viciously precise fight. Kali views precision in battle to be another echelon of skill.
Music: Acts as one of the few things that can soothe Kali once his control over his rage and battle lust slip.
Challenges: More than anything else Kali loves a challenge and when his skills are put to the test.
Ignorance: Education wasn't top of the list for child slave gladiators but since gaining his freedom; Kali has grown an appreciation for it.
Shellfish: Is an allergy of his and he also simply dislikes the taste if most shellfish.
Weakness: He hates weakness in himself and in others.
To become strong enough to forge his own destiny and make his name a legacy. His entire life has been lived as someone else's property never truly having a moment of his own for freedom. If he ever gains enough power; he would seek to abolish slavery completely. Imagines himself being a main player in the world's history one day. His new found freedom has also brought out a wanting of wealth as it was another form of power.
Kali is obsessed with his hair; it being his only 'possession' he's never lost over his life. He also has a profound senses of anxiety and paranoid when in small places or in crowded areas. Kali has a fear of someone he cares about being taken from him but still hasn't stopped caring about people. It is against Kali's personal code to use his strength against someone weaker than him unless provoked but the joy he gets from slaying an opponent scares him at times.
Soma (Black Butler)
Hair Color:
Black and Red
Eye Color:
1.85 m
69 kg
Kali can be noted as a tall man with a rather sleek yet athletic figure. His daily work outs and way of living has honed his small frame into a network of lean muscle. Kali has long hair that has never been cut and whenever he can afford it; Kali gets his hair professionally taken care of. When looking at Kali one can see his well polished appearance comes from knowing a time when he couldn't even shower. Kali's eyes are golden by genetic defect and nothing more. He has a rather simplistic but still well taken care of sense of fashion as well as a growing eye for the craft.
Rukh Alignment:
White Rukh.
Special Traits:
Most stories start of with a happy family, though not for the story of Kali's birth. Born to a female warrior and a small time assassin for a father; his mother lost her life in the birth of her son. Kali's father tried as hard as he could but he had his own set of problems. Namely a couple of bounty hunters that had it out for him, for a good part of his infancy they were moving around from place to place. Kali was a wild child often wondering off and unintentionally starting problems for others who happened to be around. Or simply being too hyper and breaking stuff whenever he grew angry. However most of this was typical youth growth so his father understood but grew grimmer because of his own trouble.

Things were alright until the bounty hunters finally caught up to them. There were no need for words, they simply squared off attacking Kali's father. His father was crippled trying to protect Kali and face off with multiple foes. Overall, it overwhelmed him and he quickly met a rather gruesome fate. The hunters held no mercy for Kali either, though they didn't kill him they sold him to some thugs in the city. With that Kali belonged to a slaver named Xarbo from Kou, and Xarbo held plans for his numerous slaves. A huge tournament of his own but this was for the black market and these games were to the death. Kids versus Kids was how the tournament would run. Naturally the underworld held little sympathy for the slaves and their plight.

At first Kali had it easy, he was required to clean up the field which sometimes held mass fights and be Xarbo's personal servant. Errands and cleaning up was easier than the fighting the other older slaves had to do. However, things changed when Kali grew to be 7 by that age he was replaced and sent to fight for his life. On his first fight, he was set against a 13 year old brawler named Ryan who held years of experience on Kali. The fight easily went Ryan's way and Kali was beat down barely alive when Ryan decided to spare him and not kill him. Before he passed out he remember Ryan telling him one thing. Only The Strong Survive.

Kali woke up sore in his cell, memories rushing around his mind but all of them cloudy. He seemed dried blood all of him, and remembered hearing that he wasn't supposed to survive. Remembering the teen's words gave him drive. Kali even though he was very sore and weak began training reliving his fight with Ryan. Trying to see what he could had did better, he had no experience in fighting but he also remembered his father and how strong he was. Kali would not sleep and only meditate at night keeping his mind ready and strong. He wasn't book smart as he held no formal education besides the basics, but he was still very smart. It was a couple of weeks before his next fight against a giant, Kali did better than the first fight but was still losing.

He felt himself growing angry, all that training for nothing he needed to be tougher and stronger. A red tint slowly shone over his skin and as the giant tried to punch and claw Kali. His hands hit what might as well been a wall, taking no time to figure things out. Kali sprang into action, swinging quick and with confidence. He began to send the alien back, before with a strong foot he snapped down on the giant's leg breaking it and holding him in place. Kali began to hammer away the the giant, who couldn't hit him. Kali continued swinging and hitting the giant till working him to the floor and ending him. As his rage ended, the glow went away as well but Xarbo couldn't forget what he saw. This boy was a talented fighter in many ways but he had power too. And what does a man like him want? More power for him to hold.

Kali fought struggled and bled to survive until the age of 16, when once again coming full circle he was forced to fight Ryan again. Ryan confused Kali by seeming happy and proud to be fighting Kali. They squared off with each other exchanging blows, each blow faster and each strike stronger. Ryan suddenly stopped in the middle of battle saying I Hope You Ready For Freedom.

With that he began to draw in his strength, his muscles bulging from exertion. Without a notice, he pointed his hand toward the roof of the games. And with everything he had he blasted a whole straight through it. Slaves began rioting, security started scrambling for there weapons. Ryan told Kali to follow him, they both took off running. Ryan was looking drained from the feat he just accomplished, they reached the wall and began climbing. Both of them now skilled with their Borgs blocking bolts from each other. With a lot of struggle they made it to the roof only to find that they were being waited for on the roof.


Dozens of crossbowmen loaded and aimed at them, Xarbo was no pleased. Ryan quickly acted as the bolts were being fired, pushing Kali back into the arena to try to save him. And having to die alone, bolts tore his body apart. He was strong but he was still human and still only self trained. Kali would meet the same fate as soon as he hit the ground potential strength user or not. However fate held a different option for Kali as he fell. His body hit something; probably a crumbled wall or something. And he was barely halfway down which nearly halted his momentum before projecting him off course into the small swamp like lake next to the battle field. After managing not to drown; Kali decided to find another way to escape.
Role-Play Sample:
-From another Rp-
Rain found himself with his foot in his mouth and he did not know what to say. Semasu knew the Umikage on personal terms and he did not even have that relationship with the Umikage despite Rain's achievements. Still it was a nice day outside, you know one of those days were everything feels good; you might wanna take your lady friend out on a date or something? Rain felt a little out of his league around someone so confident and outgoing but he wore the mask of mild interest well. Then as if he did not hear it the first time, the fact finally dawned on him that she destroyed the Umikage's beach house.

"I imagine the Umikage was not too happy about having to replace his beach house eh? It's good to meet somebody not afraid to mix it up a little. You gotta show me a move or two it's obvious you have to be strong to be sparring with him." Rain was starting too speak to much or so in his opinion so he stopped. Taking a time to acknowledge the new flowers that bloomed with the oncoming of spring.

Rain was definitely socially awkward but in no way was he stupid enough for certain mistakes. As he took more time to observe her he noticed her confidence was less of a shallow sense of confidence but from simply knowing one's self and hard work. Rain at times grew big headed as he figured with his progress considering his situation was great but from judging her wear though she looked stronger than him she was probably of similar rank. As the wind began to blow he was forced to tie down his rather long mane of black-ish reddish hair. Rain had begun to think that maybe conversations with people was not as hard as he originally though. That was before Semasu threw him a curve ball in the form of her lightly teasing him.

The question broke through his mask of mild interest and his shyness began to show for a second. Rain took in a deep breath while composing himself before hesitating to speak once more his hands running through his hair in a nervous reflex. After giving himself a very pointed mental discussion and mentally slapping himself he looked at Semasu and said "The way you carry yourself honestly. I've seen plenty of beautiful females in my life but never one who did seem to pretend to be someone their not. I don't know if it's a facade but you seem very down to earth so far." By him explaining he showed his lack of understanding and would probably serve to look rather silly. However, it was only after the fact that he noticed that so he couldn't be bothered to change the past.

"Is training between villages even allowed? I mean were both of the same rank I think so it shouldn't be that much of a problem right?" Rain asked completely changing the subject not because he was that clever but because he was literally that scatterbrained at the moment.

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