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Regigi{WIP} WKoR8
Country Affiliation:Imuchakk
Tier: D
Age + Birthdate:19 years old, January 9th.
Personality:Regigi, Initially comes across as very cold and calculating, often attempting to introduce himself as one who looks out for his own self-interest and nothing more. If asked his philosophy on life, Regigi will respond that he cannot afford to trust anyone, though it is not, he will say, by choice that he was forced to adopt this survivalist mentality due the harsh conditions he was raised in. To the contrary, Regigi would like nothing more than to trust others and freely express his loyalty, but his current predicament prevents this.

Regigi’s actions do not align with his words. Indeed, even his words bear little consistency over time. Underneath his all-too-transparent outer shell of neutrality beats a deceptively self-sacrificing heart. Though he may initially speak against unnecessary risk at another’s expense, he will inevitably go into the depths of hell for any passerby in need of help, and he will do so time and time again. What’s more, Regigi acts constantly without regards to personal gain, oftentimes risking life and limb for sake of one whom he has been given no real motivation to care about one way or the other. In fact, it could be argued that his true nature is the complete opposite to his exterior, his moral code being based entirely around the principle of undying devotion and compassion toward his fellow companions. Even if stripped of his strength, it is completely possible that Regigi would still be left with this single, selfless instinct that has become the very core of his existence.

When pressed or confronted by a truly apathetic or villainous individual, Regigi will always be the first to leap to the defense of the weak or compassionate, further cementing him as a man of contradictions. Without fail, he has some impassioned espousal or other to counter the world’s most jaded nihilists. Under ordinary circumstances, Regigi could be described as a man of few words- withdrawn, some might even say shy. However, in times of stress, he can be an impressive wordsmith, capable of weaving together a powerful, emotional argument in favor of his rather lofty ideals. Perhaps this is his most uncharacteristic trait, given his heritage which would prefer supporting these notions with violence and excess destruction.


-Worthy Advisories/Rivals
One thing is certain and that is that Regigi does not like be to bored. Entertaining himself through sparring against numerous foes is just one of his past times. Taking on those who are quite possibly stronger than him comes only natural and competing to accomplish a certain task is met with high enthusiasm.

Staying true to his warrior ways, Regigi prefers huge bountiful feasts and exotic cuisines created with the finest ingredients. He also has a taste for finely brewed alcohol and the boisterous setting around any given dinner table.

Regigi has a notable sense of adventure: exploring vast plains, swimming to the deepest depths and attaining unimaginable heights.

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Eye Color:
Rukh Alignment:
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