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Nico Hadenius

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Name: Nico Hadenius
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Human
Tier: D-tier
Specialization: Strength
Age + Birthdate: 16 - September 1st
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uninterested with Romance

"Why must I be blessed with a complicated lifestyle?"

Personality: Nico is a mysterious person, always hiding himself, avoiding people - totally not the cliche' happy-go-lucky guy. He is usually seen wearing a dark tattered robe. Everytime he walks around the town, they just see him as a mysterious civilian man walking to buy some food. He's very anti-social. He hates talking about stuff like what's happening to the world, he hates talking about gossips - he just hates talking about anything. He's also very temperamental. He gets angry or annoyed easily by annoying actions.

But Nico is not all that bad. He also has his own pros. in his personality. He is very true to his friends, probably because he doesn't have a lot. He treasures them and is very protective of them. But, he doesn't share a lot of things with his friends - that's how selfish his type of friendship can be with others. Be his friend but you won't know much about him.

He's also very secretive. He never tells anyone about his information, or other information. Even the things he know, or the things he experienced, he never shares them with anyone even if it's his very best friend - probably because he doesn't have one but he may find one. He keeps everything to himself, making him the ideal trustworthy guy. Because of this trait, he becomes rebellious to orders. He's like a spy working for himself for the sake of his own personal gain, but most of the time, he does it for the sake of others - that's how complicated his life is.

During combats, that's where his excitement and enthusiasm rises. Because he trained with professional warriors in the kingdom of Reim, he prides himself with his sword skills. He has the mix of seriousness and lighthearted everytime he fights with swords, especially if his opponent is a swordsman as well. Serious because he has an aim to be one of the greatest swordsman, and lighthearted because he wants to enjoy fights, not to drown himself with obsession to serious swordfights. He keeps both 'personalities' in balance.

Likes: The top 2 things that he likes are , first, Swordsmanship. Whenever he practices or fights with swords, he feel 2 things. He feels the excitement, like he has been eating sugar for a couple of weeks, and he also feels the grief which he can't really explain because of his memory loss. Although, even if he feels both, the excitement usually overpowers. Second, he really likes reading books. He grew up to be a bookworm, avoiding the social world by reading inside the house. It keeps his mind off things, removing all the stress and relaxes him.
Dislikes: The top 2 things he dislikes are, first, socializing. Small talks are fine, but he dislikes long conversations because he's not really used to it. He usually makes the conversation short then end it meaningfully. Second, he dislikes thieves. He doesn't really know but everytime he sees someone harassing another someone for his belongings, he suddenly gains the urge to kick the ass of the thief.
Aspirations: Nico wishes that his memories may return. Quite contradictory with what he fears but his goal is to recover his memory. He wishes to know everything that had happened and hopefully, try to accept what has happened with him, and some other guy he kept seeing in his dreams. He felt that he was something very important to him, someone who shouldn't be forgotten but he can't quite put a finger on it so, his goal and aim in life is to recover his memory so that he will know to whom is he fighting for.
Phobias/fears: Nico fears his memories returning. He's afraid to face that horrible night that he keeps seeing in fragments in which he can't connect with each other. Everytime he keeps thinking about it, he always see blood dripping to the floor and he kept seeing figures doing something which he cannot understand probably because it was too dark. His head hurts everytime he sees a similar scene, guys harassing a man. He kept on trying to remember what happened to him in the past that is related to guys harassing people, but the harder he tried, the more pain he can feel though, this fear didn't stop him to live a normal life.
Face-Claim: Elliot Nightray - Pandora Hearts
Hair Color: Beige
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 173 cm (5'8")
Weight: 70 kg
Appearance: In usual days, he hides himself through his dark, tattered robe which conceals his appearance to the public but during those times, he wears usual loose, white robes that people normally wear wherein few of his body parts are revealed - his shoulders, legs, and feet. He only reveals his appearance when he feels like it though he rarely does it. Formally speaking, he can be your ideal escort to a palace ball. Everytime he's been invited to a formal event (which rarely happens) he's also those kind of people who dresses up looking all good-looking.

Physically, some people say he's the most good-looking, hottest person they've seen probably because of his face structure - perfect eyes, sweet lips, perfectly curved nose, cute cheeks, and the best of all, his messy beige hair. But he doesn't pride himself with looks, he prides himself with skills. He's also a lean, and muscular guy who is experienced with combat. Everyday, he makes sure that his skills are sharpened, which resulted to him being a skillful man with a thin layer of muscles.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: N/A

"Why am I seeing fragments of my past?"

History: His past. His memory. His origin. Something he doesn't like to talk about. Heck, he doesn't even want to think about it for he doesn't know a thing. Waking up, seeing the sky, alone - that's all he know. He believes he's an orphan who was forgotten by his parents. He doesn't even know why was he forgotten. Was it because they felt something within him that they shouldn't? Or they just don't want another annoying brat rummaging inside the house. He wasn't even crying the time when he woke up. He just saw a man who picked him up, and took care of him.

Nico grew up to be an anti-social person. He hates going outside the house. He's always seen inside the house through the windows, readings books while smelling the fresh outside breeze. Everything was working out well with the man who took care of him, until an accident broke out.

He, and the man who took care of him, lived under the Kou Empire. They were living a simple life, far from wars and violence, far from stress, far from all things bad. They both enjoyed their lives and treated each other like family - something that his true parents were not able to give. Sometimes he wonder, 'Where are they right now?', 'Where do I really live?' and 'Are they thinking about me like how I'm thinking about them?' Even though those thoughts are bothering him, he shook them off his head, and simply focused on living rather than thinking about the people who aren't even thinking about him.

As night broke out, they both fell asleep in the same bed. As the crows flew atop of their house, creating annoying cawking noises, he heard footsteps from within the house. He woke up to know that his 'parent' wasn't with him. Slowly and gently, he stood up and approached the door, emitting a light. He opened it slightly and slowly, seeing dark shadows from the floor, and 2 men torturing his parent. His eyes widened with shock as his breathing turned shallow - he began to panic.

He saw the man stabbed a sword to his parent's chest, and saw how blood flowed and fell to the floor. At a young age, he experienced violence and brutality. The man let go of his grip to his parent and saw him fall down to the floor. He saw his face looking at him, muttering his last words from his lips. 'Save... yourself'

The worst part was when he was caught, peeking through the door so they charged at him, as he tried to flee through the open window. As he climbed to his bed, towards the window, they caught to him which made him fall to the ground, outside. His head fell first, causing a loud 'thud' to echo. As his consciousness slowly disappeared, he just saw figures carrying him but these figures were different than the 2 men who killed his parent. Slowly, his eyes closed.

He woke up on a bed with his head wrapped in a thin layer of bandage, and remembered nothing from that horrible night. A memory that was lost. He saw men walking towards him which made him afraid so he moved backwards, but they told him that 'Everything will be alright'. Later he discovered that he was in a comatose from their whole adventure from Kou to Reim which was a year and a half which he had hard time believing, and was raised in a warrior's guild within Reim which then taught him the ways of the sword, the same weapon which killed his parent. After years of growing up with warriors, he parted ways and took another journey - alone.

Role-Play Sample:
"MAINTAIN YOUR POSTURE!", a man shouted from a far. He was standing near the door with his hands enclosed was placed on his hips. He was very muscular and big at his age. His eyes were raging with disappointment while watching a young man wielding a sword. Pretty hard to believe but this man was training a teenager to wield a sword at a very young age.

"Hai!", the boy shouted in reply. The boy's name was Nico, an orphan with a broken past.

Meanwhile, sounds of swords slashing was heard loudly, echoing throughout the room. Nico's breathing turned shallow, he was tired but still, his body continued to struggle and fight. There was also a man who was quite distant to him. He wielded his sword upright while observing him, trying to predict the next move. He looked very fine, unlike Nico who was very tired and exhausted from all the practices that he's been doing.

Nico gently closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He brushed his fingers gently towards his pointy blade which was directed towards the man with the hilt being pulled slowly.

"Here I come!", He took a step forward, and dashed with his formation almost perfect. His opponent's eyes widened as he made an attempt to parry, but due to his reflexes, Nico was able to change his actions in a small amount of time.

The sword slashed through his opponent's hips as blood dripped from it. His opponent staggered to the opposite direction, while experiencing slight pain - probably because he's used to it but Nico felt the pain - in his head. His left eye closed as he tried to endure the pain.

The muscular man ordered both sides to stop the fight. He grinned at Nico who was able to satisfy his mentor's expectations. Nico and his opponent sheathed their swords and approached the muscular man.

"Good work kid, I never expected that from you", he said as he brushed his palm lightly at Nico's head. Both of them smiled, one of the rarest actions that Nico has done. Then, he remembered what happened back there... what he felt back then.

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Country Affiliation: You may only affiliate yourself, officially, with 1 country. Just keep in mind that Country Affiliation is simply a descriptor that points to which country, if any, your character has sworn their loyalty to. (It is not nationality)

Everything else looks pretty darn good. Only a couple things I would like to mention for your back story:

It takes about 3 months to get from Reim to Imuchakk. Are you unconscious/comatose for the entire time you travel from Kou to Reim (Almost a 1.5 year travel time)?


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Alright, looks good! Character approved! I'll make your vault later tonight. You can begin RPing whenever, though I would like to suggest you not begin combat things until your abilities and weapon (if any) have been made, lol.


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