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Arrival of Troops [main plot]

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1Arrival of Troops [main plot] Empty Arrival of Troops [main plot] on 17/12/14, 11:26 am

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The ship drifted to the dock at a slow pace and the captain stood on the deck, overseeing the docking process with watchful eyes. This was the third ship of Kou soldiers to be brought over, but he knew it was not close to the last. It seemed that even with the “peaceful” take-over of Reim, Kou wanted to make sure there would be no chance of rebellion. Once the ship was appropriately secured to the dock, he went to speak with the Captain of the troops, letting them know it was safe for the troops to disembark in Portsmouth. The city seemed to be bustling as more buildings were erected. Amazing to think that mere months ago, it barely had a dock.

Barking orders at the soldiers, he made sure the ship was safe to sit for a few days as the sailors bustled about, unloading the goods they had brought with, including boxes of weapons and items from Kou that had been ordered. It would take the better part of two days to unload all of their cargo and then another two days to load on all of the items being traded to Balbadd and then Kou. By the time they were ready to pull out of dock, there would likely be another ship arriving to unload more soldiers. They would make a brief stop in the other Reim port to pick up civilians traveling abroad.

The soldiers made quick work of clearing off the ship, stopping to converse with their Commanding Officer to know when the caravans would be leaving for each of their individual posts. Many were going to Remano, but there were also troops being deployed to various other regions in Reim to help secure trade routes. Some were also being sent to the south to build up a small force in case tensions with Heliohapt increased. Some were even headed for the Palace of Kings to join the King’s Guard.

The soldiers were all cautious, having been warned of rising tensions with the citizens and the appearance of an assassin that seemed to be targeting the more important political figures from both Reim and Kou. Apparently, the assassins had broadened their targets to also include soldiers, so everyone was slightly on edge. The coming months were not likely to be pleasant.

((OOC Note: Characters are welcome to respond to hearing the news of the increase of Kou forces in Reim, but are not required to do so. This is simply an informational plot post))

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