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Solomon's Proxy

Kitaro 112821
Name: Kitaro
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis Pure Blood
Tier: D
Specialization: Strength
Age + Birth date: 23 years old / August 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: A reflection of his life, Kitaro is a savage. A violent and the most physical expression of his depravity, a result of the absolute disgust for life that was developed by him as a slave. First among his thoughts are those of violence and it's only with effort and a reason to apply that effort that Kitaro's first response to meeting someone is a solid and direct punch to the face, a surprise attack both for the reason of telling the person he doesn't want to associate and testing their martial prowess. As could probably be gathered, Kitaro is not one to much enjoy being in the company of others and doesn't necessarily care to make friends and change that. He believes himself to be the embodiment of the word warrior, and while he wasn't always able to act with pride and honor, now that he has the opportunity to live his life with both he made it his mission to do so.

Kitaro's mindset was forged from the nothing that remained after his early slave days into something to fit his environment or something that allowed him to thrive in the new environment. As a result Kitaro came to enjoy most of the things that the average person would dislike or seek to avoid, blood, death, and gore have lost their value completely to him aside from being a point to prove he is doing things right.

Rather than most Fanalis who fight with their superior strength and speed to overpower and crush their enemies, Kitaro's fighting form developed to fit the needs of the arena. Preferring to strike with the greatest efficiency and waiting to do so until he understood what method that was. As Kitaro is a Fanalis he is faster, stronger, and reacts quicker than most humans but having seen many examples of such advantages being made useless in the arena, Kitaro developed a minimalist predatory approach to all combat.

One could say that you can learn a lot about what kind of person someone is by the weapon or weapons that they prefer, but for Kitaro such a thing only reveals the surface level violent mentality that is his mental state. Kitaro's preferred type of weapon is an ax, which also carries with it the common idea of brute strength and violent death, but with Kitaro it fits perfectly into his technique. Where Kitaro's entire fighting style is  waiting for and creating the perfect opportunity, the ax provides some of the greatest possible damage from a single hit (at least compared to most conventional melee weapons). The flaws of weight and defense options were offset by the racial strength and speed of a Fanalis, a point of pride that Kitaro uses to connect himself to being an ax fighter, perhaps so deeply as if it were destined.

Likes: Blood: Being his favorite color of red and the currency of his favorite line of work, Kitaro has grown fond of the sight, smell, and taste of blood. Experiencing blood with the previously mentioned senses is the greatest enjoyment Kitaro gets out of life itself.

Challenges: The greatest desire of Kitaro's is his lust for a a challenge, kind of the ultimate high for his warrior spirit. Nothing excites him more and it is Kitaro's reason to live and move, to continue to push his limits and continue to achieve. At a level deeper than Kitaro is capable of reasoning on his own, this desire to overcome challenges comes from a subconscious desire to leave an impact on the world.

Honor: Honor is an incredibly large and important aspect of Kitaro's life. Since his first battles, while sometimes to the death, were based on theatrics and entertainment, Kitaro learned that honor kept people happy as a general policy, and prefers to meet and deal with others who share that principle.

Heat: A fiery and violent personally fits with a fiery and violent temperature in Kitaro's mind, he feels most at home when he sweats and is made loose with the heat around him. Preferring to live in as warm a climate as possible as long/whenever possible. Unknown to Kitaro, this also stems from his past and the impressions of vague memories of his earliest days of life.

Darkness: True to heritage, Kitaro is perfectly capable with limited light and prefers to be without much light when the opportunity is present. It gives him an advantage that few others are capable of matching, in addition to his simple preference to a dark place over a lit one.

Dislikes: People: Barring the extremely rare person that could earned the respect of Kitaro, Kitaro hates other people. His dislike is so extreme that the combination of meeting new people and his naturally violent behavior usually leads him to avoid all contact and to violence when it is unavoidable.

Dishonor: As much as Kitaro enjoys the principles of glory through combat and remaining honorable, he is aware that not everyone deals with life and death in the same way that he prefers, it would be arrogant to assume so. Underhanded tactics can produce an advantage, and while Kitaro refuses to be a part of that kind of thing, his awareness of that aspect of combat is the reason for his cautious and minimalist approach to it.

Cold: A preference for heat comes with a disdain for the cold. The contraction of his muscles gives him discomfort and the bite of freezing temperatures serve to drive him much more quickly to anger and violence. Additionally the only species that Kitaro is aware of more physically powerful than himself is a cold dwelling species and when in cold conditions he is only reminded of his anger.

Imuchakk: A race that is bigger and stronger than his own, Kitaro hates them for it despite their lack of speed that seemed to serve as compensation for it. Their blue nature itself acting as a contrast to the red nature that is so commonly associated with the Fanalis, extremely so with Kitaro.

Crowds: One would think someone that enjoyed his time as a gladiator would also enjoy the idea of a crowd, especially one with aspirations to become significant to history itself. Kitaro's problem with crowds is less of their existence and more of his being a part of them. There is a level of anxiety to Kitaro that makes him more agitated in direct relation to more people being around, therefore being inside of a crowd is a great way to cause an angry violent Fanalis to become exponentially more angry.

Disturbing the dead: Kitaro has great reverence for the deceased in that once someone has died everything about them is over. Any hostilities felt toward the dead should be stopped at the moment of death and the body, however it died, should be left as it was killed until burial or cremation could take it's part. To Kitaro, the dead are untouchables, for the sake of preserving the significance of their life and allowing them to remain in existence after death.

Aspirations: Kitaro's greatest goal from life is a simple concept and impossible to accomplish. His goals are all hunts for challenges or to spread his legend, which is his ultimate ideal. Spreading the legend of Kitaro the warrior Fanalis violently across the world is all that he has left to care about and all that has motivated him since his earliest fights in the Colosseum. The hope that through his sheer strength and skill he would be capable of making a significance through combat.  Nearly 23 years of his life accomplished little toward this goal aside from a small stint of popularity in the Colosseum that he earned himself.  The lack of significance throughout the rest of his life becomes fuel for the fire that is his will to become worth note.

Phobias/fears: As a man of true warrior spirit, Kitaro's greatest fear is to be useless and shamed. His firm sense of honor demands that if he were defeated in combat that he be killed for this very reason. Kitaro's entire life and mind was rebuilt from a broken and exhausted Fanalis into that of a Fanalis that existed only as a warrior and this self designation as a warrior holds the greatest meaning in his life and as a result the greatest tragedy he could expect to experience would be the shame of absolute defeat. This goes deeper than simply his will as a warrior. Kitaro's entire life was rebuilt in his own desperation and to be made a lesser fighter when being a fighter was his salvation would bring Kitaro to believe his life to be without purpose and full of failure. Victory is the only thing standing between Kitaro and as an individual and a raging Fanalis with nothing to lose.

Face-Claim: Axel Almer / Super Robot Taisen
Hair Color: Light Red
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 6'7" / 2 meters
Weight: 205 lbs / 97.5 Kg
Appearance: As he is a Fanalis, Kitaro is of a size fitting to a man that used his strength in a struggle between lives regularly. Though Kitaro is exceptionally large, even for his physically powerful race. Large enough to, of course, be put to work fighting for entertainment. As with most of his kind his hair is a very noticeable red color, though his own hair is lighter than most of his kind. His muscles are well honed and thickened to clearly express his body's physical attributes, though not so much that it would get in the way of mobility and maintained with great discipline to stay at that point. Typically Kitaro wears incredibly light clothes to maximize his mobility or simply  goes without when need be. These light clothes are mostly white with a blue trimming in contrast to the typical colors one would associate with a Fanalis, though as it's simply trimming the effect is minimal. From his days as a gladiator, scars cover his chest and back, non from life threatening wounds but instead from varying degrees of glancing blows, lucky strikes, and desperate lunges. These scars stop at about pelvic level thankfully for Kitaro's future ability to spread his seed. These scars provide the only reason Kitaro is not constantly without clothes to be as free as the wild he feels such a connection with.

Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: Kitaro is not significantly different from other Fanalis.
History: Kitaro began life in the Kou empire, while he doesn't remember much about the time he spent there he is able to trace his name back to the Kou and some form of parental lineage among Fanalis that live in a small village in the deep within the Kou Empire. Life was sometimes rough but while they were there they never went hungry and the family considered that a blessing. Thinking back, Kitaro would remark that his family was a much more peaceful lot than that of the average Fanalis family. However, this life did not exist for long as his parents were forced to flee for their lives via the sea to the Western Continent with him before he was old enough to understand why and as fate would have it, he never would never find out.

Following his start in Kou, Kitaro and family were forced to live a nomadic lifestyle for years that was filled with starvation and hopelessness as much as it was exhaustion and fear leading to an ambush acting as the harbinger of even worse times for the Fanalis' childhood. The family was attacked by slavers from Reim who had come across them and after a brutal yet brief skirmish they had taken and bound Kitaro and his mother while his father had been killed, despite the extra effort applied by the slavers to capture him he fought back hard enough and was strong enough as a Fanalis to prove that he was too dangerous to try and keep captive. The two survivors were forced to march day after day in silence along with his mother and several others that had been captured, all of which were human.

Fortunately the trip was a short one before Kitaro and his mother were sold into slavery under an aristocrat in Remano though unfortunately Kitaro's mother was sold into a pleasure house for her rarity as a subject while Kitaro was sent away for labor work as his Fanalis physique made him perfect for the job. Kitaro spent more of his life breaking rocks into smaller rocks and performing tedious and exhausting work than he spent doing anything else or being anywhere else. By the time he left he would have spent more time working this way than all the rest of his life experiences combined. His rough fate slowly breaking down his will to depravity as he cursed his loneliness and go on and his loneliness dragging him down as his childhood turned into how unavoidable his position had been to him. Adolescence dragged on into his teenage years and as the days fused together in his mind he became a broken spirit and fell completely to despair. He stayed silent and resentful as a result. His rage against the world forming into something more than simply cursing his luck or hating his position, rather Kitaro grew to hate life itself while he was being made to work. Kitaro kept to himself and refused to interact with anyone or anything more than he had to. This continued for so many years that Kitaro even lost track of his seldom mentioned last name, letting it fade completely out of his mind. He probably would have stayed there for the remainder of his life had his impressive size not been spotted by a particularly wealthy gladiatorial enthusiast member of the aristocracy. The very same aristocrat purchased Kitaro along with some other workers and they were sent off to be trained by and join up with a group of gladiators all owned by the man who had made the purchases.

Kitaro trained intensely and focused on bringing his talents and natural advantages out to their highest degrees, working with a clear goal in mind and visible progress in the form of his improved combat skills was completely foreign to him. Kitaro avoided establishing any relationships as the very nature of the people around him was to kill and be killed for the fun of others. He saw attachment to anything as a potential hindrance to his ability to act, and a source of despair when they were killed or taken. The work motivated him though and gave him purpose again to such a high degree that with time he came to enjoy his new place. Winning filled him with pride and fighting filled him with blood lust for more fighting and the cycle continued. The only thing he didn't enjoy was that he was being thrown out like a pawn to fight whatever pawn someone else decided to throw against him. Though as all things in Kitaro's life that brought him happiness, it too was soon ripped away from him. The aristocrat that owned him was killed in an attack by a large group of his own slaves which forced a choice upon the battle hungry Fanalis to escape while no one owned the school of gladiators that he was a part of or to wait until a (probably) much worse master to take up the property of the deceased man. The choice was simple, and Kitaro escaped his life of planned battles with the intent of becoming free to fight as and when he saw fit.

Role-Play Sample: Kitaro was biding his time, stalking through the sand, once passing his ax from his right to his left hand before immediately passing it back to his right and gripping it with both hands, hoping that the slight switch would be enough to bait his human opponent to swing at him and expose himself. Kitaro had circled him completely once and was in the process of the second circle which would determine which of the two would be the one to make the first move in this contest. Kitaro raised his head slightly toward the sky, careful not to let the man standing before him, his prey standing before him, get out of his range of sight. He sniffed the air with a light flaring of his nostrils as he played out the situations that could come from this in his head. With more thoughts came more blood lust and with more blood lust his willingness to wait was fading, the blood of this fearful would-be swordsman was waiting to be spilled and Kitaro was pretty sure he had a plan worked out at this point.

The crowd around them sat in silence, the clashing of blades and the screaming of the wounded combatants was what they came here for, that and the blood. Kitaro was suddenly filled with the temptation to sink his teeth into flesh and rip it away piece by piece, but for the sake of his own survival he dispelled the thought and let the energy building in the crowd build inside of him. The crowd wanted him to pounce and as he neared the end of the second circle around the human, he tightened his grip on his ax as he was taking the final steps through the sand, acting as if he were stalking around the same ring he had already created, but instead moving closer with this second circle. Only just enough to put the man within what Kitaro estimated his range for his attack would be, being safe and underestimating rather than overestimating.

Moments after these nearly instant mental calculations were made, Kitaro finished making the second circle around his arena prey and dashed, he was confident that he was faster than his target but just in case he took his first couple of steps at a reduced pace, before speeding up for the final steps and swinging his ax blade down and across turned to the side for a greater range and for the most effective use of keeping him safe while guaranteeing a kill. As the swordsman swung his own blade in a desperate attempt to block (Kitaro was thankful for his blocking rather than evading) Kitaro's strength as a Fanalis came out and he was able to bat the attempted parry down, as was the purpose of the strike. With the swordsman's sword arm dropping in response to the ax's wide and flat side, coming down as if Kitaro had intended to smack the man in the head with the side of the ax.

The moment was created and Kitaro took advantage, the edge of the ax was lined up with the body of his prey due to his unorthodox opening strike and with his enhanced strength, a great boon to all of his combat, Kitaro changed the direction of the blade and continued moving forward at the man, dashing at max speed and with all the strength he could muster while his ax was inside of his guard, and as he expected he soon felt the familiar feel of a blade cutting flesh, muscle, eventually bone and back through the flesh again. Blood immediately sprayed over him, painting his face and chest with it and filling his open laughing mouth with it as the crowd cheered for his victory, despite how short the contest was.  He savored the taste and let it spray from whatever remained of the man he had just killed. He didn't look back at him, his temptation to bite flesh was strong and he didn't want to strain his relationship with corpses and his tongue had already been filled with the wonderful taste of blood.

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