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Inzu Fannalis

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Inzu Fannalis 23kc84n
Name:Inzu Fannalis
Country Affiliation:Balbbad
Age + Birthdate: Age 13 born 16 May
Personality: Since early childhood Inzu has always been the confident guy who tries to make everything seem cool, but when his father died he became a bit more stern and serious.

When in presence of a woman he thinks is attractive he will always try to act cool, as he thinks it will help him get with them.

As I said before he is very confident but in battle he seems almost arrogant. When he faces an opponent he knows is a lot stronger than him he will always be cautious.

Another trait of his is that he gets easily angered, this is a flaw in his personality. No matter who if they make him angry he will fight them. When he is angry he loves to fight, this also ties into why he loves to fight. The only time he will not argue is if he knows he is wrong. But he doesn't like to fight his comrades because growing up he was taught to respect people who help him.

Inzu is also loyal but … So are most of the fanalis his parents said he should never betray anyone and if his if betrayed just to forget about that person.
Training: Growing up he trained a lot so he can protect his family, as time went on it began to grow on him.

Girls: As a child he was a bit of a player, hitting on girls twice his age even though he slowly began to stop he still loved girls.

Fighting: Inzu gets in a lot of fights so naturally he has began to like them and is liking them more and more as he keeps on fighting.
Cats: The thing he dislikes the most are cats. He hates that they don't have to work for most things they get, he feels this way because as a child things were never given to him.

Bullies: Inzu doesn't mind a friendly joke but he does not like to see people take advantage or make fun of them because they are weak.

Aspirations: His main aspiration is to become strong so that he can capture a dungeon, the reason is so with all the riches he gets from the dungeon he can sell it off and give the money to people who really need it. This is mainly because he was brought up with a poor family.

His second life aspiration is to protect children in need. As a child he was always saved from slavery because his father was always protecting him, he wanted to become like him. He thinks if he can do this he will be respected even more by his father.
Phobias/fears:His biggest fear is losing his way. He wants to never fall into the darkness and become evil. When he dies he wants to be remembered as a good person and by becoming evil he thinks he will not be acknowledged.

Another fear of his is to be a failure in his fathers eyes as he tries so hard to impress him, if he loses the respect of a man that would always protect him he wouldn't know what to do with himself.
Face-Claim: Suoh Mikoto
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Amber
Appearance:Inzu is a boy who is rather tall and muscular for his age. He has dark red spikes hair with two bands that come down to his eyes. He is rather tanned around his face and paler where not much sunlight gets to. On his stomach he has a lot of stab wounds from all his fights. He wears a blue top with white baggy pants with rips all over. On his neck he wears a necklace with black wiring and a red crystal. Also on his wrists he wears two gold bracelets, and two bracelets on his legs. He wears brown saddles on his feet. On his hip he has a sword sheathed. When it is cold he wears a black robe over his clothes.
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits: The only thing special is his superhuman strength.
History: Inzu was born in Balbbad, his family was poor but they supported each other. They lived in a home that his father and mother built it may not have been very big but it would be okay for four people. In his family there was his Brother Abu his mother and his father. His mother and father to get money they would fight as gladiators. Once they accepted this job they traveled to the rein empire where they stayed for a while. Out of him and his brother he was the younger one, by three years. His mother and father always supported them no matter what, him and his brother really loved them. But one day they were killed fighting, now him and his brother were all alone they had to take care of each other. As they both had anger issues at first living together was hard, because the smallest thing they would fight each other. But as time went on things began to settle down but they didn't have enough money to live much longer. Their parents taught them to read write and fight. They both because gladiators. A week before having his first fight him and his brother would train. The day had arrived and the both were going to make their debuts as gladiators, they were excited to fight. They both won their matches but not easily they knew they were not strong enough they bought food and swords and practiced everyday together each day getting stronger and stronger, This would be what they did everyday except after a year of practicing with a sword now they fought with their fists and legs. After another year of training they decided to fight again, this time winning more comfortably against a stronger opponent. With that win they became more confident and began to win match after match, with the prize money they had the got a bigger house and better training equipment. But now they were with the big boys. First his brother was up to fight, he was humiliated in front of the crowed and then tortured until he died. Inzu was only ten at the time and he was traumatized, he quit fighting and lived his life as a normal for three years as a normal person just doing nothing to affect the world.

Role-Play Sample: As he walked through the tunnel he saw the light, as he walked closer and closer the noise a cheering became louder and louder. He was at the end of the light and as he emerged into the light he was surprised to see so many people.
He would draw his sword swinging it as he walked to his opponent who walked out his tunnel at the same time. They would meet in the middle to look eye to eye. They stared at each other for a minute before a bell rang that indicated the fight had started. He would jump back away from his opponent before running straight at him with his sword pointing forward in front of himself, he would swing his sword at his enemy and the other gladiator would raise his sword and would put a lot of force on it which almost knocked Inzu over. He would regain his balance and drop to the floor and would slide hoping to tackle the man he had to fight. The man would jump in the air and aim his sword towards Inzu, Inzu would roll in the dirt evading the sword barely and would get up and kick his opponent int the gut sending him two meters back. Still on his feet he would run at Inzu and would jump and come flying at Inzu with his toe pointing towards Inzu's face. Inzu would take a step back evading his attack and would punch him mid air, his punch would connect. Being a Fanalis he knew his punch would hurt, he would slowly walk up to his opponent and point his sword at him. He would smile and the crowd would go wild as he walked away from the arena.

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy



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